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Inspired by the Orton-Gillingham Approach. Use this game as a way to practice reading two syllable VC/CV words. *Digital Google Slides™ included. Includes 1 pre-made game, 1 board game template to add your own words, embedded dice, and moveable game pieces. Print and digital versions may differ. To
Want to work on syllable division, vocabulary, reading and spelling while having fun? This lesson everything you need. With the springtime themed "Syllable Division Dice Game", sports themed "Segment and Spell Board Game", 28 task cards and more, students are able to engage in a variety of indepen
1st - 4th
Want to work on syllable division, vocabulary, and spelling while having fun? This lesson has it all. With the 36 adorable shamrock and pots of gold flashcards, and the new "Hop The Shamrocks" spelling board game, students are able to engage in a variety of independent and differentiated activitie
1st - 4th
This game is an engaging way to practice decoding words with VC/CV syllable division patterns with only Closed and Bossy R-controlled (ar, er, ir, or, ur) syllables . Clucky's Connect Four is an adaptation of the classic Connect Four/Tic-Tac-Toe game (with a fun twist), so kids catch on very quickly
This game is an engaging way to practice decoding words with VC/CV syllable division patterns with only Closed and Magic E syllables. Clucky's Connect Four is an adaptation of the classic Connect Four/Tic-Tac-Toe game (with a fun twist), so kids catch on very quickly. For other versions of this gam
A fun way to practice and review VCCV and VCV spelling patterns, this card game is played the same as UNO with the 4 different colors of traditional UNO representing 4 different spelling patterns: VCCV (double consonants), VCCV (different consonants), VCV (closed syllable) and VCV (open syllable.) T
2nd - 4th
This game is an engaging way to practice decoding words with VC/CV syllable division patterns with only Closed and Final Y (open syllable making the long e sound) syllables . Clucky's Connect Four is an adaptation of the classic Connect Four/Tic-Tac-Toe game (with a fun twist), so kids catch on very
VC'/CV syllable division pattern (with closed syllables) Please see the preview!WHAT? This game is an original card game I created to practice reading words that follow the VC/CV syllable division pattern with closed syllables. When playing the game, students can syllable divide the words on the car
Your students will have a great time helping the tennis players read the words to win the match. Students roll the dice and read the word to his or her partner. He or she then writes the word in a sentence to earn a point. Whoever earns the most points by the end of the game wins! *This game correl
The 3 games that are included in this pack make the topic of syllable division rules fun and easy to understand! Use the (3) Syllable Division cards to remind your students of the syllable division rules for VC/CV, V/CV and VC/V words. Introduce and practice the concept of syllables by breaking down
Inspired by the Orton-Gillingham Approach and suitable for use with programs based on similar principles. A great addition to your literacy centers, phonics lessons, and/or tutorial sessions! Print on card stock, laminate, and cut. Scatter the rabbit cards throughout the deck. Lay the deck face d
A great way to practice reading sentences that contain words with two closed syllables (vc/cv). Students can read as many cards as they dare but if they get a lightning card they lose all of their cards for that turn. A practice worksheet is included. A fun way to practice reading fluency in a small
1st - 3rd

Also included in: Orton-Gillingham Mega-Bundle

Perfect for bell ringer activity or whenever you need to get in some reading skills practice! This easy to play dice game uses the cute springtime-themed game pieces and a fun game board. Practice segmenting VC/CV words into syllables to boost reading and fluency, while having fun! This freebie i
This *FUN* kinesthetic phonics board game is designed to get your students moving while they practice reading two-syllable words with closed syllables that follow the VC-CV syllable division pattern known as "rabbit words" (e.g. pic/nic, mag/net, muf/fin). Students race to the finish line to help Ho
This is a fun little game for students to use at their desks or in language centers. It's designed for 2-4 players and is aligned with Unit 1, Week 1 Phonics lesson in the 2011 Reading Street (3rd grade) Edition, but you don't have to have Reading Street to use it! This download includes: *8 monst
Capture the Flag is a fun twist on the roll and read games, and my students love it! In this print and go game/activity, students earn or 'capture' flags as they roll and read words and sentences that focus on specific phonics skills. Player with the most flags wins the game. Great for literacy ce
PreK - 5th
Use this cute rabbit themed game to practice rabbit pattern, VCCV words. Directions, game board, and game cards are included. Directions: Shuffle the cards and place them face down. Place game pieces on start and choose a player to go first. Player 1 will draw a card from the deck and read the w
K - 3rd
Student practice decoding words that follow the VCCV spelling pattern, all while having fun playing a game! Included in this product: 1. Two pre-made boards with real words 2. One pre-made board with nonsense words 3. One blank board customizable based on needs 4. Recording sheets 5. Notes page
Engaging way to practice syllable division and reading fluency for VCCV words.52 words total:VCCV two closed syllables: bandit - rabbit - napkin - mitten - picnic - muffin - goblin - cobweb - basket - tennis - tunnel - sunset - helmet - insect - upset - zigzag - cactus - magnet - falcon - button - p
It can be difficult to teach the various syllable divisions, but it is essential when helping a child improve in reading and spelling.Orton Gillingham stresses the importance of explicitly teaching syllable divisions and practicing the skill. The syllable division (also known as rabbit in the
Here is a great game to reinforce the VCCV short vowel phonics skill. This is aligned to go with Reading Street (2013) Unit 1 Week 1 Spelling words. This includes blank pumpkins as well to add words if you want. Pumpkin cards come in color and black and white. Check out all my store! Cupcakes
FOLLOW ME on TpT before 2/13/15 to get this product and SO MUCH MORE for FREE!!! (A note to followers will be sent around 2/14/15 with a link to all the FREE products exclusively available to FOLLOWERS for FREE!) There are 6 bingo boards with 24 word cards included in this set. Words all have the
1st - 5th
I created this file to use during online Orton-Gillingham tutoring. It features words that follow the vc/cv pattern.Students will move the hotdog, read the word, and try and remember where the matching word is on the board. This game is meant to be played online for distance learning. You will need
This is the perfect time of the year to review the first 3 syllable division rules together. I made this game because my students need to practice practice practice differentiating between the rules. Like my other's quick, it's easy, it's fun and it's portable!Check it out here or in my G

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