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verbs matching

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SINGULAR AND PLURAL NOUNS WITH MATCHING VERBS - SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT - 32 Task Cards or Worksheets (ELA Assessment or Review) Grade 2 aligned but can also be used for grades 1-3 Task cards are a fun way to review, practice, and assess skills! There are a variety of ways to use them, such as small
Irregular Verb Match Sort Center Activity In this pack you get: -TWO SETS of Irregular Verb Sorting Flash Cards for 64 irregular verb pairs {64 present tense verbs with their 64 counterpart past tense verbs for a total of 128 verb cards} Set A: Color-coded {if you choose to print with colored ink}
VERBS BINGO GAME FOR WHOLE CLASS: 30 PICTURE + 30 WORD BINGO CARDS + MATCHING & MEMORY GAMEWho doesn't love to play Bingo? This cute set (of 60 bingo cards ) is ideal to practice and revise verbs vocabulary: dance, drink, eat, read, sing, run, walk, write, sit, stand, fly and swim. Here you w
Welcome to The Dollar Store, where our goal is to provide you with high-quality, standard specific products, all for the price of only $1.00! This pack provides 10 different activities to learn subject and verb agreement with singular and plural words. Practice pages include differentiating betwee
This 9 page packet contains materials to help teach young students how to match singular and plural nouns with the correct form of action verb. Ex: Madison plays in the park. Madison and her sister play in the park. It includes two anchor charts with examples of proper noun-verb matching , a
Match It Quick is a fun and unique way to practice syntax skills, grammar, and vocabulary. The game was designed to be used with language impaired children and/or with individuals learning a foreign language. Vocabulary cheat sheets are provided in English and a blank vocabulary cheat sheet is provi
Enjoy these first grade, Common Core aligned (L.1.1C) Singular and Plural Nouns with Matching Verbs worksheets in your classroom! Teacher Tip: Save money by purchasing the bundled resources listed here! Last updated: February 2021Common Core First Grade: Singular and Plural Nouns with Matching Verbs
Matching word to picture is an activity that develops vocabulary, reading and spelling skills. It is good also for kids with autism and special needs. The following words are included: cook, read, sleep,write, swing, jump, smell, laugh, brush (hair/teeth), swim, call, drink, wash (hands), cry, dance
Verb and Adjective Match Cards & Flash Cards * 27 Verb Match Cards * 27 Verb Flash Cards * 27 Adjective Match Cards * 27 Adjective Flash Cards * Recording Sheets * Verb and Adjective Sorting Mats I suggest that the match cards be used as a memory game (match the word cards with the picture
A verb game for any language! This game has 6 different verbs per card. There are 31 different verbs and cards in the deck. To play, flip over two cards from the deck at the same time. Have students race each other to spot the matching picture on any two cards and use the depicted verb in a complete
Not Grade Specific
Irregular past tense verbs are tricky! They require the act of memorization because they go against all of the normal rules on how to make a verb go into past tense form. That is why they are difficult for students to learn. This snowman match up activity will be a fun way for your students to wo
This download includes 20 numbered cards with verbs in the present tense and 20 matching cards with the corresponding simple past irregular verb form. The cards can be displayed on a bulletin board or they can be used to play a Concentration game, a Go Fish game, or a game of Scoot. Directions for t
1st - 3rd
This packet contains: 1. A singular and plural noun sort in which students color singular nouns red and plural nouns blue. The nouns are CVC or CVCC words. They then pick a singular noun from the sort and write a sentence. 2. Students write and illustrate a sentence with a singular noun and verb and
1st - 3rd
These BOOM CARDS for 1st grade focus on Singular & Plural Nouns with Matching Verbs & include 25 digital task cards with drag & drop movable pieces. Students choose the correct Verb. An easy answer to infusing technology into your classroom! This resource is user-friendly and fun! Common
This pack contains resources for practicing or assessing primary students on using singular and plural nouns with matching verbs. This package contains 5 different assessments where students circle the correct verb. Common Core Standard 1.L.1.c - use singular and plural nouns with matching verbs i
The past tense of regular verbs (eg. walk and walked) is easy to remember but kids often have difficulty remembering the past tense of irregular verbs (eg. eat and ate). Use this card set to review irregular verbs’ past tense in a fun way! It can be used to play many different games, such as ‘Snap’
1st - 3rd
Singular and Plural Nouns With Matching Verb PowerPoint Game, 25 QuestionsThis game can be used to enrich your students’ understanding of how to form a grammatically correct sentence. It is essential for the noun and verb to match. This is known as subject-verb agreement.Each question asks you to fi
This center helps students to identify and use helping verbs. This center includes 11 pages: -Title Page -Directions -2 Pages of Helping Verbs (23 cards) -4 Pages of Sentences (23 cards) -Recording Sheet -Answer Key -Credits Page It's great as a center, early finisher, or even standardized test
Students assemble a 4 x 4 Spanish/English vocabulary puzzle with 14 common stem change verb infinitives. Just photocopy enough for a class set (1 for every 2 students if working in pairs, or 1 per student if working alone), cut and fasten with a paper clip. Distribute to students and challenge them
This pack contains resources for practicing or assessing primary students on using singular and plural nouns with matching verbs. This package contains 5 different assessments where students circle the correct verb. Each assessment/practice page has a theme: -arctic animals -bugs -pirates -space -
30 pages of verb flash cards in Spanish with picture and words separated for word picture matching. 4 cards on each page for a total of 120 word picture matching practice!!!! Plus the identical 120 verb flash cards with the pictures and words together on 30 pages.Total of 60 pages and a total of 120
1st - 4th
Action Verb Sentence Picture Match Task CardsIncluded are 28 color task cards. Each card has a sentence with the verb in bold. The student reads the sentence and must choose the correct picture that matches. These task cards reinforce reading, vocabulary, and grammar.Choose to play a fun game of Sco
This resource is one pack of a 16-part bundle available on my TPT.Regular past tense verbs have been included in this download. Irregular past tense verbs can be found in ‘Rainbow Verbs 2’ or as part of ‘The Bright Box Bundle’Students need to find the matching clouds for each rainbow, then place th
Do your students need to work on their verbs? Are you looking for engaging verb activities to use with your students? If so, these verb word to picture matching activities are perfect to use with your special education and autism students. Word to picture matching activities are beneficial for all s

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