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Students will be able to understand the reasons and types of protests during the Vietnam War by analyzing protest songs. First, students will read aloud information about the Opposition to the war and answer essential questions. The teacher will then review the main causes of the opposition to the
This is an activity that I created for my American History class that can be done in the classroom or in the computer lab (need access to YouTube). **UPDATED on 6/28/20: This activity is available in the following formats: Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and PDF. Fun distance learning enrichment acti
I always want to discuss all of the fabulous music of the 1960s era, however, I often find myself running out of time as I struggle to include all of the amazing content also. As my students wanted to hear this music as much as me, I decided that it would be fun to create a bracket for them to vote
Vietnam War Protests - Webquest with Key - This 6 page document contains a webquest and teachers key related to the basics of the Vietnam War Protests in America. It contains 21 questions from the history.com website. Your students will learn about the history of the Vietnam War Protests in the Uni
This one-page, two-sided PDF provides the lyrics to the songs "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival and "Holiday" by Green Day along with questions that check for student understanding and prompt quality class discussion. It is an exciting, fun, and interesting way to introduce a unit on t
Kent State & Jackson State Shooting Analysis! Vietnam Protests & Race Relations!This lesson on the Vietnam War is included in two bundles to save you big: Vietnam War Resource Bundle and the 12 resource Cold War Bundle!Buy a bundle and save a bundle!-----In this highly-engaging lesson, stud
The following activity has students look at music popular during the Vietnam War. They will decide if the song is in support or protest of the war. Then, they find imagery and figurative language in the lyrics. They also have to research background information on the artist and the song to see wh
This product assist students in analyzing music with a message from the Vietnam era all the way until present. It includes links to 15 songs, directions, a worksheet with questions for students to answer, and a discussion. Students have to analyze three songs on Vietnam and three from the list that
Included is a reading on the Vietnam Protests and a worksheet that analyzes different mediums such as songs, excerpts and pictures so students can determine what aspects of the Vietnam War were being protested.
This activity is a creative approach to teaching the fervent anti-war movement that occurred during the Vietnam War. Students listen to and analyze six different songs from five different artist during the war period. A YouTube link and transcript of each song is included. Artist & Songs Includ
This gallery walk/stations activity has students compare images of the Civil Rights Movement with the Anti-Vietnam War movement. Each station of the gallery walk includes two images (or two songs). Students compare the images and analyze their conclusions on the movements based on the images from ea
Students analyze a series of images and texts as they explore the protests against the Vietnam War. Cover multiple topics with this one engaging activity: draft resistance, African American protests to the war, anti-war music, and more!As they go, students will answer 2-3 questions for each station-
Conflicting Perspectives: Digital Notebook. Put students in the driver's seat as they explore various sources to deepen their understanding of the Vietnam War. This resource includes 14 slides with primary sources, video clips, charts, political cartoons, songs & links to websites to cover the f
This bundle includes a primary source worksheet for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's "Beyond Vietnam" speech and 13 stations on resistance to the Vietnam War. Engage students with the connections between the Civil Rights Movement and the anti-war protests using these two engaging resources. MLK Workshe
Power point: Progressive reform movements including: Earth Day ( Rachel Carson; Silent Spring), Cesar Chavez, Vietnam Protests, and Women's Rights ( Betty Friedan). Power point includes video links for each reform. Students will fill in the Flip Chart using the power point. I have also made this a S
Students will complete a webquest to learn about:1) The Draft2) The 26th Amendment3) Media Influence on the War4) The Public's Reaction to the War5) The War in the Courtroom6) Hawks and DovesI have included a link to the Google Doc so that you can make a copy and assign in Schoology or Google Classr
Power point: Progressive reform movements including: Earth Day ( Rachel Carson; Silent Spring), Cesar Chavez, Vietnam Protests, and Women's Rights ( Betty Friedan). Power point includes video links for each reform.
Students make connections between the Civil Rights Movement and the Anti-Vietnam War protests using this primary source worksheet from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and a gallery walk comparing images of the movements.The King worksheet ZIP FILE includes: 4 page worksheet with MLK's "Beyond Vietn
In this activity, students analyze the lyrics six popular Vietnam War-era songs. Students look for a connection to the war and the overall message of the song through the lyrics themselves. The songs students analyze are:“Masters of War” by Bob Dylan“For What It’s Worth” - Buffalo Springfield“Ohio”
This engaging group project has students act as major protest groups from the Civil Rights Era, culminating in an immersive in class experience called Woodstock. Let students learn about protest groups, their purpose, and their strategies in a fun, role-playing project that fosters creativity and le
Flip Chart: Progressive reform movements including: Earth Day ( Rachel Carson; Silent Spring), Cesar Chavez, Vietnam Protests, and Women's Rights ( Betty Friedan).
This is a two-part project that explores anti-Vietnam War protest and counterculture in America during the 1960's. Students will listen to and analyze two pieces of Vietnam War Era music, watch video clips, and then create their own Vietnam War protest poster or song. This two-part project should ta
This is just the article - other items are necessary for the entire lesson. Students will read about the 4 students killed at Kent State. After reading the article and watching a video clip, students should answer the discussion questions before writing a summary. (This is one activity included in t
The lyrics of the song Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival are presented for students to analyze. Provide students with this worksheet so that they can read (and follow along) while they listen to the song. The more background information that your students have about the Vietnam War, the

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