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This engaging lesson for the Vietnam War has students rotate through stations to learn about various aspects of America's War in Vietnam. The 7 different stations cover:The Cu Chi TunnelsVietcong Booby TrapsAgent OrangeHo Chi MinhSongs of the Vietnam WarThe Draft and ProtestsMilitary Deaths in the W
Vietnam War - Webquest with Key - 12 page webquest and teachers key related to the history of the Vietnam War and its implications during the Cold War. It contains 42 questions from a great history website.Your students will learn about the history of the Vietnam War especially as an event in the ov
Students will be able to understand the reasons and types of protests during the Vietnam War by analyzing protest songs. First, students will read aloud information about the Opposition to the war and answer essential questions. The teacher will then review the main causes of the opposition to the
This Vietnam War map activity will help students become more familiar with the countries surrounding Vietnam, major cities, and major bodies of water. Students will label, color, and draw on the map and then answer a few questions.Included:Blank Vietnam War Map for students to label, color, and answ
In this Cold War Unit Bundle, you receive 14 hands-on, engaging, and Google 1:1 compatible resources on the Cold War to enhance your instruction on the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. Purchase this unit bundle and save significantly over purchasing each resource separately.
This is a 4-page assignment (2 pages if you do front and back) with 6 parts. I have used this with high school students and it seemed to work well with their level. You could use this with Middle School, though they may have a bit of difficulty with the readings (it would work well for kids who can
Vietnam War Primary Source ReadingThis amazing, poetic letter from an American soldier who died in the Vietnam War provides a moving interpretation of what it means to be a patriotic American.The letter is beautifully written and will surely have a powerful effect on your students. It is also a grea
The Vietnam War Unit Bundled takes students back to its birth in French Indochina in 1955 to its bitter end in 1975. This unit includes scenes from the front and the politics at home. Vietnam War unit includes Vietnam War PowerPoints, primary source activities, warmups, exit tickets, timeline, video
Vietnam War Webquest Students will gain basic knowledge about the Vietnam War by completing an internet-based worksheet. The Vietnam War Webquest uses a great website and allows students to view historical artifacts and gives a basic overview of the conflict. The website is:Click here to view the we
NOW WITH LINKS TO A GOOGLE CLASSROOM PRODUCT FOR CLASSROOM SUBMISSIONS!This one page reading plus one page of questions gives an overview of the Vietnam War in the context of Decolonization and the Cold War. It is designed for middle school or high school students. The reading is visually appealing
This passage provides an overview of the Vietnam War. 22 questions (identify, multiple choice) questions assess students' understanding of the article. A poem about Napalm helps students make a more personal connection to the feelings of people. 7 multiple choice questions assess them on the poem
The Vietnam War Puzzle Stations activity will allow students to move around the classroom solving puzzles! The puzzles have students decode interesting facts about the Vietnam War, the draft, Lyndon B. Johnson, Gulf of Tonkin and more. The Vietnam War puzzles at each station allow students to decod
This is a unit over The Cold War, The Korean War, and the Vietnam War that was planned with the Georgia Performance Standards in mind while creating it. The standards read: SS5H7 The student will discuss the origins and consequences of the Cold War. a. Explain the origin and meaning of the term I
Vietnam War and Korean War Comparison Worksheet This great worksheet has students use higher-level thinking skills to compare the Vietnam War to the Korean War. In 2 simple columns, students respond to a variety of prompts about the two conflicts against the spread of communism. Examples of prompt
***UPDATED TO INCLUDE TWO VERSIONS OF THE PPT TWO VERSIONS OF GUIDED NOTESThis massive series of PowerPoint slides guides students through background on the Vietnam War (e.g. French colonization and First Indochina War), details involvement of other countries (e.g. China, Cambodia, Laos, etc.), and
This three-page activity will teach your students about the war draft during the Vietnam War. Students will learn what the draft was, how it changed the war and how to determine where they would have fallen using a chart. Students will learn: • about the draft → what it was → how it changed the wa
Vietnam War Station Activity: Escalation from Dien Bien Phu to Gulf of Tonkin! Students rotate through a variety of primary source stations to learn about the United States escalation of war in Vietnam!This lesson on the Vietnam War is included in two bundles to save you big: Vietnam War Resource
The 1960’s contains digital resources created with Google Apps and printable interactive organizers which may be glued onto a file folder to form a lapbook, added to interactive notebooks, or used individually.Digital Resources Articles in Google Docs Organizers created with Google Slides Quizzes c
Vietnam War Bundle! 6 Hands-On & Engaging Vietnam War Resources! In this highly-engaging Vietnam War Resource Bundle, you receive 6 hands-on, engaging, and Google 1:1 compatible resources currently on Teachers Pay Teachers at a substantial discount! In this Vietnam War Bundle, you receive the
Containment & the Korean & Vietnam Wars PowerPoint LessonThis is a beautiful, easy-to-follow PowerPoint that engages students visually and covers all the essential information to know about both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. I use this for both my World and US History students to explain the
This bundle includes all of my resources for the Vietnam War. Each resource is also sold individually.It includes:Vietnam War Map Activity, updated January 2018Vietnam War Timeline ActivityVietnam War Coloring Page and PowerPointVietnam War Timeline {A Printable for Your Classroom}Vietnam War Key Pe
Teaching the Vietnam War to students? This social studies nonfiction reading comprehension packet will give your students a brief overview of the Vietnam war, along with reasons for it and its outcome. It highlights important people and places. There are guided reading questions to ensure student un
This Vietnam War Timeline Hunt Activity begins with the French gaining control over Indochina in 1858 and goes through the restoration of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Vietnam in 1995 for a total of 51 events.Your Students Will Love This!In this Vietnam War activity, the teacher scatters
This worksheet asks the question why the majority of the USA's population in 1963 supported the Vietnam war but by 1968 most people had turned against it.Students use primary and secondary sources to find out the answer. There are 5 sources and 8 questions ending in writing the answer to the big ti

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