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Word Work Centers & Visual Directions
Word Work is a critical part of teaching children to read. Students need repeated practice and exposure to high-frequency words and phonics patterns. The activities in this resource will keep students practicing while keeping the novelty alive. These activities can be use with ANY set of words. I k
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Visual Calendar Worksheets for Students with Autism or Special Education!
Students autism or special needs may benefit from structure and visually based calendar tasks. Including a hands-on component to your morning meeting or circle time will allow your learner to be more engaged. These materials could be used to make a modified circle time/morning time binder for your s
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Compare and Contrast: No Prep Visuals, Worksheets, Practice Activities, & More
This packet teaches your students how to compare and contrast. It is incredibly thorough and easy to prep! The entire packet is in black & white so you can simply print and go. Some activities require cutting.It includes the following:•Quiz: Great as a pre/post test to show progress.•Compare/Con

Also included in: Middle School Starter Kit for Speech and Language Therapy

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Visuals for Vocabulary: Vocabulary Posters
This packet contains 13 pages of visuals to support vocabulary instruction. You can use these as posters in your speech office. I like to place posters where they can be easily pulled off the wall when we are targeting that skill. Vocabulary visuals included: compare/contrast synonyms antonyms as

Also included in: SLP Essentials Bundle

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Argument Writing Student Visual Guide Common Core 6-12
Argument Writing Common Core-Aligned STUDENT VISUAL GUIDE for Grades 6-12 *This printable visual guide is only a part of my Argument writing unit. It does NOT include the student graphic organizers/handouts. This guide IS included in the following bundles: Common Core Argument Writing Unit Grad

Also included in: Writing Resources Bundle Argument Expository Narrative Journalism

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AUTISM and Special Education Visual Sentence Building for Early Readers
An exciting way for students with autism to gain reading skills! This hands-on approach to reading will keep your students focused and and on task. See this sentence building activity, too!COMMUNITY HELPERS Visual Sentence Building for Autism and Special Education CLASSROOM PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS!
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Visual Sentence Starter Strips For Speech & Language
Having visual supports for your students is helpful when learning a new skill. Sentence frames that have visual picture supports provides that visual structure some of our students need to help express an idea. Included in this set are sentence starter strips for the areas of articulation, language,

Also included in: Visual Supports BUNDLE

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Visual Schedule & Center Labels ~Editable~ PreK Classroom
Choose from 56 preschool schedule visuals to support positive behaviors and stress-free transitions! Engaging and easy to understand pictures help your students make positive behavioral choices. Four sets include: in the classroom, out of the classroom, emergency, and play stations. These four se
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Full Year Visual Writing Prompts Bundle (Describing & Inferring Photos)
Get your English students fascinated with writing through this engaging pack of visual writing prompts! ABSOLUTELY NO PREP REQUIRED, just download and start teaching in minutes. *************************************************************************** ☀️2018 UPDATE: Just added over 200 DIGITAL Vi
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Sentence Helpers have been such an amazing tool for students who are just learning to form a sentence! I have used them in my SPED classroom for years. They provide students independence and success in forming a sentence through modeling, visuals, and heavy repetition of words. Each set includes 3
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PRONOUNS Feeding Mouths Speech Therapy VISUALS
Are you ready for a new way to teach pronouns? Mr. HE & Miss SHE, with their HIS & HER MATS, CARDS, and FEEDING MOUTHS, are the perfect match to remedy those incorrect pronouns. Requesting “I WANT” mats & cards included too, along with several other tools that will help improve Expressi
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Visualizing Assessments: Comprehension Quick Sketch Quick Checks
Have you ever had a student read and not comprehend? Uh, yes, I think we all have! This reading behavior is all too common in students who *can* read, or sound like a reader, but too often these "readers", are not comprehending anything at all, these students are often known as "word callers." This
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Visual Direction Cards: 57 Terms {A Hughes Design}
This set compliments my best seller:Mini Material Posters. This 37 page PDF contains cards so you can 'show' your students what to do during activities. I use this with my ESL/EFL students and it works wonders. I just explain instructions and hang the cards for reinforcement. I rarely have stu
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Reading Comprehension Books With Picture & Visual Choices BUNDLE
Teach your students how to comprehend text in a book format with these 8 short readers. Target reading skills, comprehension and listening comprehension with these books. SAVE $10 BY PURCHASING THE BUNDLE!!Each set includes 8 books. There are 5 "WH" based questions with picture choices in each book.
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Reading Shelfies and Snapshots (Visual Reading Logs)
Ready to revamp your reading logs? Do it with Shelfies and Snapshots! In this purchase are several formats for students to record the books that they read through the year, over school breaks, and even a read-a-thon recording sheet for the entire class.Sheflies! Pretty cool, huh? As your students co
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Visualizing Reading Strategy Task Cards
Each of these 32 visualization task card features a different short passage for students to visualize and sketch. All of the paragraphs on the odd numbered cards are fictional, while those on the even numbered cards are nonfiction (informational text). That way you can split the cards into two decks

Also included in: Reading Skills Task Card Bundle: 648 short, engaging passages with questions

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Visualizing Reading Strategy Poster, Graphic Organizers & Activity Ideas
These visualizing and creating mental images graphic organizers are a must have for reading comprehension strategy instruction! They are perfect to use with any texts to provide students plenty of opportunities to practice visualizing and creating mental images as they are reading. WHAT'S INCLUDED:
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Visual Direction Cards EDITABLE
These visual direction cards will help save your time (and sanity) inside your classroom. After you have given your students instruction, place the cards on the board for students to refer back to. If they have a question about what to do, what they can use, where to turn it in, etc., they can refer
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Reading Strategies: Connecting & Visualizing Unit from Teacher's Clubhouse
The Connecting & Visualizing Unit includes signs, a display, craftivity, graphic organizers, assessments, and more to teach students how to connect and visualize while reading. (Includes 12 files below) 1) Making Connections Sign: A sign to display as a reference for making connections 2) Talk
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Daily Schedule Cards for Visual Schedules
Daily schedule cards set includes 107 visual schedule cards for Pre-K, Kdg, and 1st grade. You can place these on a pocket chart or magnetic board so your students(and you!) know what is happening each day! There is also a page of blank cards to program your own, if needed. There is a page for add
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Visual Questions for Children with Autism
Help students who struggle with verbal language answer questions! Using visuals can help teach students to respond to questions and comments independently. These visual questions have picture response options. Students can use the picture to answer each question. This resource is perfect for circle
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STAAR Editing, Revising, and Essays for Visual, Auditory, & Kinesthetic Learners
SPECIAL PRICE! (Limited Time Only) 2018-2019 VERSION This is the most practical tool you will find anywhere on the internet to help your students who struggle with reading on editing, revising and writing essays. There are 100 pages of open ended and multiple choice editing questions using actual
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WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY Questions with Visuals
UPDATED 8/8/2017: Revamped with new graphics! This activity was created for kids who have difficulty answering WH questions; specifically, those who require pictures to help them choose the correct answer. Each question is followed with a choice of 3 pictures accompanied by the written words for an
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The Rainbow Fish -Story Sequencing- Re-telling Visuals-FREEBIE
This 50+ page file contains story telling and sequencing tools to promote literacy and oral comprehension. I major in English and my personal philosophy is to use a "Webbed" curriculum, which is similar to a thematic approach where all elements tie together to reinforce learning. Story telling i
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