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This digital choice board for Google Drive™ contains engaging and paperless activities for students to use and practice their vocabulary words in context. Great way to differentiate for your learners! Students must have their own Google account in order to use this product. This will work on Chromebooks™, laptops and computers. It is NOT intended for iPads. Be sure to check out my blog post about DIGITAL choice boards: 5 REASONS TO USE DIGITAL CHOICE BOARDS☺The digital choice board contains 9 di
If you are looking to add a little zest to your word work or vocabulary activities, look no further! Download the full preview to see how much this has to offer. This product now contains an activity for every square!My students love to use this Vocabulary Word Choice Board in order to practice and learn their vocabulary words. This is a great resource because it can be used in all subject areas that have vocabulary terms (ie: Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, and English Language Arts.Save
You asked for it, here it is! Save big by purchasing the Vocabulary and Spelling word Choice Board Bundle. If you are looking for a way to add a little zest to your word work, spelling activities, or vocabulary study, look no further. This resource includes a corresponding page per every square. Download the preview for more information, you can also see a full preview at the separate listings! This resource works for all grades but is catered to upper grades. Love this?!? Check out my Best Sel
3rd - 12th, Adult Education
This is by far one of my most used and most favorite classroom tools EVER! My students glue these into their interactive notebooks and use them every week during their Word Study rotations. Included is a basic word work choice board and a more advanced vocabulary choice board. I give both versions to my students, but the best part about this is... YOU CAN USE ANY WORDS! These activities can become as simple or advanced as you want them to be based on what words you provide for your students
Vocabulary Choice Boards | Use With Any List of Words | Distance LearningThis set of vocabulary choice boards includes 3 different choice boards and 27 different activities! Students can choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 activities on each choice board to help them practice their vocabulary. These are not DIGITAL activities, but could be used for DISTANCE LEARNING. This PDF document can be shared w/ students via Google Platforms. Not included are the vocabulary lists.Included:3 Vocabulary Choice Boards (27 ac
2nd - 5th
Make learning and practicing vocabulary FUN! These vocabulary choice boards bring student choice, creativity, and differentiation to your classroom, and your students will love it! Since they are using vocabulary words in a meaningful way, they will remember them! This Vocabulary Choice Board is in my BIG Choice Board Bundle. Save now to get a BIG DEAL! BIG CHOICE BOARDS BUNDLE Do you teach vocabulary words to your students? Of course you do! These vocabulary choice boards are a fun and simple
Looking for a unique way to get students to retain their vocabulary word meanings?The research-based activities in this product require students to think about their vocabulary words from different angles. THIS RESOURCE CONTAINS...A GAME!44 task cards in Truth or Dare format help students to approach the words from many angles. They cater to a variety of learning styles, and this same task card bunch can be used with the same Tier 2 list multiple times or with different lists as the year progres
Need some quick, no-prep vocabulary activities that give your students ownership of their work? These vocabulary homework choice boards are the perfect NO-PREP activity to give your students choices in their weekly vocabulary homework or vocabulary centers! These can be printed or used as digital vocabulary choice boards with Google Slides for distance learning or virtual teaching.These vocabulary homework choice boards include:9 activity options for students to choose from (students choose thre
Emphasize student choice with this high-interest, differentiated activity! From 12 activity options, ranging in point value, students choose which tasks to complete in order to accrue 100 or more points. All student work can be completed within the Google Slides. All task directions and organizers are color-coded and labeled for easy access and organization. The assignment is totally student-paced and can even replace a "traditional" assessment. This Product Includes:Full Editing Access12 Engagi
The purpose of these activities is to help students engage with the target language vocabulary through variety and choice. The activities have a range of difficulty and appeal to multiple learning styles and intelligences. While engaging with vocabulary, students are also learning important skills from simple memorization and spelling to circumlocution. This modifiable packet can be used for bell ringer activities, daily work, homework, an emergency sub plan, etc. I have included over 20 activi
9th - 12th
Get more and save money by clicking here to see this product bundled with over 100 pages of choice boards and resources! This Vocabulary Word Choice Board is perfect to help differentiate among your learners! Students love choice and are able to choose between 9 different engaging activities that allow them to uniquely practice their vocabulary terms! Can be used for any subject area! All activities have accompanying student sheets to complete. There is also a student checklist included, whic
Are you looking for a DIGITAL Vocabulary Choice Board that is engaging and gives your students a great selection of vocabulary activities? Check out this dynamic vocabulary choice board which has your students rolling digital dice to choose their vocabulary activities.  There are six engaging activities, and there is a slide dedicated to each activity. When the students roll the interactive dice, they can go over to the slide to type in their answers and ideas. The numbers on the main slide are
This menu includes 9 different vocabulary homework choices that can be used with any set of words. The same choices are shown with three different titles so you can choose the one that matches your preference: Vocabulary Menu, Vocabulary Choice Board, or Vocabulary Homework Choices
1st - 6th
Make vocabulary practice engaging for your students with this Vocabulary Choice Board! Choice boards are fun for students, but they are also a great way to differentiate and foster student independence.This Vocabulary Choice Board for Google Slides is the perfect way to make vocabulary practice engaging for your students! This resource includes nine vocabulary tasks, but it is also editable if you need to differentiate make accommodations for your students. The following tasks are included: Fill
3rd - 8th
This bundle contains two digital vocabulary activities that can be used with any list. Resource #1: Digital Vocabulary Four Square OrganizersThis vocabulary graphic organizer Google Slides activity is designed to help students explore a new set of vocabulary words. This resource is digital and can be used each time you begin a new vocabulary list.How I use these in my classroom:1. For each new set of vocabulary words, I type one vocabulary word on each slide. Be sure to do this before assigning
5th - 8th
Reading, Spelling, & Vocabulary Choice Boards for 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades for the Whole Year; great for student choice, creativity, and differentiation; includes an editable choice board where you can create your own choice board● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●Top Ten reasons to ❤ choice boards! 1. Students love to be able to make choices in their learning 2. Allow for differentiation 3. Allow for student choice 4. Students can choose according
Are you looking for a creative way to help students respond to their reading and show their thinking? These two FREE vocabulary and writing choice boards give 18 different ways for students to respond to almost any reading!One choice board has writing response prompts to respond to novels and the other has vocabulary responses. What's included in this writing and vocabulary choice board?Choice Board #1 - Vocabulary - 9 different reading responses that focus on vocabularyChoice Board #2 - Writin
3rd - 6th
Vocabulary choice board for primary grades with 6 different activities and projects; a simple and fun way to bring differentiation and student choice to your classroom Do you teach vocabulary words to your students? Of course you do! This vocabulary choice board is a fun and simple way for students to practice the new vocabulary words that they have learned. And they get to choose the ways that they practice the words! Top Ten reasons to ❤ choice boards! 1. Students love to be able to make ch
Practice and learn spelling vocabulary through the use of spelling choice boards using a word list you provide. Read below about the different titles available, which include spelling, vocab, and word work titled boards.Choice boards are sort of like a ‘menu’ of choices presented on a graphic organizer. Students get to pick their preferred activity to use with the vocabulary words you have assigned. The vocabulary activities should work for pretty much any word list.What are the positives of us
You can watch a video preview of this resource HERE!This resource allows students choice while practicing with ANY vocabulary list! Students are given a choice of NINE activities from which to choose when working with their vocabulary words. Before assigning this resource via Google Slides, you will decide how many activities that you would like for your students to complete. What's included:Teacher InstructionsStudent Google Slides Vocabulary Choice Board9 Vocabulary Activities that will have s
Spelling Digital Choice Board:This resource allows students choice while practicing with ANY spelling list! Students are given a choice of NINE activities from which to choose when working with their spelling words. Before assigning this resource via Google Slides, you will decide how many activities that you would like for your students to complete.What's included:Teacher InstructionsStudent Google Slides Spelling Choice Board9 Spelling Activities that will have students working with their spel
5th - 8th
This product is a 3 x 3 choice board for vocabulary activities that students can use to practice vocabulary for any unit. The choices are great for upper elementary students through high school students and would make for excellent homework assignments as well as literacy center activities. Each activity on the board has a check box so you can keep track of which activities students have done already. I have included any graphic organizers needed for any of the choice options and the file is fu
Looking for a fun way to review and practice genetics vocabulary? The Genetics Vocabulary Exploration Activity Choices allows students to explore vocabulary through 6 suggested activities of their choice with no prep required! This is designed with the middle school student in mind, can be used in a home, hybrid, 1:1 classroom, or traditional school setting and it comes in both a PDF and an editable digital Google Docs TM format.What's included?Teacher DirectionsStudent Directions12 Project Cho
Year long Vocabulary Choice Board. There is something for every type of learner on this choice board.I allow my students to use each box 2 times and use this sheet the whole year. As the students use the strategy, I put an "X" through half of the box. The students or the teacher can do this, depending if you want to keep track of the methods used.Each box could be used once and you can give them another when they complete the sheet. I use this Choice Board with my 5th Grade Science students. It
4th - 8th, Not Grade Specific

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