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If you are looking to add a little zest to your word work or vocabulary activities, look no further! Download the full preview to see how much this has to offer. This product now contains an activity for every square!My students love to use this Vocabulary Word Choice Board in order to practice and
Free Vocabulary Choice Board to be used with any vocabulary list. There are 12 different activities included on the choice board.
This is by far one of my most used and most favorite classroom tools EVER! My students glue these into their interactive notebooks and use them every week during their Word Study rotations. Included is a basic word work choice board and a more advanced vocabulary choice board. I give both version
Make learning and practicing vocabulary FUN! These vocabulary choice boards bring student choice, creativity, and differentiation to your classroom, and your students will love it! Since they are using vocabulary words in a meaningful way, they will remember them! This Vocabulary Choice Board is in
The purpose of these activities is to help students engage with the target language vocabulary through variety and choice. The activities have a range of difficulty and appeal to multiple learning styles and intelligences. While engaging with vocabulary, students are also learning important skills
This is a vocabulary choice board I utilize for my students to give them autonomy with their vocabulary words.
Reading, Spelling, & Vocabulary Choice Boards for 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades for the Whole Year; great for student choice, creativity, and differentiation; includes an editable choice board where you can create your own choice board● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
This menu includes 9 different vocabulary homework choices that can be used with any set of words. The same choices are shown with three different titles so you can choose the one that matches your preference: Vocabulary Menu, Vocabulary Choice Board, or Vocabulary Homework Choices
Use this fun iPad-inspired choice board to practice vocabulary weekly. This choice board can be used with multiple types of vocabulary words. Included in this download is a choice board that can be set up in a center setting and/or used during the week for a week-long assignment (in-class or homew
Vocabulary choice board for primary grades with 6 different activities and projects; a simple and fun way to bring differentiation and student choice to your classroom Do you teach vocabulary words to your students? Of course you do! This vocabulary choice board is a fun and simple way for students
Emphasize student choice with this high-interest, differentiated activity! From 12 activity options, ranging in point value, students choose which tasks to complete in order to accrue 100 or more points. All student work can be completed within the Google Slides. All task directions and organizers a
Give your students a say-so in how they show that they know their vocabulary words! Teachers and students know that completing the same old vocabulary practice assignments can get old! We also know that students value having a choice in showing that they have mastered content. This product will giv
Vocabulary choice board activities and tools to help students complete the activities. Make working with the vocab words interactive and fun. Can be used for any vocabulary list. I use it for science but works for any subject. I have a set of shelves where I keep these items so the students have acc
Choice Boards for Vocabulary- 4 Options If your classroom is anything like mine, vocabulary is a big priority. This board package contains 4 different options so that it's easy to fit your classroom's needs. There are 9 tasks on each choice board which you can implement in differentiated ways for y
Choice Boards or menus give students choice and voice in the classroom. My students love (and beg for) more choice boards/menus!This resource contains:** a vocabulary choice board/ vocabulary menu with a variety of vocabulary activities that are fun and engaging (The directions on the Vocabulary Cho
The students can choose from their choice board to further analyze vocabulary. I use this for their independent reading books. One night a week, the students find three new words while their reading and complete an activity from their board. * The requirements and expectations are on the back of t
This choice board uses all 20 words from the dramatization of A Christmas Carol. There is a question using each of the words. You can select how many of the questions your students must complete. This gives you a lot of flexibility in differentiation. Or your students could answer them all! The
Your ELL and special needs students will enjoy this awesome 11-page pack which has a spelling list (#1) and a vocabulary choice board for differentiating instruction! It includes choices that reflect a range of interest and learning styles. This homework activity targets Common Core Standard: Use sp
It is important to give students choices to engage in active learning. This vocabulary choice board helps students to learn 5 or more vocabulary words by making assignment choices in a BINGO game board format. This is the first in a series of boards I created to keep students interested in studyin
This set of vocabulary choice boards includes 3 different choice boards and 27 different activities! Students can choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 activities on each choice board to help them practice their vocabulary.These are not DIGITAL activities, but could be used for DISTANCE LEARNING. This PDF document ca
Choice Boards allow students to choose how to show what they have learned. This is a vocabulary Choice Board that gives students physical and digital options for completing a vocabulary activity for 10, 15, and 20 words. A rubric is include with the space for score blank so be sure to fill that in i
This unit includes spelling and vocabulary choice boards offering your students choice over what assignments they might do while allowing the teacher an easy way to differentiate curriculum. These choice boards can be used with any spelling or vocabulary words including word wall or popcorn words.
Print, laminate, and post! Simple to use vocabulary choice board for any grade level!! My school focuses on UDL currently, providing our students with choice activities and assessments! This choice board is a great tool for instruction and my fourth graders love it!!! Thanks for looking...more to
This document includes activities to work with vocabulary words that is divided up by multiple intelligences. I used this as a nightly homework assignment, but it can be used in class as well.

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