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Heredity and Traits Digital Vocabulary Lesson includes a PDF with teacher directions and a link to Make a Copy of the Google Form activity.What Teachers Love About this ResourceSimple directions for students to complete independently in 15-20 minutesQuality text, images, and video clipsAuto-grading
Use these vocabulary cards when teaching your students about the heredity and genetic traits. Each vocabulary card includes a student-friendly definition and colorful clip art related to the word. Two sizes are provided. Terms Included (24): allele, birthmark, blended trait, carrier, chromosome, co
3rd - 8th
Genetics Vocab Sort - GenotypePhenotypeAlleleHeterozygousHomozygousDominantRecessivePunnett SquareProbabilityGeneTraitHeredity
3rd - 11th
This package contains four resources to help students with the definitions and basic concepts of genetics. The vocabulary words within the package are genotype, phenotype, homozygous, heterozygous, codominance, hybrid, genetics, heredity, traits, purebred, genes, alleles, dominant allele, recessive
I am creating ALL DIGITAL products to be used for distance learning that are 100% digital. This activity is designed for Google Classroom and utilizes Google Forms and Google Docs. The vocabulary review is a Google Form that can be posted in Google Classroom and will assess your students’ knowledge
5th - 9th
This product, by It’s Not Rocket Science, is a vocabulary review resource of heredity vocabulary terms including: DNA structure, replication, protein synthesis, meiosis, Mendelian genetics, complex inheritance patterns, pedigrees, mutations, and genetic engineering, inspired by the popular game "Ta
7th - 10th
This is a mini-bundle that includes two Frayer model foldables related to genetics. Each foldable will require two pages (front to back) to make. Example keys are included. The following vocabulary terms are covered: ✔ heredity ✔ gene ✔ trait ✔ allele ✔ dominant ✔ recessive ✔ genotype ✔ phenotype ✔
I created this package to assist in helping students understand the scientific vocabulary associated with biological evolution and heredity in a life sciences study. With Next Generation Science and the Common Core Standards, there is a great deal of emphasis on academic vocabulary, but not enough r
Vocabulary and definitions included for the following words on the power-pointHeredityDominant trait Recessive trait GeneAllele GenotypePhenotypeProbability HeterozygousHomozygousNot my best stuff so I am giving this away for free. If you found it useful please give good feedback. Thanks
5th - 8th
Science Word Wall Vocabulary Cards for your Heredity Unit This file contains 12 vocabulary cards for your Science word wall. Each card contains the vocabulary word, a brief definition, and a clipart image that represents the vocabulary word. All you need to do with this file is print it. I recomm
Need a fun, exciting way to help students learn content area vocabulary words? These Genetics Vocabulary Cards (Match Up Mats) and Study Slips are the perfect tools for helping your students practice and master their science vocabulary. This resource includes Google Slides versions of the vocabulary
This no-prep digital or print worksheet asks students to identify dominant and recessive traits in humans. They will determine wether allele pairs are heterozygous or homozygous and identify the genotype and phenotype. The digital assignment already has text boxes for students to type in, saving you
Use these flash card style vocabulary cards (pictures included) with your students to prepare for the Science 5th Grade EOG. These align to the North Carolina Essential Standards. This document contains all of the key vocabulary necessary for the Genetics/Heredity unit of study. Check out my store,
These are definitions and word lists that go along with a science lesson on Heredity. Each student should receive a copy of the definition sheet. There are different copies included with or without gridlines. Also included is a word list. This list is repeated 4 times on a page so you only need
These vocabulary cards are for the new fifth grade science unit on genetics and heredity with the Essential Standards. These flashcards include the word, the definition in kid-friendly language, and an image to provide a visual for all learners.
Engage students with this no prep, self grading puzzle pixel art! Your students will be determined and motivated to answer the questions correctly and reveal the picture. Type the answers into the box - if it's the correct answer, the puzzle pieces appear and the box turns green. A red box tells stu
6th - 8th
This is a set of 4 quizzes on genetics and heredity vocabulary. This set includes tests for at level readers down to special learners as well as ELL and ESL learners. This will allow a teacher to give a science vocabulary quiz to students that meets the needs of all learners.
7th - 8th
This three way vocabulary match featuring the vocabulary word, definition and picture, is a great way of reviewing important words and concepts. This resource features 30 of the most important terms and concepts in life science, including heredity and genetics. The vocabulary terms and concepts inc
5th - 7th
61 biology and heredity related vocabulary words. Each page includes three cards - one with the word, another with the definition and another with a picture representing the word. Use together on a word wall or as a matching activity to help students learn the words that are critical to success in s
5th - 8th
8 full-color vocabulary cards aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence for 5th Grade Science. These cards provide great visuals for students as they learn the key terms from the standards! Includes key terms from standards plus additional words for extension (great for differentiation or advan
This is a challenging vocabulary match card game for students to play in groups. The objective of the game is to be the first group to put all cards together correctly. This activity encourages students to talk about the vocabulary words associated with heredity. Having the students compete against
NO PREP Heredity and Genetics Activities: These Heredity and Genetics Activities include Vocabulary Cards with Concepts and definitions that are ready to use for Individual or Small Group Word Work. Keep students engaged and actively strengthening Biology content and Heredity and Genetics concept t
Because there are so many genetics vocabulary terms it can be challenging for students to keep them all straight. These pages sized for Interactive Notebooks focus on the definitions and examples of fifteen common genetics vocabulary words. The pages can be used as an introduction to the unit, pract
Genetics Vocabulary Worksheet, Review sheet or Assessment. This 4 page (2 pages printed duplex) resource has students practice the following genetics vocabulary:Vocabulary:GenotypePhenotypeHomozygousHeterozygousDominantRecessiveTraitAlleleHybridCrossing overIncomplete dominanceCodominanceMultiple al

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