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I love the idea of Mad Libs® but always struggle with coming up with articulation targets to use in therapy. Silly Story Articulation/Carryover allows you to choose the articulation targets based on prevocalic and vocalic /r/ words Each of the targeted word lists contains the target phonemes sepa
This product is a collection of pre-vocalic, vocalic /r/, and /r/-blend word search puzzles. This activity is easy to print and/or send to students as an in-therapy or take-home activity! It's also useful for teletherapy and e-learning. Searching for /r/ words will promote generalization and carry-o
Vocalic r words and Sentence Bundle | Speech therapy | ArticulationThe coarticulation strategy in this bundle will be helpful for students who can say initial r sounds but are struggling with one or more vocalic R sound. Coarticulation uses a sound your student can produce to teach the target sound
Vocalic r Word Lists | Speech Therapy | Articulation | ear, air, ire, ar, or, er | Coarticulation word lists This items has lists of Vocalic /r/ words for Ear, Air, Ire, Or, Ar, and Er that each use coarticulation to help the student use their initial R skills to be successful with vocalic R. E
Boom Cards Targeting Vocalic R Words | Speech Therapy | ArticulationHaving trouble eliciting vocalic R? This coarticulation strategy at the word level uses an already established prevocalic /r/ to target vocalic /r/ words. This bundle of decks targetearairirearorerThis strategy works well for studen
Silly stories are similar to Mad Libs® fill in the blank stories and are highly motivating for students. I've used my silly stories words lists for years, but always struggled with getting independent productions from non-readers. Each of the targeted word lists contains the target phonemes sepa
Are you looking for a fun and engaging game that helps students practice their word initial 'r' sound, vocalic 'r' sounds (in mixed positions) and word initial 'r' blends? Articulation Tic Tac Toe might just be what you're looking for! It's ready to print and go (you can cut them apart and laminate
A wonderful collection of Vocalic R word sorts for the ER AR OR AIR EAR and IRE sounds. Have students cut out the headings and glue them into an interactive notebook or on a piece of paper. Then cut out the words and sort them according to the sounds in the word. Glue the words under the correct hea
This super fun and interactive digital resource has been made with BOOM Learning. Shanda and I created them because we wanted to help out with all of the distance learning that is going on in the world right now. We really want to help make life a bit easier and more fun for our fellow speech-langua
This pack contains a fall-themed / Thanksgiving-themed activity for vocalic /r/ practice. Using the turkey visuals students create final vocalic /r/ words by finding matching word onsets. They can then use the word list worksheet to record the words they found and use it as homework practice. CONTE
This is my “TOTALLY “R” SENTENCES” packet. This packet targets prevocalic /r/, intervocalic /r/, /r/ blends, “rl”, and vocalic /r/s (“or”, “air”, “ire”, “er”, “ear”, “ar”). Each worksheet, has 8 target /r/ words and 8 fill-in sentences. The /r/ words reside on the right side in boxes. These
Hello Buccaneers! We are so happy to see that you have jumped aboard our Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC ship today to eye up our latest product. This one will keep your postvocalic /R/ articulation students busy in a fun way as they work on their /AR/ words in the initial, medial and fin
Boom Cards Bundle Vocalic R Words and Vocalic R Sentences | Speech Therapy | ArticulationThis resource is digital, no prep, no print and so much fun!I have these same items in a printable resource in my store. Having trouble eliciting vocalic R? This bundle contains a coarticulation strategy at the
Roll the dice and read targeted Vocalic R or Prevocalic R word or phrase. When produced correctly, cross out the word/phrase or cover with a Bingo chip. First one to cover all items in one column wins! Play the game in groups of kids with mixed Language or Articulation Goals – Same game but each stu
Target articulation with 80 sound-loaded prevocalic and vocalic /r/ words during speech therapy sessions! This convenient, portable format comes with attached data pages for both students and SLPs, and can be stored on a binder ring for easy access. They can also easily be paired with any activity o
This BUNDLE of no-prep worksheets include initial, medial, & final vocalic or, ar, ear, ire, air & er words. Over 300 words targeted! Have your students practice their sounds as they find the words in speech therapy, or give as homework!Resources Included:Articulation Word Searches - Vocali
Full Karla technique with example words and specific steps to take. 8 pages of example words and how to implement technique.
Fall Word Search S, Z, R, Vocalic R | Articulation | Speech TherapyYour students will enjoy the challenge of finding the 20 articulation words in this word search activity. 20 target words are listed at the bottom of each page.Students can search for the words and circle them or mark them with a hi
This Articulation Word Search Puzzle can be used to encourage the use of the Vocalic R sound at the word, phrase, and sentence level for clients ages 8 (3rd grade) and up. It comes with 3 puzzles for each sound position (initial, medial, final, and blends when applicable). Puzzles come with words
ROLL A WORD FUN A quick and easy game to use in an individual or group setting. /R/ and /L/ game boards in a combination of word positions! This edition includes boards for: R initial, R medial combination and R final combination, AR, ER, AIR, IRE, EAR, OR, and L initial, medial, and final words!
Hello Buccaneers! We are so happy to see that you have jumped aboard our Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC ship today to eye up our latest product. This one will keep your postvocalic /R/ articulation students busy in a fun way as they work on their /OR/ words in the initial, medial and fin
This is an excerpt from our Vowel+R Series books. It is a fun exercise that asks students to name all five pictures in each row and identify which one does not rhyme with the other four. SLPs can use this articulation exercise to drill the AIR, AR, EAR, Stressed ER, Unstressed ER, and OR sounds wi
Nothing fancy, just a page of words for 6 vocalic /r/ sounds (air, ar, ear, er, or, ire) to use in drill or for homework. Pairs great with my Articulation Homework for the Year!For more articulation resources, see:Order Up! Menus for Articulation PracticeThe Fix for Mixed Groups: No Prep Speech and
Vocalic Rs are separated by sound for effective learning. Conatins a rich list of Vocalic R words, and space for adding your students personalized sentences.A Bonus Game is included, with 6 fresh, new gameboards. Play the games using your own dice. Focus on the drill work and enjoy the games as a

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