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Answering and Speaking on the Phone at WorkCareer ReadinessThis is a complete learning package designed to teach students how to properly answer and speak on the phone at work.Objectives: Students will be able to: • Explain why it is important to learn to answer and speak on the phone at work profes
Career Readiness - Career and Employment Workplace Communication When asked to assess candidate skills, employers rated verbal communication skills the most important, according to NACE's 2016 Job Outlook report. This learning package teaches students the importance of effective communication in t
Do you have teens in your class who are puzzled over the importance of employability or soft skills, and why they really matter? Relax as you are not alone! Many young people wonder how it is that some people seem to find and keep work easily, while others often struggle to land their first job. The
The Importance of Good Attendance at WorkPrintables and/or Complete LessonStudents will be able to explain why good attendance at work is important. They will also be able to identify the key steps that can be taken to maintain good attendance.1. Complete detailed lesson plan2. Intro Assignment (Slo
The Lesson includes a PowerPoint and 4 activities. The Zip File includes a Glossary, Worksheet and Answer Key. Students can use the Worksheet to follow along with the Presentation. Follow Me to be notified of new teaching resources and great deals by clicking the star up at the top right by my log
This resource provides students with information on the skills employers see as necessary to be successful in the workplace including employability skills, generic or transferrable skills and industry specific skills. Students can then complete the self assessment to identify strengths and weakness
Prepare students for the workplace by teaching them basic skills to improve their employability. This product contains a short EDITABLE Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation with discussion questions for each of the basic skills of professionalism, time management, organization, and teamwork. After revi
How to write a resume is a challenge for many young people. And come summertime, many of them are looking to build their resume in a hurry so they can chase those lucrative summer jobs and earn some cash.Resumes are an important part of the job seeking process; they are the documents which tell an e
This information pack helps students understand employability skills - what they are, how to develop them and why they are important for their career. What are employability skills?Employers often look for young people who can demonstrate employability skills such as:communicationteamworkcreativityt
Students view movie clips to describe each style of leadership as well as explain how the movie clip represents that style. PDF and Word documents both provided. I used YouTube video: Leadership in Movies for movie clips, but you can gather video clips separately as well. *This product includes the
As young people with special needs make transitions from school to training or work, it is useful to check their progress towards independence across a range of life and employability areas. This quick and easy skills checklist provides a summative assessment that can be used as the basis for a tran
Do you need resources to introduce the concept of employability skills to your learners? These are two presentation resources for a unit of work around work and job-seeking suitable for youth or adults who are exploring their skills for the world of work. Use the them as a prompt for discussion and
1 hour, fully-resourced lesson focusing on what leadership skills are, why future employers are looking for them and how we can use them effectively.The lesson sees students investigate the different facets of leadership, complete a leadership skills audit, team group activities, individual tasks
1 hour fully resourced Careers lesson focusing on apprenticeships - what these are, why they are suitable for lots of different people, the pros and cons, the different types and finally how we apply for them. This resource pack includes a one hour long PowerPoint with accompanying worksheets, well
Suitable for school leavers or young job seekers, learners read a summary description of a students' employability skills and identify her employability skills. The student works and studies part-time and describes transferable skills which are categorised under employability skills. This serves as
This is a power point to teach kids the employability skills and careers related. Students will learn about communication, teamwork skills, problem-solving, self-management, planning and organizing, learning, initiative and enterprise, and technology.
This Employability Skills Progress Report is a great way to keep track of data on students' work performance on the job or in the classroom! It also provides a method for communicating students' weekly progress with parents!This product includes:1 data recording sheet (weekly)1 student survey Sugge
The ultimate goal of teaching is to prepare students for life after high school, including their future career. Display the essential employability skills in your classroom, school common areas, or counseling office to keep them in mind when planning lessons and helping students consider future care
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Career Readiness Objectives: Students will be able to: • Define the legal definition of sexual harassment. • Identify sexual harassment in the workplace. • Explain how sexual harassment can impact a person. • Describe what a person should do if they are being sexu
How do you prepare students for that all important job interview that will help them get their first job? Many young people find job interview questions daunting and worry that they will not know how to answer them.Job interviews are covered in careers, work education, vocational programs, adult lea
You are purchasing a lesson over employment - desired qualities and behaviors. The powerpoint file is sold separately in my TpT store . These are electronic worksheets and graphic organizers that can be typed in from the screen and printed out. Alternatively, you may print and provide hard copies
Many life skills learners need lots of practice to help them answer job interview questions easily. Knowing the best answer and being able to say it clearly and confidently can be the difference between getting the job and not.What's included?This resource contains 20 printable pages with typical jo
Job interviews take lots of preparation for life skills students. There is so much to talk about and get ready, and practice is essential to make sure students understand what to do - and what not to do!What's included?A set of 40 printable task cards to help students practice what to do, say and ho
(1hr PP and diff resources, clip, wksheets ks4 - adaptable) Complete 1 hour lesson with differentiated worksheets Suitable for KS3/4 easily adapted for either Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above Credit to Sandy for info (link to clip in PP)

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