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***NEWLY UPDATED***Voice Science in practical application for speech therapy. This handbook of voice exercises is a must-have for applying research to practice for voice therapy."Thank you for a wonderful product!  I re-read my voice books when I got my first voice client in the public schools.  Voi
Minimal Pairs: Prevocalic Voicing and Postvocalic Devoicing for phonological disorders. COVID-19 terms of use: Can be used for distance learning or teletherapy purposes: these sheets are non-interactive, and the PDF can be displayed on a screen. You also have my permission to share in a PRIVATE Go
UPDATED: 7/20/2014 Now includes kid friendly language on an expanded cartoon, new click-able links for references, updated pages, voice journal, and more. Targets: Voice Therapy Techniques, specific to vocal nodules (Yawn-Sigh, Resonant Voice Therapy). Others are mentioned as well! Ages: 4+ Inc
Entire school-year's worth of voice therapy activities that require no preparation. Just print and go. I have spent so long figuring out what to include in this MEGA 147 page resource, and now you benefit!Contents: •Disclaimer: Knowledge for you…………………………………………………………..………….1•Table Of Contents…………………
/TH/ Articulation Photo Cards Includes: ~ 30 voiced /TH/ Photo Cards (10 each initial, medial & final /ð/) ~ 30 voiceless /TH/ Photo Cards (10 each initial, medial & final /θ/) ~ 2 formats (with and without labels) ~ DIY envelope box ~ Data collection form When printed, laminated
If you have ever wondered how to begin teaching tone of voice, you are not alone. This resource will guide you through the process of teaching this complex skill in easy to understand steps. The resource contains informative texts that introduce the topic of tone of voice and also has audio clips an
Vocal overuse therapy can be boring, so make it fun with visuals that help bring voice science from research studies to practical application in speech therapy sessions.WHAT?Cup Bubbles (Newly Updated!!) for Voice Therapy uses Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Exercises to help train voice use without the u
Bundle of resources to help you get your feet on the ground for beginning voice therapy. Video of techniques, patient handouts, and 2 handbooks for adults & children.Voice therapy may be something you haven't touched since graduate school. This bundle helps your save money while providing you wi
This 2 page document has been specifically developed for the following speech therapy goal - "To strengthen your lungs for breathing and speaking".Please check out some of our BEST SELLERS! Remember – Please follow our STORE! Thank you WORKBOOKS – Just print!Behaviour and Feelings WorkbookSelf Este
Read how Captain Voice teaches you to use your Super Voice Powers to defeat 'The Nodule'. An engaging way to teach what voice is, how vocal nodules form, and vocal hygiene strategies to children. This comic book and additional activities makes voice therapy visual and exciting. Created for speech an
Voice science techniques easily accessible for the real-world speech therapy setting. Use straw sounds to help reduce tension in the voice box.WHAT?"Straw Phonation Mountain Climbers" for Voice Therapy uses Straw Phonation and back pressure in the throat (inertive reactance) to help kids with nodule
No print, digital PowerPoint activity (with printable worksheets) works on the social skill of understanding a message through tone of voice and body language. The included videos paired with thought bubbles will have students listening to the intonation and watching facial expressions to determine
Struggling to keep your voice therapy kids on task for teletherapy?Have no fear! You have the resources you need all in one Bundle!Try Part 2 if you want more!Includes:Boom Cards Cup Bubbles for Straw PhonationBoom Cards Frogs for Stretch and FlowBoom Cards Lemon Muffins for Resonant VoiceVoice Ther
 Voxbots:Tone of Voice Do your students struggle with tone of voice and emotion too? This robot themed product has teaching cards and three activities to help your students understand and practice tone of voice. This critical social skill involves reading body language, facial expression/emotion,
Here is THE go-to must have for every SLP doing articulation therapy! This resource was created to save you time looking for stimuli and to make articulation therapy a breeze. It includes all word, phrase and sentence targets you need to address the voiced th /ð/ phoneme in speech therapy! PREVIEW C
Print out the photographs and laminate them. Ask the child to sort the photos into "good for voice" or "bad for voice" category. Included is a checklist for parents so that they could monitor their child at home.
Calling on some Super Hero Strength to fight some Vicious Voice Villains! Finally some fun activities that will help teach and practice healthy vocal, with terminology and graphics geared towards the elementary age student. Nothing scientific here. Just good old fashioned Super Hero Powers at work
K - 4th
Vocal hyperfunction can be difficult to treat, so for speech therapy sessions, this helps reinforce good vocal habits from research to clinic. Fluency and stuttering too.WHAT?Flow Voice: Vowel Stretch Frogs for Voice Therapy. Use easy "flow voice" to help kids with nodules, polyps and vocal overuse
Clip art to help you describe speech, voice, and resonance. Includes images portraying vocal nodules for laryngeal pathologies. Contains 16 illustrations, including 8 colour images and 8 black & white versions.300 dpi (high resolution) and PNG format (transparent background for layering).Images
Resonant voice therapy can be done with children, and this easy-to-play game pack helps you bring research to your speech therapy sessions.WHAT?"My Momma Makes Lemon Muffins" will help your children with Voice Therapy. Use Forward-Focused Resonant Voice to help kids with nodules, polyps and vocal ov
This vocal abuse and hygiene resource for voice disorder therapy includes a fun, colourful, child friendly social story, repeated twice - one with a girl character and the other with a boy character. This story is perfect for helping children recognise vocal abusive behaviours, while providing sug
PreK - 2nd
Includes 60 minimal pairs used to target the phonological processes of pre-vocalic voicing and de-voicing. All full color pictures.Follow my store and social media to learn about new product releases. All new products are 50% off for the first 48 hours!Don't forget to leave feedback to earn credits
Voice therapy techniques in full color video, complete with research and instruction on how to complete correctly.WHAT?Are you an SLP who has a few voice clients every year, but struggles to find which therapy treatment technique to choose?Are you afraid of harming the patient because you are unsure
Looking for a comprehensive therapy packet for working on the voiced and unvoiced /TH/ sounds? Well, we've put this together just for you! Please download it today. We think that you will love the winter theme. We have included pages on how to produce the voiced and unvoiced /TH/ sounds and el

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