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It’s no secret that how much you pay in taxes each year significantly affects your bottom line and your quality of life. The average U.S. household that owns a home will pay about $14,000 in income, sales, and real estate taxes — that’s about 27% of their total income. Filing taxes don’t have to be
FINANCIAL LITERACY - "The Money Trail" - PART 13 – INCOME TAXES 2019 Package 3 in 1 -- is ready for teachers who are using "The Money Trail" series in their classes. In this IRS activity, students learn that the federal taxes that had been withheld from employee paychecks throughout the year were a
Paycheck/Taxes SimulationThis project is a Life Skills project, primarily directed towards 15-17 yearold students, but could easily accommodate younger students.This project is a 4 week job simulation. Students fill out a time card foreach week. They calculate straight time, overtime, and double tim
Students will be solving 8 problems on sales tax. After solving, students will cut and paste the checks according to the total calculated purchase. There are 4 versions: (1) B&W, (2) Color, (3) Less Cutting & B&W, and (4) Less Cutting & Color. Version 3 and 4 is less cutting becaus
The Taxes and Money PowerPoint provides students with the background knowledge of the United States federal, state, and local tax system as well as furthering their own ability to calculate their own taxes. Featured points include: 1. Types of Taxes (Regressive, Progressive, Proportional) 2. Federa
This very thorough lesson/project will teach students how to file their taxes including: gathering the necessary documents, filing status and brackets, how to file, and refund or payment. Students will read articles, visit IRS websites, and watch videos for each of these topics. Then, they respond t
The Taxes Unit introduces vocabulary related to completing a tax return. At the end of the unit, students complete a simulation on the IRS website to calculate whether they are withholding enough money from their assigned paycheck. For this unit, it's most helpful if students have a computer or mobi
Financial Algebra is a math course that focuses on the real-life application of algebra concepts. This is a card sort activity where students cut out 12 cards with various scenarios & definitions. Students then sort these cards using the provided answer mat according to which tax from is descr
Taxes are not the most fun topic to teach but it is important nonetheless. This collection of resources is a solid 3-4 day mini lesson with a summative assessment included.Check out this other original Personal Finance resources:- PBL Real Life Budget Project (Most Popular)-Checking and Savings Acco
This W-4 Forms and Withholding Taxes Financial Literacy teaching unit includes two student articles, questions, an assessment, a practice W4 form (similar to what a high school student might fill out), and an 18 slide classroom presentation teachers to use on a SmartBoard or projector screen.The 202
This GIANT 8-Pack BUNDLE of Financial Literacy Lessons is perfect for students in financial literacy and consumer math courses. These 21st-century skills and knowledge lessons are essential to high school students as they enter the workforce.1) Understanding a Paycheck PRINTABLE Lessons:This resourc
Learning to Complete Form W-4 This is a complete learning package designed to teach students about Form W-4 and how to complete the form. The lesson is easy to implement. It can serve as an emergency lesson plan or a self-guided lesson/independent work. Objectives: Students w
This financial literacy W-4 and Withholding Taxes financial literacy mini-unit includes two student articles, questions, an assessment, a practice W-4 form (similar to what a high school student might fill out), and an 18 slide classroom presentation teachers to use on a SmartBoard or projector scre
Students will learn all about jobs and taxes for teens in this financial literacy unit including a culminating filing a Federal 1040 tax form activity. This download contains both a printable, as well as a Google Drive™ compatible, format.Students will work through a WebQuest using the printable Int
This financial literacy W-4 and Withholding Taxes financial literacy mini-unit includes two student articles, questions, an assessment, a practice W-4 form (similar to what a high school student might fill out), and a 17-slide student-friendly presentation. The 2020 tax form is used in this resource
Working on taxes or reading documents / informational texts with your students? This is a set of 20 cards with two w-2's to support that goal. There are 20 cards for students to practice reading and finding information on two different w-2 forms. This is a great functional reading / money skill to
Tax and Employment Forms PowerPoint and Notes Sheet-Good Aid to Teach About Forms This download is a zip folder that contains a 10 slide PowerPoint on Important Tax and Employment Forms to Know and two Word documents- student and answer key that is a notes sheet for students to use why viewing the
Where do our taxes go? What does the government spend money on? This lecture explains the basics: what the federal, state, and local governments spend tax money on. Slides are in a powerpoint form, so you can edit as you need. There is a pdf of the lecture I give to my students. I actually record my
9 different tax types with descriptions: tariffs, luxury tax, sales tax, payroll tax, income tax, capital gains tax, sin tax, property tax, excise tax. Students have to read through the descriptions to match the tax types using context clues within the definitions. After matching the tax to the des
A fictional story of a young person's life describing how taxes are EVERYWHERE!I use this quick assignment as a follow up to my Tax Types assignment. It's good for a HW assignment, an opener, or even an exit slip!I teach at an alternative high school, so I focus my tax unit on understanding the basi
This is a bundle of 2 highly animated, power point presentations on the presidency of George W Bush and a summary of issues which led up to his election. Both presentations together number 47 slides. Each of the presentation slides are editable so you can change them to fit your individual needs.
Taxes Opener: A quick one page worksheet that can be used as a warm up or introduction to the concept of taxes. 12 graders need to learn the basics of taxes, but taxes are hard to understand. This unit breaks it down so students can learn some of the more familiar terms and calculations for doing ta
This is the fifth activity in a series of activities designed to raise awareness for how paychecks and taxes work. In this activity, students will learn how to fill out a W4, as well as the math behind the two different scenarios: Scenario #1: a person claiming one exemption versus Scenario #2: a
Students choose a career and research the average starting gross pay for that career. The notes review a W-4 and specifically how to complete the document and how the number of allowances affect the amount of federal tax is taken from their checks. Students then practice identifying deductions fro

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