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Activities for use with the story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving. Includes a variety of activities for before, during, and after the story. Lots of options to choose from in a money-saving bundle. Contents: --Reading and Critical Thinking Questions: In order of the text with r
Get students practicing close reading and making inferences with a fun short story. Students will read a 3-pg excerpt from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, stopping at the stop signs to answer inference and evidence-based questions. Questions ask students to make inferences, suppo
A fantastic story to read in October! This is the story of the Headless Horseman. Kids of all ages enjoy this story. This unit can be used with the chapter book or the picture book. This unit contains: 1. Settings Maps for the 3 settings 2. Venn Diagram 3. Character Analysis (3) 4. Chapter Summary
Washington Irving's classic short story "The Devil and Tom Walker" is a folk tale, a Faust legend, and an example of Romanticism--Wow! That's a lot of labels! Get your students delving in to the text of this story as they closely examine how the story is an example of each of these types of literatu
This 5-question pop quiz and 6 discussion questions for "The Devil and Tom Walker" by Washington Irving will check for reading comprehension and make students are reading the whole story and actually paying attention.···················································································
Activities for use with the story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving. Includes a variety of activities for before, during, and after the story. Lots of options to choose from in a money-saving bundle.Contents:--Reading and Critical Thinking Questions: In order of the text with reca
Skip the typical Washington Irving introduction lecture as you launch a study of Rip Van Winkle, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, or any of Irving’s other works and, instead, empower students to find their own interesting facts about this author’s life with this “Author Bio” print-and-go activity.This s
After reading “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving students will write a story from the Headless Horseman’s point of view. Includes choices for a narrative or a non-traditional format (such as interview, newspaper article, Twitter posts, etc.) students will retell the chase with Icha
GREAT VALUE! This reading lesson contains a complete guided reading worksheet with 68 questions (with answer key) for the middle school version of the short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. This worksheet goes along with the Middle School reading of the story. I have included
This activity includes a step by step lesson plan with before, during, and after reading tips, vocabulary lists per chapter and character lists for each version/book, 14 comprehension questions (multiple choice), a character analysis tool, a "prediction" writing page, information on the author and h
This Common Core resource includes 22 rigorous unit learning tasks for Washington Irving’s short story, " The Devil and Tom Walker." The teacher-created learning tasks include standard(s) alignment using the language of Common Core State Standards. The unit activities represent a balance of analysis
Washington Irving's classic folk tale "The Devil and Tom Walker" will come to life for your students when they delve into this pre-reading research activity which requires access to technology. First, students investigate Faust legends and folk tales. Next, students explore some of the archaic lan
Set of activities for use with the story “Rip Van Winkle” by Washington Irving. Includes graphic organizers, book cover project, literary essay, write your own Rip Van winkle project, reading & critical thinking questions and more! Plus set of 9 culminating projects with Task Cards, Student Me
This lesson covers Washington Irving’s short story “The Devil and Tom Walker.” The first PowerPoint will introduce students to the Romantic period and consists of 9 slides. The second PowerPoint consists of 10 slides and includes essential questions, discussion questions, literary terms, and a ho
Use this lesson to integrate language arts and mathematics for interdisciplinary learning! Students learn real-world skills, including the importance of calculating interest on loans. In addition to reading a classic story by author Washington Irving, students are motivated to learn because each st
A collection of 16 projects related to the story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving. Students complete one or more projects related to material in and beyond the text. Allows students options to explore and create within their own interest and abilities. Includes Task Cards, Stude
Short Biography of Washington Irving the auhtor of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle- . The passage has FCAT 2.0 and CCSSS style questions combined. Useful for a cold read and assessment tied into the stories mentioned above.
This activity bundle gives you several choices for comparing the text of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving with some or all of one of the movie versions. Includes evaluation of the movie vs book pairing with several options. While use of movies in the classroom can be controvers
From Electric English... This is an assignment that asks students to find one example for each of the characteristics of American Romanticism in Irving's tale, "The Devil and Tom Walker". It gets the students thinking about this seemingly simple story in a new way. NOTE: There is a fresh, clean cop
This activity works with “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving and the study of mood. Students will consider the use of music to create or enhance mood in the story. They will examine different parts of the short story and think of songs they know that would enhance the mood of the sc
A set of 5 graphic organizers for use with “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving. Includes comparing Ichabod and Brom, comparing the stories of the Horseman to Ichabod’s experience, a KWL, evaluating whether it’s a story of a ghost or a prank, and a comparison of the different haunting
Clip art set of famous literary author, Washington Irving, with images depicting his work - "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Rip Van Winkle". Images include: - Headless horseman - Ichabod Crane - Rip Van Winkle - Portrait of Washington Irving Includes 8 images: .png format, 300 dpi. - 4 full
From Electric English... This is a three-part assessment. The first is simply true and false questions; the second is multiple choice; while, as a rule, I try to avoid this type of simplified question and answer, it is still good to give the students practice.... After all, they will see these types
Help your students make relevant connections to nonfiction and canonical texts! In this lesson, students complete close readings of two texts: Washington Irving's classic story "The Devil and Tom Walker" and The New York Times article "On Wall Street, a Culture of Greed Won't Let Go." This resourc

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