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This is a great 40-minute lab that ANYONE at ANY school can do with their middle school science students! Purpose: ⭐Reinforce the idea that ENERGY is required for a phase change ⭐Record data and turn that information into a graph ⭐Interpreting a phase change graph ----------------------------------
This worksheet has 21 Earth Science Regents multiple choice questions related to phase changes of water. This makes a great homework sheet or in-class review. An editable Word document for this worksheet is included. Topics addressed: Phases of matter of water, Comparing molecules and energy of
This zip file contains materials for middle school science lessons on the water cycle and phase change as part of both a weather unit and a properties of matter. The units were designed for 6th graders in NYC. Includes: 2 Water Cycle PowerPoint lesson presentation (22 slides making 2 different les
Includes interactive images (ONLY COLORED) for: Condensation Melting Freezing Vaporization Please note: These images are interactive files, that means, you will need to click on them to make them move. This set is a PAID product, you are not allowed to use these interactive images in a FREE produ
This is a Temperature vs. Heat graph for water that includes the latent and specific heats as well as the equations used for each phase and phase change. I always use this graph when doing heat calculation problems. I find it just makes "visualizing" the calculation steps a lot easier if we can
About this Product• This download includes G Suite designed resources needed for one 45-minute science lesson.• The resources in the download are re-bundled and re-formatted from my Water Properties Unit Bundle.• Purchase the materials for the topic(s) pertinent to your classroom - not an entire uni
This is a package of several items: 1. SMART Notebook of the States of Matter and their relation to the water cycle 2. PowerPoint of the same information 3. Students Notetaking sheet 4. States of Matter cut and glue chart activity 5. States of Matter cut and glue chart answer sheet Topics covered:
About this Product• This download includes resources needed for one 45-minute science lesson. No prep needed!• The resources in this download are re-bundled from my Water Properties Unit Bundle. • Instead of purchasing an entire unit, purchase the materials for the topic(s) pertinent to your classro
About this ProductThis resource includes modified files that facilitate distance learning:• Fillable slides designed to work with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint• Fillable PDF forms designed to work with Adobe Reader (a FREE program)• Students work directly in a file to complete their work -
Students will test their knowledge of phase changes with this cut out graphic organizer. Students will cut out pictures of water in solid, liquid, and gas forms, then glue them into a graphic organizer template. Once they have glued down the pictures, they will have to label the graphic organizer
The Phase Change of Water Lab is a great way for students to observe phase changes, collect data, graph their results, as well as elaborate further on the concepts pertaining to this lab exercise. The lab has little preparation, easily done within a lab period, and has quick turn around for the nex
Water Phase Change Lab where students record observations, create questions, draw models, graph, answer discussion questions, research, and create a claim, supported by evidence and reasoning (CER) to answer the following question: Experimental Question: What happens when something heats up, melts,
This is an excerpt from my popular line ofBossy Brocci Math & Big Science workbooks on Amazon.================================================Most ELA, Math and Science teachers don't havemore than 100 State Tests on their shoulders- and they enjoy anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to teach their c
Includes relevant formulas and has proven helpful.
What exactly happens when water goes from a solid, to a liquid, to a gas? How does the temperature change? How does the energy change? These are questions that students will explore in this laboratory activity. Students will create their own calorimeter using a test tube and a thermometer. Then, st
This laboratory experiment introduces students to some of the common phase changes of water. The relationship between temperature and phase changes is examined by freezing a room temperature sample of water, melting a sample of ice, and boiling a sample of water. Temperature, phase changes, kineti
Interactive science notebook insert- Thermometers with melting/freezing point of water, room temperature and boiling/condensation point of water IF YOU PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT PLEASE GIVE A RATING AND SUBSCRIBE! :)
Save time and get your students studying at home!Have a great science unit on Solids, Liquids, and Gases planned but need something students can take home to study each night? Have different ability levels in your classroom and need an assessment that fits those needs? Then this product is for you!
States of Matter: These states of matter cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about the states of matter and science. States of Matter Vocabulary Terms: ♦ Solid, Liquid, Gas, Atom, Element, Compound, Mixture, Molecule                                   
Matter: Phase Changes (Melting, Freezing, Evaporation, and Condensation) Cut and Paste Activity #1 - Water - Heat Energy - King Virtue's Classroom Students will love applying what you've taught them about phase changes of matter. This cut and paste sorting activity will help them review melting, fr
This lesson is the second lesson in a series for the NGSS Performance Expectation of: 5-ESS2-1. Develop a model using an example to describe ways the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and/or atmosphere interact. There are multiple activities in this lesson including: Observing a teacher demonstrati
Tired of doing the same ol' phase change lab where you melt ice and boil it on a hot plate? Sick of worrying about kids burning themselves on the hot plate? This lab is for you! It teaches students the opposite effect- taking water and turning it into ice. Students will use rock salt to turn liquid
This is a 770+ slide PowerPoint presentation with built-in class notes (red slides), lab activities built right in with set-up, questions and answers, video links, built-in quizzes with answers, 7 pages of follow along worksheets, 3 page homework / classwork, lesson notes, answer keys, several pages
States of Matter Task Cards: These task cards are a great way for students to practice their skills with questions about the states of matter. This product contains 24 cards with multiple choice questions about the states of matter. A recording sheet and an answer key are included. Blank cards ar

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