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Help your students grasp and retain key Weather vocabulary with this interactive vocabulary sort activity focusing on watersheds. This resource includes 10 key terms to match to a definition and icon (picture), 3 different student answer sheets to meet the needs of your individual students or class
Finally, a fun way to reinforce content area vocabulary! This familiar activity will have students actively thinking about and discussing watersheds. 30 game boards are included to allow for whole class participation. This activity only requires students to recognize the definitions of terms, not ge
My class completed a unit on erosion, weathering & deposition from our district-provided Science textbook. Then, we took a field trip to learn about watersheds and see stream table models. This worksheet covers most of the vocabulary we've talked about throughout this Science unit. The answe
A full page with two copies of the half sheet vocab worksheet. This covers 8 important terms, with definitions written and a word bank for students to use as they match the terms to the correct definition.
Science Exit Tickets (Exit Slips) are the perfect formative assessment activity for your students. They are quick, easy to use, and data driven. This resource contains 9 different units of exit ticket activities. Google Forms of each individual exit ticket have also been included for distance lea
Weather Exit Tickets (Exit Slips) are the perfect formative assessment activity for your students. They are quick, easy to use, and data driven. This resource contains 17 different exit ticket activities (4 per page) covering a large variety of Weather concepts (listed below). Also included are G
This value packed Water Cycle and Watershed Unit includes the following activities:Montessori 3 part nomenclatures cards introducing water cycle and watershed vocabulary and concepts.Definition cards Create your own water cycle activityCreate your own watershed activitiesBoom Learning Deck to consol
A collection of materials to help you teach and review the water cycle, watersheds, use of water resources, water pollution, and wetlands.90 pages include:-five texts about water use, including "Biotic Index", "Water Pollution", "Marvelous Macroinvertebrates", "Migrating Fish", and "Lentic and Lotic
This is a now 700 slide PowerPoint presentation with built-in class notes (red slides), built in hands-on activities with directions, challenge activities, built-in quiz with answers, games, worksheets, 4 page homework, answer key, lesson notes, and much more. Newly Updated with full 150 slide Power
PRINTABLE ACTIVITY: You will download a printable interactive notebook and a quiz (in digital or print) to use with your 4th, 5th or 6th grade students to practice the water cycle vocabulary. This activity works well in your middle school science centers or stations.A separate word bank is included
Let's get your students excited about landforms vocabulary with these activities! How about a match game or a BINGO game instead of a worksheet?This product was created to meet the North Carolina End of Grade Science Standards but it can be used in other states.This match game will help groups stu
This handy bodies of water vocabulary resource includes 56 terms! It will save you loads of time in preparing your word wall and bulletin board displays. In addition, you'll receive 8 EDITABLE posters to customize for your classroom. Each of the terms has been created in black and white for super ea
In this unit, students will be introduced to what a watershed is and how it relates to their life. They will read about watersheds and threats to a watershed, they will be introduced to new vocabulary, and they will create a watershed model. This project based learning experience will involve stude
This is a challenging vocabulary match card game for students to play in groups. The objective of the game is to be the first group to put all cards together correctly. This activity encourages students to talk about the vocabulary words associated with the adaptations of species. Having the student
Engage students with this fun, interactive science game. In this mini game, students identify words associated with the water cycle. This includes the 4 major words (evaporation, condensation, precipitation, transpiration) as well as other terms (runoff, groundwater, etc).There are 10 questions and
This bundle of lessons and activities is perfect for a high school environmental science course and will introduce your high school students to surface water management and watersheds. Students will also learn about land use near waterways through worksheets on dams, eutrophication, and riparian zo
This product includes EVERYTHING you need to teach landforms for kids, including watersheds, oceans, and earth's natural processes!Includes interactive notebook lesson plan activities on the following topics:WatershedsDrainage BasinsDeltasCanyonsInletsOcean BasinContinental ShelfContinental SlopeMid
This is a wonderful resource to teach or review science vocabulary to your students. There are 10 separate BINGO cards with vocabulary words relating to wetlands, watersheds, ecosystems, and habitats. There are also definition cards that you can call out to your students so they can find the vocabul
Card sorts are amazing! They give students the ability to work with vocabulary in a way that helps foster meaningful discussions with one another about content and helps you as the instructor to check for understanding.You will need to print the Water Cycle Card Sort CARDS PDF document and then cut
Now that you have seen the effects of pollution on a watershed, what are you going to do about it? How can we educate people about their decisions and the effect they have on their environment? Your assignment is to create a product that educates people within your watershed. Choose a product and i
32 page word document containing vocabulary words for a unit on watersheds. Each word wall card includes the term, definition, and a picture. I print these in color, laminate, and attach a magnet so they can easily be used and moved.
This PDF file contains 13 posters of vocabulary words relating to natural resources. Each of the posters has mnemonics or visual representations to help students learn key vocabulary words. This set includes the following vocabulary: river, bay, lake, groundwater, ocean, watershed, natural resource,
FOLLOW ME TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER FREE PRODUCTS AS THEY ARE RELEASED!!! This no-prep activity involves matching the following Streams and Lakes vocabulary (Estuary, Tributary, Runoff, Watershed) to descriptions and images. It can be used as a hands-on sort and match or cut apart and glued into an int
Save 50% on this bundle of 7 science word wall sets! You'll receive word walls for the periodic table, biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, astronomy, and bodies of water. Each have been created in a modern design that is easy to read from a distance. They were developed in black and white so you c

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