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****SIMPLY SOCIAL STUDIES - KINDERGARTEN **** UNIT 2 - Alike and Different What is Simply Social Studies all about? Simply Social Studies is a Social Studies curriculum that covers grade appropriate concepts and objectives for Kindergarten. (First Grade is also available and can be found HERE). W
This is a great little set of resources for a kindergarten unit that is all about being alike and different. I wrote it to better understand what I needed to teach in social studies and to better help my kinders understand each other. **You will need to pull picture books from your library or class
DIGITAL & PRINTABLE! This resource has differentiated word-work for the suffixes -tion,-cian, and -sion. Ten of the pages are NO PREP digital. You will need to do no prep for these 10 pages. Just click "create digital activities" and you will see there is NO PREP to this part of the resource. Y
You are receiving 4 different COLOR posters to generate conversations/discussions about similarities and differences among plants! Posters include: plants alike/different stems leaves flowers If you need other plant items check my TPT store for: plant part song seed/plant label pages Thanks for
This item is now available as part of a BUNDLED set...which offers additional savings. This combination Math & Literacy pack was created in an effort to encourage readers to study the whole word closely while reading look alike sight words and math skills. This pack is Set 1: Graphs & Pat
This is a BUNDLE of: Sight Word Math Set 1: Graphs & Patterns & Sight Word Math Set 2: Coins Please click either link above to check out the previews for each pack.
This is a similarities and differences activity.Included in the pack is a game board, 66 object cards to compare), game activity cards (extra turn, move back 1 space, etc), and blank cards to create your own. To Play: 1. Print out game board and cards. Cut cards apart. 2. Mix captain, message in a
The short film Alike, created by Daniel Laro and Rafiki Cano of Madrid, Spain, may be viewed here: https://vimeo.com/194276412 This short film is a wonderful movie talk and it provides an awesome opportunity for discussion! I made it to use with my classes as we head toward the end of our time tog
This is a one page resource that is both printable and DIGITAL. These sound-alike suffixes can cause confusion with kids who already have spelling issues. Extra exposure to repeating spelling patterns helps my students retain the information once the concept has been taught. Please use this page as
Does your student confuse words like "left" and "lift" or confuse number or letter combinations? By the end of the 12 week program the student will be able to quickly look at a similar group of letters/words and quickly identify the difference between them. In this download you will receive: Expla
Do you have a child that struggles with substituting similar looking words in oral reading over and over again? In working with struggling readers, I've observed that visual discrimination can be a real roadblock to reading fluency, so I created these materials to use for my tutorial sessions to ad
This product includes three separate worksheets. One passage is fiction and two are nonfiction. The nonfiction passages correlate with USI.4a (Motivations for Exploration) and USI.6c (Key People of the American Revolution). Each contains an SOL look-alike passage and accompanying questions. The ques
This PowerPoint presentation begins developing the important skills of comparing and comparing. Each slide has two pictures which have some similar characteristics and some differences. The pictures include geometric shapes, as well as real-life objects.
This set includes line art and colored graphics for: notification icon events icon friend request icon messages icon birthday icon like icon pictures icon status icon news icon status box text box background _____________________________________________________ These graphics have 300 dpi resolutio
This combination Math & Literacy pack was created in an effort to encourage readers to study the whole word closely while reading look alike sight words and math skills. This pack is Set 2: Coins Set 1: Graphs & Patterns right here. Both sets are available as a Bundle here. Answer Keys
PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for a set of clipart - not actual magnets!! =)Letters include Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White of each Upper Case letter, Lower Case letter, and Numbers for lots of variety!!! Also includes alternative versions of the lower case letters f, j, q, r, t and the number 4.
These questions are modeled after the technology enhanced items released by VDOE. The directions and format mimic those that they will see on the SOL test. This worksheet can be used for small group remediation or as independent practice.
This product is a book I use in my own classroom for students to create about themselves. The Kindergarten Common Core addresses ways that people are similar and different from one another. This book gives students the opportunity to be authors and illustrators in creating a book that displays way
This is a great way to help students find the books they want to read. There are so many ways to display these create a bulletin board display, post as signs, or scroll in a presentation on a computer. Which ever way you decide students will love finding books that interest them. This product is 81
This product includes three separate worksheets. The passages correlate with 5.4 (Matter), 5.5b (Vertebrates and Invertebrates), and USI.6d (Colonial Advantages of the Revolutionary War). Each contains an SOL look-alike passage and accompanying questions. The questions match the rigor and style of t
Are your students mixing up their letters because they look similar or sound alike??? This is the perfect activity or intervention for you! There are 24 combinations of letters that either look alike OR sound alike. Each combination has three worksheets--A cut and paste for sounds, a handwriting
This resource is provided in BOTH COLOR AND BLACK and WHITE FORMAT FOR YOUR PRINTING PREFERENCES! ** This resource is also formatted IN MINI FORMAT FOR ECONOMICAL PRINTING IF PAPER IS AN ISSUE!:) This resource includes: 20 Task Card Word Problems using Partitive Division scenarios and 20 Task Ca
Call it aleph bet, alef bet, or aleph beis, students learn rapidly with this activity. It's engaging, and fun!!Students learn to identify various look-alike Hebrew letters during this fun, variation of BINGO called "Say and Cover". This eBook contains 17 different game boards of different letter com
Baseball Homophone Match - Over 60 Sets of wordsThis is a huge set .... large mitts have words and the matching baseballs have words..... these words make up over 60 sound-alike sets of homophone words (over 120 words) - 23 printable pages in this Great Teacher resource!***I want to Thank You for st

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