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Results for weather journal

177 results

FREE Weather Journal (1st Grade)

The Weather Journal is a fun activity for students to learn about the weather! The journal can be used to practice the Georgia Performance Standard: S1E1 Students will observe, measure, and communicate weather data to see patterns in weather and climate. b. Investigate weather by observing, measuring with simple weather instruments (thermometer, wind vane, rain gauge), and recording weather data (temperature, precipitation, sky conditions, and weather events) in a periodic journal or on a cale

Daily Calendar & Weather Journal Sheet | Homeschool

Created by
We use this to start each day for our elementary kids for homeschool. We print one for each child and put it in a dry erase sleeve so we can reuse it every day.*This resource contains icons made by Prosymbols and Pixel perfect from Flaticon

Weather Journal Freebie

This journal will be easy to use in your kindergarten classroom. Students are expected to fill out the weather for the day. There are visuals along with words. Students also write in the day of the week and copy the weather word they circled to complete a weather sentence.

Free Daily Weather Journal: Tracking the Weather, Temperature, Wind & More!

Created by
Preschool Mom
This is a free printable Weather tracking worksheet for student learning about the weather! Find more free weather tracking printables on Daily Weather Journal:-Day of the Week, Month of the Year, Date-The temperature in F or C, Written Temperature. Feels Like.-Precipitation Model to the 1/10 of a inch-Weather Description-Wind Speed & Direction

Extreme Weather Booklet or Journal Freebie!

This Extreme Weather Journal is perfect to add to your weather unit! Students will draw and write about thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards. I have provided both Full Page and Half Page versions for your to choose from. I hope you enjoy this Extreme Weather Booklet. Please follow my store to receive updates and freebies!

Daily Weather Journal for Primary Grades

Created by
Jeannie Seymour
When teaching my weather unit, I really want my students to notice the daily weather conditions and how much they can change from day to day. To help with this I have my students keep a daily weather journal where they must write 3 words that describe the day's weather, illustrate the daily weather conditions, and also think about how the weather affects us, specifically the clothes we wear. In this product there are 2 options for recording daily weather conditions. *Option 1 consists of 2 c

Weather / Meteorologist Journal

Introducing weather to students is always more fun with interactive journals! Use this journal to document daily weather during your unit!

Weather Journal Page with Thermometer

Created by
Taylor Moore
Great for a morning activity or to turn into a weather journal for the class or each student.

FREE Weather Themed Math Journal Prompts

Created by
Jeannie Seymour
This product consists of 7 full-page math journal prompts for whole-class discussion, plus 7 sheets that have 3-10 matching cut-and-paste journal prompts. Simply make enough copies for the whole class, cut them into strips, and students can paste their prompts in their math journals. Each full page prompt also contains cute kid-friendly weather clip-art. Also, please check out my FREE Weather Word Cards.

Weather Journal

Created by
Greetings, meteorologists! In this little book, kids can record and interpret all kinds of things they can see, hear, feel, and smell to predict the weather. They'll need to observe the sky and the air closely, and record what they discover on the data pages within the journal. You need: +Printer and paper +Stapler and staples +Pencils, markers, or other writing and drawing utensils Make a Weather Journal: 1. Download, print, fold and staple the Tinybop Weather Journal. 2. Print extra data pa

Weather Journal

This is a simple journal that your students can quickly write and draw about what the weather is like each day! It has 5 spaces for each day of the week and of course a place to write their name. Enjoy!

Shaving Cream Rain-A Weather Experiment Journal

I was excited to do the Shaving Cream rain experiment with my class, but I wanted a component to go along with it that would encourage them to make predictions and see what actually happened as they tested their predictions. I decided to make a prediction journal for my class. This experiment will be the conclusion of our unit on weather. The thumbnails give the product a wacky formatting but once it is downloaded it all returns to normal (I checked!) Enjoy!

My Weather Journal

This is a 5 day weather journal intended for brief entries of 1-3 sentences. A weather word box is provided. There is space to write the date for each day, boxes for the students to write three appropriate words for the day and lines to turn those words into describing sentences. An alternative for the word boxes: draw a symbol to represent an activity appropriate for the weather (biking, walking, reading, an umbrella, mittens, a sled, etc.).

Weather Journal

Created by
Criselda Cardona
This weather journal is perfect for tracking weather for your students.Thank you so much for downloading this resource. I hope you enjoy! Please leave your feedback.

FREE The Weather Report - Weather Journal

Created by
Kinsey Straka
PreK, Kindergarten, 1st grade Weather JournalStudents can learn to track the weather with this daily weather worksheet. Describe the weather with icons, check the temperature and document together, learn to dress according to the weather, and more!

Weather Journal

Created by
Science 4Real
This weather journal helps students organize information on a daily basis. Barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and other weather observations. Use this to help link back to curriculum to connect how when each of these data points change, so do the others. Helps meet: Earth and Space Science Standards Weather and Climate Standards

Daily Weather Journal Freebie - 2nd Grade

This freebie is a daily weather journal where students can record the weather each day, including precipitation, temperature, and wind. This unit is a freebie from my weather unit. Feel free to check out my full weather unit if you enjoy this freebie!This freebie focuses on VA Science SOL 2.6 b: 2.6 The student will investigate and understand that there are different types of weather on Earth. Key concepts include:b) measuring, recording, and interpreting weather data allows for identification o

Printable PDF: Weather logbook 2022-2023 FRENCH | journal de bord de la météo

Created by
Lea Tralala
Gardez vos élèves de maternelle 4 ans (MS) et 5 ans (GS) en français langue étrangère (FLE) (FLS) actifs lors du rituel matinal avec cette feuille de travail à glisser dans leur journal de bord de la météo. Les élèves remplissent quotidiennement ce calendrier selon le temps qu’il fait. L’enseignant.e a la version numérique sur Google Slides via ce lien: your Kindergarten 4-year-o

EL Education Meaning-Based Module 2, Unit 2: Student Weather Journal

This is an updated version of the Weather Journal students will use to record weather observations.

Weather Journal

Created by
Kimberly Wilson
Students record the temperature, weather, and cloud types in the worksheet. They also draw what it looks like outside. Excellent for Weather unit!

Weather Journal Template Printable

Weather Journal Template for student Weather Journal recordings.

Weather Journal

Created by
Taylor Windham
Use this weather journal to help students keep track of the weather! Students can write or draw the weather for each day!

Weather Journal

Created by
Weather Journal so students could track weather!

MY WEATHER JOURNAL (cut and stick)

Created by
EmStone Teaching
The best way to learn about weather is to look out of the window everyday and mark it in your journal!This is the weather journal you can use with your ESL kindergarten students.How to use:First, print out the pages. You can print out the second page as many as you need.Glue the cover or use the double-sided tape.Check the weather with your students and ask them to cut out the right sticker from the third page.Let the student stick it in the right day of the week.B/W version includedIf you have
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