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These student science response booklets have been created to help students think critically about different science concepts taught in grades 4-5. A full year of science review is included for grade 4-5. You may use these in the classroom or to teach remotely with the enclosed digtial document. Yo
The concepts of weathering and erosion are important ones to teach for understanding the earth's changing surface. Your students will be able to complete a hands-on investigation with this tabbed booklet, in addition to practicing skills in other content areas, such as reading and writing. Help your
Supports the Virginia Science SOL on weathering and erosion. Cloze notes on each page highlight the major terms associated with weathering and erosion. This booklet is a great study tool for students to take home to review! Answer key provided. Check out my Weathering and Erosion Pack if you need m
2nd - 5th
Easily used as...Research activityPaired with a powerpoint presentationNotes from a textbookEngageIf you like this, check out my labs and other resources!Forces in Plants Research BrochureEcology Energy Transfer Research ActivityBody Systems Research BookletSTEM Density LabThank you and Happy Teachi
I love foldables, booklets and anything that my students can use to learn and fill their Interactive notebook. This one however I made in order to display their work up on our class bulletin board. Just print and go! Be sure to print half of the first page as it is doubled up and a class set of the
This packet contains many activities to spice up your unit on weathering and erosion! This packet was specifically created to meet the needs of SOL 2.7b, however it can be used for any unit on weathering and erosion. This packet includes: *Vocabulary posters on weathering and erosion *Experiments (
1st - 3rd
This bundle includes everything you need to scaffold your students through the constructive and destructive forces of weathering, erosion, and deposition! The activities and foldables take students beyond the basics and into critical thinking about Mother Nature. Materials are included for anchor
This 7th Grade Science Review Booklet bundle includes 4 Reporting Categories and covers all readiness and supporting TEKS. 2 versions of the booklet are included with purchase - completed and fill-in. The booklet also comes with 4 quick checkpoints with answer keys. Use this resource to help your
Weathering and Erosion Packet. Here is a useful activity packet that includes vocabulary posters, word wall, foldable activity, mini activity booklet, exit ticket, and word search to use when teaching weathering and erosion. This packet includes the following:* Vocabulary mini posters: weathering
4th - 6th
Help your students learn about weathering and erosion through this interactive flip book. Students are taken on an engaging and exciting journey to discover the weathering and erosion process along with the three main types of weathering. There are questions that follow students as they read and lea
This is an weathering, erosion, and deposition mini book. The book has weathering and erosion reading passages for the students. Pages cover: What is Weathering? with Questions Types of Weathering What is Erosion? with Questions What is Deposition? with Questions Landform Quick Match Weathering, E
*NOW INCLUDES A DIGITAL COPY!*The Skittles weathering and erosion lab is a great lab to let students visually see what weathering and erosion looks like. The student needs one Skittle. They drop water on it using a pipette. Students make observations in their booklet (they draw what they see and wri
My students enjoy using my Teensy Tab booklets in the classroom. Teensy Tab booklets can be used as a study tool and as a way to replace those boring multiple choice assessments! I often use them in the place of a quiz! Students can also glue their Teensy Tab booklet in their interactive journals s
FSSA - Science Assessment Prep - Pdf & Nearpod Lesson - Google Classroom ReadyBooklet #2 The pack includes the following lessons: Section 1 : Electricity Lesson Section 2 : Weathering and Erosion LessonSection 3 : Food Chain LessonSection 4 : Adaptation LessonSection 5 : Rock Cycle Lesson Each l
4th - 6th
FSSA Science Assessment Prep BookletBenchmarks: SC.8.E.5.5 Describe and classify specific physical properties of stars: apparent magnitude (brightness), temperature (color), size, and luminosity (absolute brightness). SC.7.P.10.1 Illustrate that the Sun’s energy arrives as radiation with a wide ra
6th - 8th
Are you looking for a fun and hands-on way to teach the different types of soils? Well, I've got a great booklet for you! This is a 10-slide PowerPoint that has some great experiments to use for students to explore the different types of soils. It covers the Georgia Performance Standard: S3E1. S
Weathering and Erosion Activity Kit is a fun, interactive way for students to learn, while integrating science and ELA! Make learning without a textbook motivating and exciting for students!Included in this kit you will find: -Weathering and Erosion Menu (keeps students’ independent learning focused
Weathering and Erosion made easy -- this is the full package! Includes lesson plan, station instructions, interactive booklet, and answer key!
Easily used as...Research activityPaired with a powerpoint presentationNotes from a textbookEngageIncludes:Vocabulary Activity FoldableResearch BookletFreyer model vocabulary sheetsHexagonal Vocabulary INB ActivityIf you like this, check out my labs and other resources!Forces in Plants Research Broc
Grade 4 Nelson Literacy Kit (Green Box): Rocks and Minerals: #34: Weathering and Erosion. Students’ reading comprehension and descriptive writing skills worksheets. You will need the Nelson Literacy Kit (Green Box)Rocks and Minerals: #34: Weathering and Erosion. This is a complete reading comprehen
In working to incorporate the new NGSS in my Kindergarten room, I've created this file that we've used to make daily weather observations and graph weather changes over the week. After learning and reviewing weather terms used in this file, students help make daily weather observations and graph e
Increase your students' vocabulary with these visual vocabulary cards! Great for English language learners.This high-quality pack contains 60 subject-specific, tiered vocabulary words with pictures and definitions designed to help ALL of your students acquire scientific and academic vocabulary. The
Slow Changes to Earth's Surface Observation Stations allow students to explore 6 different models of weathering, erosion, and deposition by wind, water, or ice.Observation StationsObservations Stations are activities that allow students hands-on experiences through 6 centers all focusing on a very s
This engaging Landforms Interactive Flip Book is an organized student resource that is load with critical thinking stems and questions which makes students really think. It can be used as a stand alone resource or for interactive notebooks. It can be used for so many things...note taking as a class,

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