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western asia

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Review the countries and capitals of Western Asia with this set of crossword puzzles. In this set you will find two crossword puzzles. One gives the countries of Western Asia as clues, and your students will need to provide the capitals as the answer. The second crossword puzzle is the inverse of th
Looking for worksheets to teach Western Asian geography? You’ve come to the right place! These geography worksheets are the perfect complement to any unit on Western Asia, whether it is geography or history. It includes a one-page profile for each country in Western Asia. Designed to be fun and ente
This no-prep geography word search activity features the countries and capitals of Western Asia and the Middle East: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen. Students must m
4th - 6th
**Geography Coloring Book Series**This blank political map is ready for students to color. Each independent country is labeled with a letter than corresponds to its name (which they can also color-code).These are particularly great for AP Human Geography, any geography course, or global studies cour
**MAP QUIZ SERIES**This blank political quiz is ready for students to label. Each independent country is labeled with a letter than corresponds to a blank space to write the correct name.Print it large or print it small. Format is .PNG to allow for you to paste and stretch in Word. I've found that .
This PPT provides a comprehensive presentation for Non-Western Art of Asia & Oceania Art and supports the teacher, in preparing students for the AP Art History Exam. The course is a finishing course for many high school students, bringing together math, science, social studies, English and forei
This test includes 50 multiple-choice questions, which cover the time frame of Unit I (Mesopotamia - Egypt) in the World History curriculum. This 50 question test uses a variety of questions from basic knowledge to stimulus based questions. The various stimulus that is used are readings, graphs, m
9th - 11th
Geography Worksheet: Flags, countries and capital cities of Western AsiaStudents have to identify several Western Asian countries from looking at their associated flag (Turkey Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan)They also then have to fill in each country's capital city (Istanbul, Yerevan , Tbi
These are really good as Essential Questions, Warm-ups, Test Questions, Homework or Great Lead-Ins for Class Discussions.These 11 questions cover these topics-Mesopotamia Geography-Sumerian Buildings-Major Social Groups-Code of Hammerabi-Women in Egypt-Hatshepsut-Judaism-Importance of Writing-Import
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Review the countries and capitals of Western Asia with this word search. Perfect for introducing your students to the countries and capitals of Western Asia or just for fun! Looking for the coordinating crossword puzzles? Click HERE . Both the crossword puzzles and the word search activities are
**Geography Coloring Book Series****History Coloring Book Series**This political map is ready for students to color or use for reference. Each independent state is left blank for students to label with the help of a word bank.These are particularly great for AP US History, AP Human Geography, or any
**Geography Coloring Book Series****History Coloring Book Series**This political map is ready for students to color or use for reference. Each independent state comes pre-labeled.These are particularly great for AP US History, AP Human Geography, or any other geography, Spanish, history course, or
This Covers-Mesopotamia-Tigris River-Euphrates River-Fertile Crescent-City-States-Ziggurat-Empire-Babylon-Code of Hammurabi-Patriarchal-Polytheistic-Sumerians-Cuneiform-Egypt-Lower Egypt-Upper Egypt-Dynasty-Bureaucracy-Vizier-Mummification-Hyksos-Hatshepsut-Akhenaton-Tutankhamen-Ramses II-Cleopatra
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This copyright-free map of the North Africa and Western Asia is from the BYU Geography Department. It is a blank outline map, useful for teaching names and locations of countries and bodies of water.
9th - 12th
End the cycle of bored students copying from a book to label maps! Challenge your class to think critically and create a map using only absolute & relative location clues. This Create a Map Worksheet takes labeling maps to the next level! Easy-to-follow directions make these a fun way to integra
End the cycle of bored students copying from books to label maps! Your classes will think critically with these digital, interactive activities for Google. They answer questions about South Asia by analyzing maps featuring countries, bodies of water & landforms. Then, a drag & drop challenge
Continents BUNDLE - World Geography - North America - South America- Europe - Asia - Africa - Australia - World Maps - 600 pages 11 products The zip file contains: 9 products PDF + 2 PowerPoint presentation1.North America- Central America 51 slide PowerPoint presentation ** North America- United
The zip file contains: 18 products (6 PPT and 12 PDF)Continents and Oceans - Landforms - Great Explorers - Cold deserts - World Geography - MEGA BUNDLE PowerPoint presentation - 18 products - 770 pages1. North America- Central America (PDF- 51 pages)- North America: United States, Canada, Greenland
This set includes line art and colored graphics for:EUROPE:• Charlemagne’s Empire• Germany 10th-11th centuries• Europe Around 1000• Migrations and kingdoms of the Goths in the 5th and 6th centuries AD• Norman Conquest• Anglo Saxons 8th CenturyMEDITERRANEAN SEA• First and Third Cr
This resource is a Google Form and Doc linked to an interactive map on the imperialism in southeast Asia in 1900.Spices first attracted Europeans to Southeast Asia. Later, the Industrial Revolution encouraged the development of colonies that could provide raw materials for manufacturing and new mark
This is a bundle of 2, highly animated, power point presentations on Civilizations of East Asia - The Shoguns & The Samurai. Both presentations together number 40 slides. Each of the presentation slides are editable so you can change it to fit your individual needs.For more than 100 years before
7th - 12th, Adult Education, Staff
This is an assignment for students to label and color a political and physical map of Asia. Political Map Includes: China Japan North Korea South Korea Mongolia Taiwan Cambodia Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Thailand Bangladesh India Pakistan Nepal Physical Features Include: Indus River Ganges Riv
6th - 12th
THIS DOWNLOAD INCLUDES PART 4 OF THE UNIT LISTED BELOW and a graphic organizer (formatted perfectly to fit one paper for easy printing) in both PDF and MS WORD formatThis World War I unit (215 PowerPoint slides and 6 pages of structured notes and graphic organizers in all) is broken down into 6 sepa
This google slides virtual music history activity and listening center introduces 10 folk music instruments from nations of Western Europe, performance videos, instruments, and general information about each instrument. This music resource is good for print or to share with your students virtually.
K - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education

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