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westward migration

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westward migration

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In this 48 page unit you will find many resources to help you in teaching Westward Migration to your students. Included is: A 24 page student booklet Lewis and Clark Biography Research Activity Pack Your Wagons Activity Pony Express Postage Stamp Activity Westward Migration Study Guide with answ
The 5th Grade Social Studies TEKS Unit 7 Migration Westward: Expanding the U.S. COMPLETE Lesson Plan Unit is perfect for those teaching 5th grade social studies. The resources included follow the TEKS standards and come ready to use for BOTH online DISTANCE LEARNING via Google Apps and for in-classr
A 9 slide Powerpoint complete with questions, pictures, and information that correlates with the SOL standards for VS.6c.This covers everything that the VDOE has listed in the Curriculum Framework. You can use this to introduce the topic or you can use it for review.You can print out the question sl
This 15 slide power point gives an overview of early migration west when settlers used the trails blazed by longhunters to cross the Appalachian Mountains. Students will learn about the influence of the terrain and climate, and why people were willing to risk everything to go west. This lesson begin
Included in this unit are the Powerpoint slides. These slides are similar to the student booklet that is in my Westward Migration unit.. but if you are looking to reduce paper.. these slides are perfect for your classroom. These slides DO NOT have the questions found in the student booklet nor the
In the late 1800's and early 1900's, were Americans pushed west due to poor conditions back east, or pulled west by hopes of land and opportunities? Students analyze primary source documents before being guided through thesis writing for different perspectives/arguments. Could be used as an essay wr
This is a great handout for two reasons: students will review many of their important standards from Colonization, Westward Migration, and Reconstruction Era, as well as learning the differences between "Push" and "Pull" Factors in U.S. History. This is a MUST DO activity at the end of the year in p
If you've never done a Blow the Roof Off, you're in for a treat! Print this off, assign your students a number (or 2) and then have them practice their part. Then set the timer and have the kids run through the script. Each time they run through it, they try to beat their previous time. This is a gr
Students will explain how the events listed (including the Louisiana Purchase, The American System, Manifest Destiny, and the Dust Bowl) led to westward expansion and migration. Good for review of the Milestone/EOCT.
This is a combination of projects and activities and warmups for the time period from 1789-1860. This is what is included. All of these can be found individually on my TPT store. 1. 51 discussion orientated and visual warmups. 2. 1789 Election Analysis handout and George Washington on slavery p
NEW IN 2020: Rigorous! Thought-provoking! Discussion-based! This 12-page EDITABLE document features pre-reading activities for Willa Cather's My Ántonia. The handouts and activities promise to elicit dynamic engagement from all students without compromising on intellectual rigor. They will set up y
VS.6c Westward Migration Passage/Questions
Get your students on the edge of the wagon train in this fun and engaging lesson on western migration during the period of Manifest Destiny in the United States. The lesson is packed with opportunities for the student to exercise their reading comprehension skills, collaborative skills and writing s
This activity requires students to think critically and assess the benefits and drawbacks of leaving a rural or urban setting to travel to the other. What are the push and pull factors with the Industrial Revolution and Manifest Destiny? 1 page.
9th - 12th
Totally revised! Great for review, test prep, and assessment during your study of United States Westward Expansion.This product includes one multiple-choice test with twenty questions and one crossword puzzle.As always, answer keys are included for your convenience.Enjoy!Need more on Westward Expan
4th - 5th
Forty-two short-answer questions, worth 55 total points and spanning 33 pages, based on primary and secondary sources about the early 1800s (Railroads, expansion of slavery, Mexican-American War, Native American removal). These 33 pages of questions can be useful to any US History social studies cur
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This product is a short reading on Westward Migration.The reading covers the Homestead Act, Morrill Act, Mormons, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, the Battle of Little Bighorn, Helen Hunt Jackson, and the Dawes Act.How do you use this product? I use this reading as a starter activity. As the kids read a

Also included in: The West Bundle

This 30 slide presentation contains primary source pictures, maps, web activities,class discussion question, and aligns to the Massachusetts U.S. History II Curriculum Frameworks. There are links to PBS and NPR web activities that provide supplemental reading, video clips, maps, diary entries, and
The California Gold Rush Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom! This escape room has students decode interesting facts about the California Gold Rush, boomtowns, ghost towns and mass migration. This Escape Room has students walking around the classroom breaking code
The Westward Expansion Lesson Plan Unit comes with EVERYTHING you need and is COMPLETELY READY for -BOTH- online distance learning (via Google Apps) and for face-to-face classroom instruction!! This Westward Expansion Lesson Plan Unit features 20 lesson plans on topics like the Indian Removal Act, C
Westward Expansion : BINGO Game Is it time to review some important vocabulary/terms about Westward Expansion with your class? If so, then this BINGO game on important terms and facts may fit perfectly into your class lesson plans. This game is actually called "WEST-O" instead of BINGO to make it
3 Item Sets with 16 question and 1 constructed response question. It also includes 9 Standalone Items.Follows the GLE’s and topics that are covered in Unit Explain how early explorations affected the expansion of boundaries and development in the United States.4.2.3 Explain the voluntary mig
66 Multiple Choice Questions for Episode 3 of America: The Story of US! Includes a detailed viewing worksheet with 56 questions in video order and a "seeing the big picture" quiz with 10 more questions designed to test for overall mastery of the material. With a worksheet and a quiz to choose from,
Reader’s Theater Pack: Factors Influencing Westward Movement This Reader’s Theater Pack features 6 scripts that focus on the factors that influenced western migration during this period of US expansion. Factors focused on include: Population growth in eastern states Availability of cheap, ferti

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