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WH Questions for Speech Therapy! Are you looking for engaging, real-life everyday scenarios for teaching and reviewing WH questions - who, what, when, where. 52 task cards in a printable or digital (Boom Cards) format. WH Questions Task Cards are ideal for speech therapy, small group centers, or home review.What's included in WH Questions Task Cards:WHO QUESTIONS - 12 cardsWHAT QUESTIONS - 12 cardsWHEN QUESTIONS - 12 cardsWHERE QUESTIONS - 12 cards+ 4 teaching review cards: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHER
PreK - 2nd
Target answering WH questions from short narrative and non-fiction texts. This resource perfect for your students who need help with reading comprehension and understanding that "who" means a person, "what" means a thing, and so on. There are two levels of each text included. This resource contains:•WH question visuals (pages 5-6)•30 narrative texts, each with 2 different versions (pages 8-67)•30 non-fiction texts, each with 2 different versions (pages 69-128)Each worksheet has a short text on a
WH Questions Mega Bundle. Materials for explicit instruction, practice, and carryover all in one packet! A massive bundle (68 pages) which is perfect for intervention and will support a variety of teaching and practice opportunities for speech and language therapy targeting WH questions goals. DOWNLOAD this bundle if you want to:Teach the skills, not just practice itHave ready made resources for differentiated skill levelsHave all the WH resources you need to support your studentsProvide packets
This Ultimate Bundle contains EVERYTHING you need to teach your itty bitties about WH questions in an interactive and engaging format at a HUGE Savings! This BUNDLE Includes:WH Questions Interactive Teaching Books | ntroduce and reinforce the four basic types of WH questions with your students. This set includes five interactive books that introduce the concepts of Who, What, When, Where, and Why as well as provide 10 practice opportunities per question type with consistent visuals and a fun int
Do your students benefit from the use of visuals? These bestselling WH Questions speech therapy cards include who, what, when, where, and why questions with visuals. There are 10 cards for each type of question, for a total of 50 WH questions with visuals. Cards include visuals to support comprehension of the question as well as to provide visual answer choices, making this activity accessible for both verbal and non-verbal students. **Note: This resource is included in my best-selling Speech Th
Digital and Printable - This daily activity-themed speech therapy language activity for expanding sentences includes 16 real photo scenes with visuals for eliciting "who" "what" and "where". It is great for teaching pronouns, verbs, WH questions, simple sentences, basic concepts, prepositions, and writing. Relatable images with visuals are an important way to help kids expand their sentences! Some classroom teachers find this activity helpful to use as story starters and writing prompts. The pho
This resource targets important early language skills including answering WH questions, pronouns, verbs/action words, sentence formulation, and more!It includes 20 cards in total. There are 10 cards where your student can drag a person doing an action into the picture scene and 10 cards where your student formulates a sentence using the "who + doing what + where" format. The cards cycle through these two formats: first there is a drag and drop action card in a specific location and then the next
Are you looking for a fun way to work on WH questions in speech therapy? If so, then this product is for you! This product includes 2 worksheets for each of the following WH questions: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY. Your students will love working on WH questions while using dot markers or colored pencils to color their answers. Each print and go worksheet includes 3 foils (picture and wording) to use with those students who need cues. If you like this product, you can check out the FRE
This Real Photo Description activity is just what you need to target many language goals; Wh-questions, Vocabulary, Pronouns, Verbs, Sentence formation and expansion, Inferences & Prediction, Feelings, & Making a story. It includes both a No-Print and a Printable version. It is Time saving, and Easy to use making it perfect for Teletherapy & Distance Learning.The photos can be used to direct many language goals: 1. Wh-questions2. Vocabulary3. Pronouns4. Verbs5. Expanding Sentences.6.
This Speech Therapy Questions Bundle includes WH questions, identifying attributes cards, simple inferences, and object function questions. When you buy these resources as a bundle, you save 20%!**Note: This resource is included in my Early Language MEGA Bundle at an even bigger discount!**Each task card set incorporates lots of visuals, so they are ideal for both verbal and non-verbal students. I have used these products with pre-k/k students as well as special education students, including stu
This Boom cards™️ resource is an interactive resource to target answering WH questions from short narrative and non-fiction texts. It's perfect for your students who need help with reading comprehension and understanding that "who" means a person, "what" means a thing, and so on. There are 60 texts included in this resource: 30 narrative texts and 30 non-fiction texts. Each card has a short text on a topic and 6 questions (1 for each WH question type) on the bottom. There is a who, what, when, w
2nd - 6th
Teach how to formulate questions! 260 questions included. This is a leveled resource with generalization activities, visuals, and a development chart.A resource for…➜ teaching how to ASK questions.➜ introducing and generalizing nine different types of questions.➜ reviewing the development of asking questions. ➜ using visuals to teach abstract concepts more concretely.➜ printing or opening on your device.Includes (color and black & white):Asking Questions Development ChartAsking Questions Vis
Introducing your go-to resource for basic “wh” questions! This set includes five interactive books reinforce the concepts of Who, What, When, Where, and Why questions/answers. It provides 10 practice opportunities per question type with consistent visuals and a fun interactive component.What does it target?This interactive book reinforces the various “wh” questions (who, what, when, where and why) in print format, accessed via Boom Cards (great for teletherapy and distance learning) and a new no
Looking for a fun Christmas reindeer speech therapy activity to use in your therapy room? This engaging and interactive Christmas activity is just what you need to motivate your students to work on their speech goals. This fun Christmas activity will target articulation and language goals for all of your speech groups from kindergarten through fourth grade. articulation targets language targets 4 words for every sound in the initial, medial and final position of words images and words in print
Where are the apples? Fun fall speech therapy activities for where questions, size and quantity concepts, following directions, and reading practice. Simple repetitive text assists young readers as they guess where the apple is next. Great for fall literacy centers, small groups, or whole class practice. Be sure to view the preview to see more of this product!➤CONTENTS: 63 useable pages plus a digital interactive PDF story For Shared reading.12 Apple-themed language activities!Full-page Classro
Teach how to formulate and ask questions in a repetitive, consistent way! 140 questions included. Great for speech teletherapy and distance learning!This is a NO PRINT, interactive PDF. No printing, cutting, or laminating! Just download, save, and open on your computer or tablet. If using an iPad, I recommend opening in Apple Books or Adobe Reader.This resource targets:► Who► What► When► Where► Why► How► WhichThere are 2 levels:Level 1 - Selecting the correct WH word (e.g. who, why, etc.) Level
Support your speech therapy students with their goal of answering wh-questions! This visual provides simple written descriptions and clear pictures and icons for responding to who, what, when, where, why, and how questions. This tool will help you...Teach students how to answer each type of wh- question.Incorporate the language goal of answering wh- questions into any therapy activity that you're doing with your students.Promote home carryover of language goals by providing parents with a clear
This resource is great for teaching simple who, where, and what questions from picture scenes. It's a Boom cards™️ version of one of my best sellers, my WH Questions Interactive Book. The first cards contain simple sorts for your students to sort people from places from things. Then, your students can drag and drop picture icons onto a sentence strip to describe the scene. To drag and drop the icons in the correct places, they will be answering a who, what, and where question for each scene!Ther
PreK - 1st
These WH Questions with visual choices include who, what, when, where, and why questions. There are 20 of each type of question, for a total of 100 question cards. Additionally, a WH- Question Visual Aid Chart is included (great for students on the autism spectrum)!You save 20% when you bundle set #1 and set #2 - and get a total of 100 WH Questions with visuals!**Note: These resources are also included in my Speech Therapy Questions Bundle and in my WH- Questions Mega Bundle at a big discount!*
Not Grade Specific
I have a large number of Speech students who are working on answering WH-questions. However, many of them struggle with answering the generic question cards that I have. Especially my ASD and SDC kids are just beginning to develop this skill, so they need more concrete questions with visuals. This is why I created this activity!This product consists of 25 picture scenes and 18 corresponding WH-questions for each. The question types included are Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How. Each time a s
Special Education and Autism Worksheets Packet includes What, Who, Where, When, Which, Yes No Questions, ( who, what, where, when questions with visuals ). These are fabulous activities for non-verbal students with autism. These printables focus on functional vocabulary words for special education.❤️ Bonus File Washing Hands Visual Posters and Activity.⭐ Click here for Wh Questions Boom Cards. ⭐ "This is exactly what I was looking for. Your products are great. I love that you use photographs
This product is great for teletherapy and telehealth! Looking for very basic levels of WH Questions to target with students needing low level drill practice? This large, repetitive, consistent activity will keep kids engaged. Multiple options: No prep print and go, OR simply open your device and go! Includes over 60 WH questions PER question set in this download, all of which each contain 3 differentiated levels. WHATS INCLUDED:Who Question SetWhere Question SetWhat Question SetWhen Question Set
This activity enables student to practice answering Who, What, Where, Why, and When questions with eight answer choices presented with pictures. This is helpful to students with autism, auditory processing concerns, attention deficits or language delays. This packet contains 10 pages of activities on full pages: Who (2 pages) What (2 pages) Where (2 pages) Why (2 pages) When (2 pages)
Get 420 articulation cards that correspond to 420 WH-questions, and they all fit perfectly in your Cariboo game! Cariboo motivates my PreK through 5th grade students, and now you can use it for mixed speech and language groups! Get tons of practice in while engaging your students; they'll truly beg for more! Don't fret if you don't have a Cariboo - you can use this with OR WITHOUT a Cariboo game (view the preview to find out how!) They're also the perfect size to put in sensory bins!What's in th
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