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what is a law

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what is a law

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This 1st Grade - Social Studies resource includes worksheets that cover rules, laws, community, and government. It also includes community helpers, and a mock election. Each state's anthems, motto, and pledge are included for all 50 States. Historical figures included are: Benjamin Franklin, Francis
Graph-a-Week – Bar Graphs for the Entire School Year: A complete unit for practicing bar graphs throughout the entire school year. This unit includes 5 bar graphs for each month of the year, each in the following 4 formats to meet the needs of various classroom settings and/or data collection -
K - 4th
Exponent Rules - Laws of Exponents - Math Lib - DISTANCE LEARNINGUPDATE: This activity now includes a link to a Google Forms version of the activity. If you have already purchased this resource, please redownload for the update.------------------------------------------------------------------------
It’s time for a STEM Challenge with Newton’s Laws of Motion! Students will love this car “racing” challenge and the learning will amaze you! Your students will love seeing the balloon cars race each other or simply spin in circles!This challenge is available in money-saving bundles!STEM Challenge Bu
My STEM students cheered when they found out we were building a Newton's Cradle! They loved learning about this Law of Motion and creating their own model to demonstrate it! Your students will love this STEM Challenge, too!!Note: This challenge is available as part of money-saving bundles!STEM Newto
In this Jim Crow student reading and primary source activity, students learn the origins and history of Jim Crow laws throughout the United States before engaging with primary text from the Jim Crow era. Students will complete three activities to learn the history of Jim Crow laws in the United Sta
In this comprehensive digital for Google Slides™, PowerPoint, and printable Child Abuse Prevention bundle, K - 5th grade students learn:✅ What are the 3 types of touch?✅ How does each type of touch make me feel?✅ What are examples of each type of touch?✅ What do I do and say if someone tries to give
Students will color and doodle as they take notes to learn about how a bill becomes a law. These graphic doodles notes summarize the process that a bill starting in the House of Representatives takes to become a law. What's included with the printed Doodle Notes:*Teacher directions and a list of the
Make civics practical and exciting for students using this Social Studies simulation that allows students to experience the Legislative Branch! Students will participate in writing bills for their school, community, or state while learning the various stages within the lawmaking process. All voice
Newton's Laws of Motion Reading Comprehension Interactive Notebook reading passage, application activity, and writing prompt. Many students these days have a terribly difficult time comprehending nonfiction & informational text - textbooks, websites, articles etc. This product offers a more sim
This fully digital Google Slides™ resource helps students to determine the emotions and feelings of others by interpreting body language and reading the expressions in their eyes. Kids need facial feedback from grown-ups to know that they are on the right track. Often students look to educators and

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Explore extreme world poverty using a variety of sources with this eye-opening 2-3 week PBL unit that will leave your students feeling thankful, aware, and empowered to create change.All student resources come in both printable PDF and editable, digital Google Slides.Almost half of the world lives o
Graph-a-Week – Pictographs for the Entire School Year: A complete unit for practicing pictographs throughout the entire school year. This unit includes 5 pictographs for each month of the year for a total of 60 graphs - that's plenty to choose one per week for the entire school year! Each graph
1st - 4th
Students will demonstrate their knowledge of Newton's Three Laws of Motion by creating a comic strip story that exemplifies one of the laws. This Newton's Law's project blends art and science to help students gain a deeper understanding. What is included?★ Student direction page (PDF + Editable Powe
Are you about to start the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird? Would you like to try an engaging, introduction/pre-reading activity with your students for the novel? In this EDUcational Escape, your students will learn about:* Harper Lee and the history of the novel (5 multiple choice questions)*Will exp
This digital escape room will reinforce students’ understanding of Newton’s laws of motion, as well as require the students to apply their knowledge of the laws of motion to new and unique situations. While working their way through this digital breakout students will encounter clues covering each o
This is a bundle of 45 homework assignments for the Street Law course. I have them listed individually at an average of $1.50 an item. This is a great value to get them all together. Most assignments average 2 pages depending on the length of the chapter.Chapter 1: What is Law?Chapter 2: Lawmakin
If you need to catch the attention of your elementary students this project will do it! This GREAT package contains a complete lesson plan for a STEM lab experience. The topic is Newton's Second Law of Motion---but it is presented in a very kid friendly way! What is the challenge?Students will be bl
This was created to teach students to avoid the very predictable mistakes they often make when trying to place a period. The goal of this unit for for all students to have a firm grasp on where to put a period in simple declarative sentences. They do this by identifying the naming part and te
Can be used to support the NGSS standard MS-ESS1-4. A no-prep science and reading resource!!! GREAT to leave for a substitute!!! Earth History (Law of Superposition) reading passage, interactive activity, and writing prompt. This activity includes information about the theories that have been develo
This is a set of 27 cards covering Newton's Three Laws of Motion. Included is 7 scenario cards for each of the 3 Laws that students will sort and record on the included answer sheet.How do I use card sorts?• Test prep• Science stations• Warm ups or bell work• Collaborative learning• Use the cards as
In this lesson, students will learn about the significance of the Code of Hammurabi for World History. Students will also learn about the specific laws of the Code of Hammurabi and write about what those laws teach them about what society in Ancient Mesopotamia was like.This lesson includes a power
Accompany the eye-opening documentary, Living on One Dollar A Day, with this print-and-go 4-activity kit that explores extreme world poverty around the world and specifically in the mountains of Guatemala. End with an empowering real-life project that allows your students to make real positive chang
Your students will learn about rules and laws for kids in this hands-on social studies activities, aligned with 2nd grade and 3rd grade Virginia standards.This product includes:What are rules? What are laws? What is the purpose of rules and laws? flipbookExamples of rules circle foldoverExamples of

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