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A comprehensive 54-slide PowerPoint presentation that introduces the anatomy, structure, function, pathways, and disorders of the endocrine system.Originally designed to cover all topics for the Science Olympiad Anatomy event at the (B) level and most of (C) level.Perfectly suitable for high school
This interactive notebook file is designed to be used as a reinforcement when teaching molecules for life and interactions of human body systems. The goal here is to help students understand how the body is a working system that maintains homeostasis. Human body systems like respiratory, digestive
Use this brochure project as a creative way for your students to learn about, practice, or show what they know about homeostasis. This resource includes thorough directions for the teacher, lists of project requirements, student checklists, grading sheets, detailed rubrics, blank brochure templates,
If you're looking for a fun way to help your middle school students master life science vocabulary, this is the crossword puzzle bundle for you! I give these to my students before each unit test, and each puzzle helps them review without just mindlessly copying definitions. This bundle consists of f
Coloring pages have recently become a huge hit all over the world. In my new series of word wall coloring pages, you can bring the excitement of coloring into your middle school and high school science classrooms.This set includes the words: Homeostasis, control center, effector, receptor, positive
Middle School Lesson Includes PowerPoint Presentation and Fill-In-The-Blank style outline to assist in note taking. Topics include: What do systems do? How are structure and function linked? How do body systems work together? What is homeostasis?
This is a manipulative activity designed to help students understand the role of internal negative feedback mechanisms in the maintenance of homeostasis. Almost all homeostatic control mechanisms are negative feedback mechanisms. These mechanisms change the variable back to its original state or “i
This is a 400 slide PowerPoint roadmap of the excretory system and Integumentary system. This product includes critical class notes (red slides), built-in activities with instructions, video links, built-in quiz at the end, step by step drawings, 2 page homework, answer key, lesson notes with visua
Muscular and Skeletal System - A 5E Lesson Bundle for middle and high school students. Everything you need in one tidy package. This fully-editable, no prep bundle follows the 5E model and provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement it in your classroom. Each included resource is either c
Need an engaging way to review the cardiovascular system? This human body resource is a three-page doodle note graphic organizer activity that will review important concepts about the circulatory system such as blood, blood vessels, and the heart. Students will review the sketches to be reminded of
This activity will get your students out of their seats, moving around, and discussing the material. It is fully editable and requires very little preparation. Simply print, cut out the flash cards, and pass them out to students.Note. This resource can also be used as an excellent question bank as i
REVIEW QUBES are adorable little paper cubes that provide your Life Science students up to 72 ways to show what they know about Respiration and Excretion! Students use the provided templates to construct paper dice and then use them to play an entertaining, and slightly competitive, review game. S
Teach students how to analyze and interpret line graphs, describe trends, and discuss data using a proven 5-step process. This is 2-3 periods of work suitable for distance learning and meant to move gradually from teacher led to independent work. All materials are found within this 15 page editabl
This download contains thirteen Biology orientated bundles covering biomolecules, cells, cellular hierarchy, cellular reproduction, mitosis & meiosis, photosynthesis & cellular respiration, homeostasis, biomes, genetics, evolution, population genetics, taxonomy, kingdoms, DNA replication, DN
For Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, or AP Biology: NO PREP NEEDED!This bundle was created with High School students in mind. It could also be used for advanced Middle School students. This bundle includes: (Everything is fully editable!)Vivid PowerPoint Presentation Interactive Notes (Word and Pdf
Bundle DescriptionThis HUGE bundle covers an entire year of Biology plus more. The PowerPoints are accompanied by differentiated guided notes covering CHNOPS, biochemistry, cells, cell processes, DNA replication, transcription, translation, genetics, homeostasis, symbiosis, evolution, population gen
Human Body Excretory System: NO PREP Biology or Life Science Warm-Ups, Bell-Ringers, Exit Slips, or Additions to Interactive Notebooks for your units on human anatomy and physiology. Covers the organs of the excretory system, detailed drawings of the kidney and nephron, filtration, homeostasis, wa
This unit on Levels of Organization of living things contains 146 pages of material specifically designed for students with special learning needs, especially autism. This unit introduces the main levels of organization: cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems. It also addresses the concept of h
These notes include a PPT presentation as well as a student fill in the blank copy and teacher master copy. These notes will cover the basics in homeostasis including; what is homeostasis, how is homeostasis maintained, effectors, receptors and control center, as well as positive and negative feedb
REVIEW QUBES are adorable little paper cubes that provide your Life Science students up to 72 ways to review Bones, Muscles and Skin! Students use the provided templates to construct paper dice and then use them to play an entertaining, and slightly competitive, review game. So, throw away your ol
A comprehensive 67-slide PowerPoint presentation that introduces the structure and function of the urinary system, including the main functions of the urinary system, organs of the urinary system, anatomy of the kidney, the nephron, steps to urine formation (filtration, reabsorption, secretion, excr
This project was designed for classrooms with students with vastly different learning abilities. I have used a version of it in my own seventh grade Title I classroom and the kids loved it! Not only did we solidify our understanding of the circulatory system, but they got to learn how to problem sol
Looking for an engaging, hands-on manipulative to teach types of cell membrane transport such as simple diffusion, facilitated diffusion, and osmosis? This interactive model activity helps student conceptually understand how concentration gradients are involved in the movement of molecules across a
Teaching your unit covering the circulatory and skeletal systems doesn’t have to be overwhelming or boring. My students love this “slap game” hands on activity and I bet yours will too! Your students will be having fun and learning as they play this fun and challenging card game. The accompanying wo

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