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Student sorts 27 real life pictures of simple machines into categories of Screws, Wheel/Axels and Inclined Planes. This is a science based activity for Life Skills and Functional Academics students in late elementary through high school. Print out onto white cardstock, laminate and cut out.
Students will read about Wheel and Axel then list examples, explore through hands on activity, and explore simple machines around their house.
4th - 6th
Reading comprehension with questions on simple machines and exploring simple machines around them.
4th - 6th
Students will learn about wheels and axles using a variety of question formats and hands-on opportunities to test students' knowledge of the topic and help them integrate what they have learned.These information and activity pages integrate with corresponding fact sheets and fast fact mini poster.Th
Icludes worksheer (shown) and lesson plan for activty (not shown) This activity sheet and lesson is about the invention of busses and cars. We read the book Don't Let the Piegon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems and then used various supplies (teacher supplied) to build cars or busses within small group
This simple machines powerpoint provides pictures, definitions, and explanations of:LeverWedgeWheel and AxelPulleyInclined PlaneScrew
A fun, printable leveled reading book where students can develop reading comprehension and vocabulary building. Students will focus on: 1. left to right progression 2. one on one correspondence 3. predictive text. 4. fine motor skills (coloring within the lines)Find 1000s of more resour
K - 1st
Students will learn how the inclined plan and the wedge, the pulley, the wheel and the axel and the screw and the lever are used to make tasks easier.
This powerpoint trivia covers topics focused on:- The six simple machines (pulley, lever, wheel and axel, screw, incline plane)- Forces and movement (muscular, magnetic, electrostatic, friction, - Forces of nature (erosion, landslides, lightning, tidal waves)- Potential and Kinetic Energy- Newton's
This is a short eight page coloring booklet about simple machines that use a wheel and axel. It can be used as a color and take home activity for students learning about machines. Instructions for printing and use Print pages 1 - 4, fold each page in half (hamburger fold) and staple together to f
PreK - 1st
This exit ticket is over simple machines (lever, screw, inclined plane, wedge, pulley, and wheel and axel) matching terms with definitions. The other question deals with determining which simple machines are in the following complex machines: car, crane, and door. (Note: a pulley is a questionable f
This lapbook covers the unit content from the Alberta curriculum for grade 4Including foldables are:-Wheels-Axels-Linkages-The Design Process, planning book-Comparing devices-Forces for movement-Energy usage and storage-Mechanisms for steering, speed and stoppingThis lapbook comes in the following f
This is a very simple game that will help kids learn and review the six simple machines: wedge, wheel & axel, screws, inclined planes, levers, and pulleys. A wide range of ages will enjoy this science game from Kindergarten – 5th grade students. Included in the game are the following 4 cards
This Word Wall Coloring set includes the Simple Machine vocabulary: simple machine, inclined plane, lever, pulley, screw, wedge, wheel & axel.Coloring pages have recently become a huge hit all over the world. In my new series of word wall coloring pages you can bring the excitement of coloring i
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This Word Wall Coloring set includes the Machine vocabulary: Compound Machine, Complex Machine, Gears, Inclined Plane, Pulley, Wedge, Wheel & Axel, Simple Machine, Load, Fulcrum, Lever, Screw.Coloring pages have recently become a huge hit all over the world. In my new series of word wall colorin
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Have fun with your students exploring how to create a pulley, inclined plane, and how friction can affect wheels and axels! Can use as stations in your classroom: Station 1: Create a Pulley Station 2: Create an Inclined Plane Station 3: Creating Friction Station 4: BrainPOP video & game (AWES
3rd - 5th
Help introduce and teach the 6 simple machines with this FREEBIE! Include color and B&W options for: -Lever-Wheel and Axel -Pulley-Inclined Plane-Wedge-Screw All fonts are from AG Fonts, all clipart is from Creative Clips. Feedback is appreciated :) Thank you!
2nd - 8th
The language in this lapbook is editable to adjust to whatever language in which you are teaching. If you teach in English and don't need the editable version, please check my store for the English only version.This lapbook covers the unit content from the Alberta curriculum for grade 4Including fol
In this activity, students reinforce their understanding of compound machines by building a catapult. This compound machine consists of a lever and a wheel-and-axel. Catapults have been designed by engineers for a variety of purposes — from lifting boulders into the air for warfare to human beings f
Have the students complete the notes as you go through the powerpoint.This simple machines powerpoint provides pictures, definitions, and explanations of:LeverWedgeWheel and AxelPulleyInclined PlaneScrewOnce the notes are completed, the students can do the sort it activity to match the pictures to t
This packet of clipart are pictures related to science. It includes 98 .png file clipart. (Color, Black and white, and transparent images) Including: 2 magnets, simple machines (screw, wedge, inclined plane, pulley, wheel and axel) science tools (tweezers, eye dropper, water bottle, magnifying gl
Not Grade Specific
These half page force, motion, and simple machine vocabulary posters are perfect for a word wall! Included Vocabulary: force, friction, resistance, magnetism, gravity, acceleration, velocity, speed, inertia, mass, motion, weight, Isaac Newton, pulley, simple machine, lever, wedge, wheel & axel
This product contains Mechanical System Notes (PowerPoint and guided notes). It was originally made for a Science 8 curriculum in Alberta Canada but is completely editable. Topics below are included in the product:Topic 1: Levers and Inclined Planes Topic 2: Wheels and Axels, Wedges, Gears, Pulleys
If you are looking for some fun simple machines / STEM activities for kids of early years you are going to love these hands on Simple Machine Projects for Kids! Kids will learn about the simple machines: Popsicle Stick catapult: leversBig Wheels: wheel & axel, pulleyDIY Marble Run: inclined plan

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