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Keeping students engaged in social studies and history lessons and helping them remember the huge amount of content in a year can be tough. This product can help by providing a structure for students (and teachers) to dig deeper into the historical content you are teaching which will allow them to
This is a document I created for students to research who should be given credit for discovering the Americas. I have provided it in color and black/white. This is the order I do this activity: 1- Students give their initial thoughts 2- Students read the three different points of view (inclu
This is a simple and easy to use lesson plan. Have your students watch the History Channel DVD or the YouTube video and answer the questions. The video is called Who Really Discovered America. Just type in "Who Really Discovered America" into YouTube or Vimeo and the video should come up.Click her
Appropriate for U.S. History, AP U.S. History (APUSH) This activity is fantastic for introducing students to historical argumentation! The lesson provides students with a series of accounts as to the founding of America. Their challenge is to determine who should receive credit for founding Ameri
This worksheet follows the History Channel: Who Really Discovered America? Video can be found on YouTube. It asks the students to complete a chart as they watch the video and summarize the strengths, weaknesses, and ship details of each voyage. It also asks students to rank the theory on a scale
I created a short acitivity bundle to support the Flocabulary Rap, "Who Discovered America?" The bundle includes the following activities that can all be used together! *Anticipation Guide to be used before listening to the rap! *Activity worksheet *Magic Square Vocabulary Activity Sheet The activ
Students will discover that the evidence of who discovered America is more complex than they may have thought as they label the locations and possible origins of various pre-columbian archaeological sites or finds with this resource that uses Google Slides and is perfect to share via Google Classroo
6th - 8th
This Discovery of America lesson focuses on the question of who discovered the Americas. Students will learn how Columbus and the Vikings described the newly discovered landmass of the Americas. They will also learn about the dubious and controversial claim that the Chinese predated Columbus in disc
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is a short passage about different theories of who "discovered" North America including Columbus, Vikings, and Natives who came across a Land Bridge from Asia. There are also comprehension questions and a tri Venn Diagram. Also includes examples of text features.Christopher Columbus Berengia La
Subject Area: Social Studies Grades: 2 Strand: American History Standard: Historical Knowledge Standard: SS.2.A.2.1 Recognize that Native Americans were the first inhabitants in North America. (Aligned with “Who We Are as Americans” text, Unit 2) SS.1.A.2.1 Understand history tells the story of pe
Students will discover that the evidence of who discovered America is more complex than they may have thought as they label the locations and possible origins of various pre-columbian archaeological sites or finds. Once their maps are complete, they are prompted to draw a conclusion about the furth

Also included in: Map Practice Bundle

This activity is meant to serve as a pre-cursor to the Discovering America First powerpoint presentation and lecture. Students will take a poll of their friends and family to get an idea of the different theories on who the first explorer to have landed in the Americas actually was. After polling,
4th - 6th
This task requires students to ponder who really discovered America. By analyzing a map from 1418 and viewing evidence presented by the history channel program "Who Really Discovered America" students collect data to determine and write about who they believe may have arrived in the Americas before
Students can fill out the viewing guide while watching the video, "Who REALLY Discovered America?" This documentary provides for great discussion about the origins of American history.
Who should be credited for the discovery of North America? It's Christopher Columbus vs. Leif Eriksson! Students will read informational articles about Christopher Columbus and Leif Eriksson, summarize the text, and use evidence to take a stance! When students have completed their writing frame, try
COMMON CORE APPLICATIONS for Social Science and Reading. This assignment can be done as bellwork in either an American History class or as part of an Early American Literature unit. I use it as bellwork at the beginning of class while I do attendance and handle students who were missing from the p
**** BEST DEAL **** "THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA is the story of this landmark transition. America wasn't discovered, it was built. The series uncovers the rise of modern America by examining the men, who through their drive, ambition, and business savvy, created the great industries of our time. They
Columbus is growing ever more controversial and some teachers may want to include a history that reflects the man's cruelty and greed as well as prove that he wasn't even the first European to discover North America. The 6 - 8 summary questions have been edited (or censored) recently because student
Students are directed through eight lessons to learn about the history and events at Ellis Island.Students will:*Gain knowledge concerning the location of Ellis Island, and discover who Samuel Ellis was*Learn that due to the war the island was used for other purposes*Learn about the construction of
Explore the landmarks, geography, and culture of the United States with the seven cross-curricular activities and colorful photo poster included in the Discover America Activity Pack for Grades 2-3. Cross-Curricular Resources Included:American Slang Phrases teaches children the meanings of common Am
Wampanoag Indigenous Peoples: Native Americans & Thanksgiving ROOKIE Elementary Montessori-inspired printable history & geography pages (2 + key): Who were the the Wampanoag people? Explore the native inhabitants of the region around Plymouth Colony: The various tribes of the Wampanoag peo
MEXICANS in WORLD WAR II: America’s Ally of the Air (Part Four) • www.bit.ly/fictionforce Part Four of this series its author innovated for a wide spectrum of subjects! Social Studies, European History, World History, English, Literature, Creative Writing, Hispanic Studies
This 30 slide presentation presents the life and discovery of George McJunkin (1850s-1922), a Black cowboy born enslaved in Texas, who discovered the "Folsom Site," proving the existence of Paleolithic people in North America in 8000 B.C.E. and before.It is appropriate when teaching the ancient hist
5th - 8th
Highlight American symbols, landmarks, presidents, and maps throughout the year—and save 25%—with the Discover America Bundle for Grades 2-3, which also includes the bonus book, Wildflowers of America. Book and Poster Resources Included:The ABCs of America is a great introduction to the people, plac

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