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Need a way to work on simple, relevant WH questions in speech and language therapy with students who need REAL pictures? Look no further!For each WH question type (who, what, where, when, why), I’ve included:A simple visual/posterA more complex visual poster (I print them back to back)Progress monit
Many of the students I work with have trouble answering WH questions. For example, they might answer a question like "Where do you sleep?" by saying "Blue". Or I might ask, "Who delivers your mail?" and they will answer "Mailbox". These types of students often have trouble matching the WH word to th
If you're looking for the Boom Card version of this product, click here. UPDATED 8/8/2017: Revamped with new graphics!This activity was created for kids who have difficulty answering WH questions; specifically, those who require pictures to help them choose the correct answer. Each question is follo
This activity enables student to practice answering Who, What, Where, Why, and When questions with eight answer choices presented with pictures. This is helpful to students with autism, auditory processing concerns, attention deficits or language delays. This packet contains 10 pages of activitie
Now with a new Boom* card option! See preview to demo. Use these cards to practice answering wh- questions or forming sentences. I recommend using card stock and laminating for a top quality product that will last a long time!Includes: •Printable Option:-1 base board-15 sets which include: 1 scene
These are no prep, which means you can just print and go, no laminating necessary. They are great for non-readers because every questions includes picture choices. They make great homework worksheets. The worksheets have combinations of who, what and where questions. See thumbnail for table of conte
This anchor chart is a great one to give to students to use as a reference while they are learning about the 6 question words. My students put it in a page protector to keep at the front of their binders. I hope it can be useful for you and your students. Thanks so much for looking!
Here is a bundle of activities designed to help your students practice answering "wh" questions! Please click on the links below to get more details about each product included in this bundle. Overall, you will get 266 different "wh" questions! Answering What Questions Related to Object Function
PreK - 1st
These Wh-Question worksheets are no prep, which means you can just print and go, no laminating necessary! They are great for non-readers because every questions includes pictures. They make great homework sheets.Each page includes a mixture of who, what, where, when and why questions. See the thumbn
Wh- question dough mats! Laminate the mats and use them to practice understanding who, what, where, why and when questions with your young learners! If your student finds the right answer then they get to cover it with playdoh.Includes:3 What Question Mats2 Where Question Mats1 When Question Mat2 Wh
Speech Therapy Bundle! 5 Wh-Questions Interactive Booklets for Who, What, Where, Why, When. You can also buy them individually. WHO INTERACTIVE BOOKLET: Included in this interactive booklet are 9 “Who” Questions, each on a separate page. On the RIGHT side will be the visual choice answers. This
PreK - 3rd
Speech and Language Therapy: Who, What, When, Where, and Why Questions This download includes 120 3 ½ by 3 inch cards (60 WH question cards & 60 answer cards). Download includes: 27 pages 12 pairs of Who Question cards (pages 3-6) 12 pairs of What Question cards (7-10) 12 pairs of When Q
5Ws + H Question Posters with QR code for listening for use in the classroom or at home.These well designed posters are a great resource for helping your students answer questions during reading and engage at a deeper level. Use these 5Ws + H posters for close reading time, independent reading time,
This 6 poster Asking Questions Set includes the following: - Bright, colorful graphics - Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How - Explanation of each questioning strategy The following Common Core State Standards are met in this packet: RL 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1 RI 1.1, 1.4, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1 Questions?
This product contains a link to download Boom Cards*. It requires a Boom Learning account and an Internet connection. You can play a short demo by clicking the link in the Preview. There is no physical print out for this product. It is an Internet Activity.*I do not recommend this product for stude
Not Grade Specific
HI! These wh- question (who, what, and where) printable cards are for the use with the game Cranium Cariboo (A magical treasure hunt game). Please follow the directions that come with the game to play appropriately! There are 24 picture cards for each context: Who, What, and Where along with the p
This is PICTURE STORY & QUESTIONS (Who, What , Where, When) WITH VISUAL CUES This activity focuses on: Getting students with wh-question challenges to answer a variety of questions (who, what, where, when) about a given picture. Each activity page includes a picture with a very short story
Core Vocabulary:It's not just for labeling. These words are used to comment, request and command. Support and teach AAC users with this digital interactive activity. We’re teaching  just two types of “wh” questions, "who" and "what". These are the questions that a typically developing child will ans
This bundle includes 4 decks. Each deck targets a specific WH question (Who, What, Where, and When). Each deck includes picture prompt answer choices within a field of 3. Great for DTT purposes!Before you purchase this product please understand the following:This is not a printable resource, it was
This super cute poster set includes posters for who, what, where, when, why, & how. It also includes additional posters on questioning words, why to ask questions when reading, when to ask questions and also why it is important to ask questions. Visit my blog and Facebook page for Freebies &am
PreK - 3rd
Do your students know how to ASK and ANSWER WH questions? Do they need more practice? This is a comprehensive WH Question Pack that will target the following: Targets: receptive/expressive language, WH- Questions (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How) All graphics property of http://http://www.pinkp
Great tool for Distance Learning! This bundle pack is a great, visually stimulating way to teach your kiddos 6 important question words- who?, what?, when?, where?, why? and how? Bundle includes:-6 colorful flash cards each measuring 8.5"x5.5" and come 2 to a page, ready to print on standard 8.5"x1
K - 5th
Quick Strips for WH Questions is the perfect interactive grab and go tool for answering Who, What, When, and Where questions! Designed for use during speech and language therapy, RtI, or as a center activity for students capable of independent work. •The following is included: -Cover page strips fo
Speech Therapy Growing Bundle for WH-Questions and other goals.I'm sharing one of my favorite go-to activities for BASIC LEVEL learning of how to answer WH-Questions with my younger students, and those with special needs. There is preparation here, but once you have it prepared, that's it! No mor

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