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Writing Professional Emails: Presentation, Activity, and Word Choice List!
Teach your students a valuable life skill.....sending a professional, friendly, and respectful email to teachers or potential employers! Included in this product:PowerPoint Presentation with a clear lesson objective, discussion questions/talk stems, model email example, an independent activity that

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Word Choice Halloween Craftivity: The Dull Word Graveyard
This engaging, activity puts a fun spin on choosing exact & interesting word choice! It also makes a creative bulletin board or school hallway display for October. (However, I believe that this craftivity could be completed at any time throughout the school year.)Students will complete a works

Also included in: October Craftivities BUNDLE


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Word Choice Using Million Dollar Words and Editable Color-Coding
NEWLY REVISED WITH TONS OF ADD-ONS! Get your students motivated to write with MILLION DOLLAR WORDS! When your students are done learning about WORD CHOICE with the step-by-step motivating and color-coding activities, you will see their writing become more detailed and descriptive! DOES YOUR DISTR

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Word Choice: A Bundle of Activities
Use these FOUR engaging resources to remind students to use interesting, exact words when they revise their writing. These activities stress the importance of choosing "just the right word" and they focus on the correct way to use the thesaurus. (Several years ago, I noticed that some of my students


100 Words to Avoid PLUS Over 400 Synonyms to Improve Word Choice in Writing!
**UPDATED for 2020** This product includes both a list of over 100 Words to Avoid in Writing, as well as a list of 401 synonyms to improve students' word choices in writing. The over 100 Words to Avoid handout includes "dead," inappropriate, and overused words such as "awesome," "how come," "yah,"

Also included in: Writing Resource BUNDLE: Reference, Resource Lists | GOOGLE - DISTANCE LEARNING


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Word Wall List -
Word Wall ListEditable word wall for clipboards, posters, and other spaces! There is a pre-made list included that you can print and go or you can customize your list! To use the exact same fonts, you will need to downloadDJB Number 2 Pencil If you do not wish to download this font, you can use any

Also included in: Writer's Workshop Bundle


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Word Family Lists - Short and Long Vowels *FULL Version*
Included are 10 pages, each with 4 lists of word families with 10 words with short vowels or long vowels. You have a choice of printing in color OR black and white. In total there are 40 word family lists. These can help your students with fluency as they practice decoding words with onset + rim

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Mini Lesson for Writing Workshop: {Word Choice: Rock and Pebble Words}
You are receiving a mini lesson with great visuals/activities on word choice. Students will learn the importance of using strong words when writing stories. Pack includes: sample writing workshop lesson ideas for the week title cards for pebble/rock words rock word ladder (for the students' list of

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Word Choice Word Lists Reference Guide for Writing
Students will add ZING to their writing when they use this resource! This Word Choice Reference Guide will help them find and use vivid words and bury dead, dull words. Included in this resource are: Synonyms for commonly used words Words to substitute for “said” Descriptive words for every color of

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Word Choice Task Cards
Word Choice Task Cards: The focus of this set of 44 task cards is to help students choose colorful, exact words in their writing. The first 32 cards are written in a multiple choice format. (I designed these in this manner to help my students with the skill of choosing the most exact word from a l

Also included in: Word Choice: A Bundle of Activities


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Hot N' Spicy Verbs: A Lesson on Word Choice
Put some spice in your sentences with this word choice activity! Your students will have a mucho gusto time choosing spicy words to replace blah, bland words! What's Included: Cover Page What's Included Page Suggestions for Use of this Unit Banned Bland Verbs Poster Spicy Verbs Lists (5 pages /

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Word Choice Test for Frequently Confused Words 4th Grade: DistanceLearning TPT
These two assessments are short, but effective tests for frequently confused words such as to, two, and too or they're, there, and their; great for a diagnostic test. I made them easy with ten multiple choice questions so that teachers can quickly determine who might need help in this area of gramm

Also included in: GRAMMAR QUIZZES & PRACTICE BUNDLE: DistanceLearningTPT


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R.I.P.  A Word Choice Activity
Put those old, tired words to rest. Students will get a kick out of this writing activity as they generate new words to replace those boring words used over and over. This Pack Includes: • R.I.P. Activity- Make a list of new words • Replace words in a story • Sort Old/Better Words • Word Choice

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6 Traits of Writing: Word Choice Lesson
Save money when you bundle! 6 Trait Unit: This lesson was designed as part of a unit to teach the 6 traits of writing. It includes: *Detailed PowerPoint with Instructions: -Topic/Do -Anticipatory S

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Bundle: Writing: Cliches, Wordiness, Redundancy, Word Choice | Distance Learning
Let your students have writing fun as they revise to avoid clichés, cut unnecessary words, correct commonly-misused words, and eliminate redundancy.Been There, Done That: Avoiding ClichésThis 6-page reproducible activity • introduces students to clichés• shows the problems with using them in writin


Word Choice Activities
Do you struggle with how to help your students improve their "word choice" in their writing? If you have a student with a low vocabulary, it can feel especially frustrating to expect them to use sophisticated words when they are writing. One way to help students out with this is to focus on common

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Vivid Verbs - Word Choice Writing/Literacy Center
This activity is also a part of my Work on Writing Skills Bundle which you can find HERE Your kids will love the surging theme as they compile lists of vivid verbs to replace the overused words: said, saw ran, walked and ate. Answer key, student recording sheets and follow up activity are include

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Word Choice Cards
These Word Choice Cards are great to help students choose words as they draft and revise their writing. There are eighteen word choice cards that you can laminate and connect with a ring. Place the word choice cards in a basket or "tool box" that remains on the table for students to use as needed. T

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Sight Word Choice Board
I love sight word choice boards but was tired of having the students constantly asking me what different tasks meant. I made this board with examples and/or pictures to help support those younger kiddos, English Language Learners, and even parents at home). Now they just grab their spelling or sight

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Super Hero Word Choice
Are you teaching your students about word choice? Then Super Size Your Word Choice is for you! In this packet, you'll find 8 posters that help explain different ways to improve word choice. The pack also includes a mini-thesaurus word journal with replacement words for old, boring, overused, pe

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A or An? Word Choice Interactive PowerPoint + Student Worksheets Activity
Teach your students to use "a" and "an" properly in their writing with this interactive lesson. The unit consists of a short 5-slide PowerPoint presentation and 2 student worksheets which reinforce the use of a and an.Students are directed to think through the rule of when to use a and an in their w

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Revision Lessons Bundle: Word Choice, Structure, and Voice for Upper Elementary
This bundle includes 22 separate lessons to teach revision through engaging mini lessons featuring anchor charts, writing examples, student "try-it" pages, and helpful "next steps" to use going forward in writing. Based on Georgia Heard's "The Revision Toolbox: Teaching Techniques That Work". The l

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Writer's Workshop: Writing All Year Long {Unit: 4- Word Choice}
This Writer's Workshop 4-week lesson plan unit with lots of extras will have your Kindergarten & 1st grade students loving writing time! This Writer's Workshop unit on Word Choice focuses on informative writing on the primary level. This is Unit 4 on writing Word Choice (using adjectives, simil

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Journeys Phonics Word Work Lists Units 1 & 2 First Grade
This resource contains a phonics word list for each skill in Journeys Units 1 & 2 for FIRST GRADE. Each list has one or two images that correspond with a word on the list to give a visual cue. There are two different lists on each page, making each list half-sheet size.The phonics skill is color

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