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Numberless TEXT MESSAGE Word Problems! Sort & Solve! Grade 4 Test Prep
Build reasoning and problem solving skills with these engaging numberless problems! Then input numbers and solve! Fabulous fourth grade word problem strategy!“They just add all the numbers! It doesn’t matter what the problem says.” -said Every Teacher. Ever. These cards were designed to S
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Math Sorts | 5th Grade Math Activities
Math Sorts for Every 5th Grade Common Core Math Standard! Click here to see the 3rd grade version.Click here to see the 4th grade version. This resource includes 28 sorts, one for each standard and substandard for 5th grade common core. Tip: Print the sorts with four pockets at 70% and the sort
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Fraction Word Problem Sort (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)
This product was something I used with my class to help them identify and solve real-world problems involving fractions with different operations. The PDF includes: 4 addition problems 4 subtraction problems 4 multiplication problems 4 division problems Recording Sheet Directions Sheet
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Multiplication & Division Word Problem Sort: Which one is it?
In this activity, students perform a close reading of 16 word problems to determine if they must multiply or divide to correctly solve. I have my students circle the important numbers and key words, and then draw a quick model/visual to help them figure out whether they are multiplying or dividing.
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Place Value and Operations Word Problem Worksheets 4th Grade Bundle
Make understanding numbers and operations more meaningful with real-world problems. Easily provide differentiated practice for your 4th grade students with these five print and go packets that include word problems in open-response and multiple-choiceform, as well as, multi-step word problems. These
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Interpreting Remainders Sort - 5th Grade Math Center Activity - CCSS 5.NBT.6
This math center game requires students to reason about what the remainder in a division problem means. With 16 word problems, students sort the situations into 4 categories: quotient only, remainder only, quotient plus one, or other. You can have students solve or they can simply reason about the
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This is the perfect math center for 4th and 5th grade test prep. Students must read word problems and decide whether they need to add, subtract, multiply or divide fractions in order to solve correctly. There are 6 word problems for each operation. There are 24 word problems total. Directions: 1.
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Fifth Grade Math Centers Bundle
This 5th grade bundle includes hands-on and engaging math centers for the entire year!!! You will be getting a total of 90 math centers plus 3 bonus centers!Each set of centers has the same format, so students will learn the expectations and procedures and then be able to complete centers for the en
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5th Grade Math Partner Games and Activities Bundle
My students love playing partner math games. This bundle of partner math games for 5th grade are perfect for whole-group learning activities, early finishers, and even math centers.This discounted bundle contain 6 sets of math partner games and activities for 5th grade math.Here are the partner game
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Sub Plans 5th Grade
This emergency sub plan kit has everything you need to ensure your school day runs smoothly while you're gone. Planning for substitutes can be harder than just coming into work sick. However, with this set, you will have no-prep, print and go, reading, writing, math, science, and art activities that

Also included in: Sub Plans BUNDLE K-5

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40 WEEKS OF FIFTH GRADE PAPERLESS NUMBER TALKSThis resource includes 40 weeks of Number Talk lessons. The Number Talk lessons were carefully designed to engage your fifth grade learners in meaningful math conversations focused on mental math and computational strategies throughout the year. They mak
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Fractions 5th Grade: 12 math games for the Common Core
These 12 games have everything you need for teaching fifth grade fractions for only $1 each! There are 1-3 games for each Common Core standard (5.NF.A.1, 5.NF.A.2, 5.NF.B.3, 5.NF.B.4, 5.NF.B.5, 5.NF.B.6, 5.NF.B.7), covering key concepts such as:-Fractions on a number line-Equivalent fractions-Findin
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5th Grade Math Centers -Covers ALL 5th Grade Math Standards
37 Common Core Aligned 5th Grade Math Centers Who doesn't want SIMPLE set up math centers for their classroom? These were created with you in mind! The centers involve matching cards with answers to the corresponding problems. A recommended way to set this up is to use file folders. One page can be
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Literacy Centers YEAR LONG Bundle 5th Grade
This YEAR-LONG Literacy Center pack has everything you need to successfully run engaging and effective literacy centers. This is a GROWING BUNDLE. That means you get a special buy-in price at an extra discount. As the products are added and the bundle is completed, the price will go up. Any addition
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5th Grade Year-Long Exit Slips Bundle *All Math TEKS*
This set of Exit Slips covers all of the tested 5th grade Math TEKS. These Exit Tickets will give you a quick snapshot of student understanding. These are an excellent assessment tool to help you make RTI decisions and drive your instruction and intervention!This bundle includes a total of ⭐172 Exit
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Halloween Math Centers or Stations: Math Games {5th Grade}
Halloween Math Centers in a spooky theme were created to review the items listed below in a fun way throughout the month of October. There are 9 centers total and one is a freebie so that means you get the rest for only $1 per center! Use as review, test prep, or for practice!! Help your student
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5th Grade Financial Literacy: Taxes--Math, Social Studies, Reading (TEKS, STAAR)
#bestfansever 5th grade Texas financial literacy mini-unit to teach students about taxes and help them prepare for the STAAR test. Integrated lesson addresses math, social studies, and reading. This product also available in Spanish! Click HERE to get the bilingual version that includes both the
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Fifth Grade Math Spiral Review for Daily Math Practice, Homework, or Assessment
Fifth Grade Math Spiral Review: Use these repetitive practice printables to review all of the common core standards throughout the year. The fifth grade printables can be used as morning work, daily math, skills practice, homework, review, or quizzes. These short assessments are sorted by fifth grad
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Back to School Fifth Grade Math Centers
This product includes 10 engaging math centers that review fourth grade math skills at the beginning of the fifth grade. Students have a recording book and rotate through 10 different centers. Centers include constructed response math journaling, task cards and sorts.This resource was created in col

Also included in: Fifth Grade Math Centers Bundle

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Fractions Task Cards for 4th - Word Problems great for test prep and review
4th grade math practice: Fractions and word problems finally got together and went out on the town to the carnival! These problems, with optional QR codes, are ideal for end of year 4th grade review, test prep, or beginning of 5th grade for review or assessment. Add them to your math centers, for a

Also included in: 4th Grade Math Task Cards BUNDLE

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5th Grade Thanksgiving Math Centers
This set of Thanksgiving math centers and activities is sure to put your students in the holiday spirit AND sharpen their Common Core Math Skills. This Thanksgiving resource contains nine activities specifically written for and aligned to the common core math standards for 5th grade or advanced 4t

Also included in: Math Centers (Holiday MEGA Bundle)

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Division Activities and Printables | 5th Grade Division
This 95 page pdf is jampacked with everything you need to supplement your math instruction on division of whole numbers. Charts/Posters, Printables,Centers, Task Cards, and Assessments and more! Here is what you will get: ~10 Posters ~1 Page of Essential Questions ~5 Vocabulary Posters ~6 Printab
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Math Sorts:  5 Fraction Activities for Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade
Teachers are busy--and while we all know how important it is to provide our students with quality, high level learning activities, the reality is--we're swamped! Fortunately, this resource is not just great for student learning but is also easy and low-prep for teachers! So what are concept sorts?

Also included in: Math Sorts Bundle! Math Activities to Deepen Understanding and Math Discourse

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5th Grade Emergency Sub Plan Bundle (2 FULL days!)
These no prep, emergency sub plan packets include activities to cover ALL major content areas for two days. (Math, Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Writing, Science, Social Studies, plus bonus activities!) The activities are simple enough for the beginning of the year, yet good review for mid-end of the
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