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This resource is a great addition to promote self worth and positive culture in the classroom. Let’s build each other up with some motivational statements. Included are 27 Posters with 8 print options so you can choose which ones fit your classroom needs. Print on card stock or regular paper and laminate for durability and future use. The black and white pages can also be used as coloring sheets.Thank you for considering adding this resource to your classroom!-Christine @ Hustle & Heart in E
Relationships matter and finding new, creative ways to do that in the classroom is a priority for me. That's why I created the Take What You Need bulletin board and station area in my classroom! Here, I provide students opportunities to take things off the board and table that might make their days a bit better. At the board, I offer:These note cardsColoring pagesBlank note cardsLotionHand sanitizerDry shampoo (everyone uses it that comes from gym class!)Body spray...and other miscellaneous g
Add smiles onto your students faces with these funny, motivational, and inspirational state testing words of encouragement. Differentiated words of encouragement for the various learners in our class. Encouragement through pop song remixes all the way to simple phrases! Perfect for reading aloud before the test or reading when our students need a little extra motivation half way through!
Not Grade Specific
Relieve you students' test anxiety for with this product! Often times, especially for younger students new to the process, tests bring on unwarranted text anxiety that can be hard to overcome. This product is a great way to help spread positivity around the test that reminds students to do their best. Product includes:-6 note templates to write "words of encouragement" to pump students up before they take their test-A note-home to parents explaining the purpose of giving students words of encour
K - 12th
This is 16 pages of a challenge and classroom project that promises to bring optimism, confidence, esprit de corps, and compassion through the well-exercised new habit of kind and encouraging words. Words can hurt. Words can heal. Words matter and have a significant bearing on self-esteem and willingness to engage. These 16 pages contain:7 pages of quotes about the power of words2 pages describing the class project3 simple "Words" worksheetsSheet Music to song, "Wise Words" (about Abe Lincoln)m
NO PREP! Need a quick way to bolster the growth mindset in your students? Then this wordsearch is for you. Far too often we take a position of defeat when it comes to trying new and unexplored things, fostering the growth mindset can help encourage the "try" of a student while muting out the stigma of defeat by "making mistakes" or "doing something wrong". This wordsearch gives a gentle reminder to use your words carefully as words drive mindset. List of words to find:ASK FOR HELPBELIEVE IN YOUR
Have your students build each other up by using this kindness booklet!This product consists of a cover page where they will write their name and draw a picture of themselves. This year, I took a picture of each student, cut them out, glued them onto the cover pages, then laminated for durability. There are 9 pages for students to write words of encouragement, compliments, positive statements, and more for each person in their classroom, along with a Bible verse on each page. You can use these in
We all love to hear positive, encouraging, and uplifting words. Here is a generated list of 50 positive words and phrases for encouragement to say to your students in the classroom. This resource can be kept at your teacher desk or carried around the classroom during instruction. You can also use it when grading or giving written feedback to kids on an activity or assignment. To make this product last longer, the sheet can be printed on cardstock paper and laminated to use year after year. The l
This set of super cute Halloween posters will definitely add some fun and color to your classroom. This download is editable, and you will need to have PowerPoint to use it. Included are: *2 editable Welcome posters. Pick whichever version you like for your classroom door. Or use both. Both posters are included with and without colored backgrounds. You can edit the poster(s) to reflect your grade level or change the welcome message if you wish. Use whatever font style, size, and color you
These are a fabulous way to motivate students in your classroom. There are 50 different colorful bracelets that can be cut out and placed on a child's wrist ... The bracelet offers words of encouragement for either a job well done, for trying their hardest or for being a good friend. Each one is different. I usually print these on colorful paper as well to add to the "wow" factor that students get when they earn them. As simple as these may seem, they sure bring huge smiles and big senses of p
PreK - 3rd
These are one of my favorite Post-it note printables that I've created. Sometimes my students will get discouraged throughout the day or doubt themselves, so I will quietly stick one of these "Words of Encouragement" Post-It notes on their desk. The added effort on your part makes your students smile and motivates them to keep on going! This product includes instructions, a blank template, and my "Words of Encouragement" template. We all need some words of encouragement from time to time! Prin
Parents write letters of encouragement to their students to read before testing! Includes instruction letter and templates for stationary.
Message One: A mistake can lead to something beautiful.Message Two: Shine Despite the Clouds.Message Three: Give yourself time to grow.
Not Grade Specific
Growth mindset posters pack featuring modern rainbow design and motivational words such as “you may have to fight a battle more than once to win it”, “it is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed”, “anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”, “anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80”. File Format : Secure PDF. Thus, not editable.Recommended for printing onto US Letter (8.5x11 inch) size paper. Of course, you can also print this onto A4 s
Not Grade Specific
We all want our students to feel confident and comfortable in our classroom, so why not decorate our classrooms in order to encourage this? These posters can help remind your students that they have a place in your classroom and that they should be confident in themselves as learners. If you have your own class words of encouragement, use the templates to create your own posters!
This set of super sweet posters will definitely add some flavor to your classroom! This download is editable, and you will need to have PowerPoint to use it. Included are: *9 editable ice cream posters with a few fun ice cream puns. These come in BOTH color and BW! You can edit these to make them say what ever you like. Use them as encouragement posters, station signs, or however you want. You can also choose whatever font and font size you want. *9 posters that are PDF version (in BOTH color a
Gifts/Posters for mentoring students during testing season/FSA season. Attach to candy or other small gifts. Customize for student and sign your name next to the heart.
Not Grade Specific
This motivational poster encourages students to have integrity, determination, and to be prepared. It uses a drawing of Lionel Messi, who most consider the best soccer player currently playing and his quotes: "You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it." "It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success."
Not Grade Specific
I love leaving notes of encouragement on my students' desks. They are so surprised and cherish these notes. I find that they have saved them in their binders, zipper pouches, or right inside their desks to look at often.
This resource is also included in the following DISCOUNTED bundles:Social Skills Worksheets and ANSWER KEYS PacketSocial Skills BUNDLESEL Mega BundleGROWING SEL/ELA MEGA BUNDLE**************************************************************************************************************** This resource is included in the following DISCOUNTED Social Skills Worksheets and ANSWER KEYS Packet*************************************************************************************************************A
Words of encouragement cards have a "to" and "from" section, as well as a section to leave some positive "words of encouragement". These can be used to write notes from teacher to student or even be encouraged to be used between different students. The back side has "words of encouragement" and a heart. The front side has a multi-colored star border and a happy face. I use these for parent teacher conference night to put a positive spin on the meetings. Parents write "words of encouragement" for
This set of super cute Easter posters will definitely add some fun and color to your classroom. This download is editable, and you will need to have PowerPoint to use it. I have also included a PDF version so if you don't have Powerpoint - no worries!Included are:*10 editable Easter posters with a few fun Easter puns. You can edit these to make them say what ever you like. Use them as encouragement posters, station signs, or however you want. You can also choose whatever font, font color, and f
These cards are a great way for students to feel seen. There are 18 different sayings and/or quotes and 6 blank cards that you can fill out to hand to students or stick them in their locker. They are filled with words of encouragement and affirmation.
3rd - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This set of super cute St. Patrick's Day posters will definitely add some fun and festive color to your classroom. Included are:*8 St. Patrick's Day posters with a few fun puns and some great words of kindness and encouragement. For each poster, there is a version with a colored background and a version with a white background. Choose which you like best!Have a lucky day!Please take a moment to also check out:*Editable Halloween Poster Set - (Words of Kindness and Encouragement)*Editable Jungle

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