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World Religion Bundle Activity & Informational Text Bundle, Comparing Religions
Religion is such an important aspect of the development of a civilization! The resources in this set were designed to cover the key facts that will help build great discussions and a fundamental understanding of cultural behaviors. This engaging, Common Core, comparing religions activity bundle is l
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World Religions Complete Unit Set
World Religions Unit Bundle This download includes an amazing set of resources for teaching all of the major world religions! The easy-to-open zipped folder includes folders with resources on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and one on the Chinese philosophies of Legalism, Confucia

Also included in: World History MEGA Bundle #6: World War 2 - Modern World & Religions

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World Religions Investigation and Comparison Centers Activity
World Religions Investigation and Comparison Centers Activity This is a complete centers activity for the investigation and comparison of the major world religions. Students will visit each center to see vivid images and to read concise descriptions of the following for each world religion: Orig

Also included in: World Religions Comparison Centers Activity & ORQ Writing Bundle

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Comparing Major World Religions! Islam Christianity Judaism Hinduism & Buddhism!
Comparing Major World Religions! Islam Christianity Judaism Hinduism & Buddhism! This Comparing Major World Religions lesson is included in a larger unit on Islam and West Africa, located here: Islam and West Africa Unit Bundle! Purchase this and save significantly! ---------- In this Compar
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World Religions: Passages
World Religions Differentiated Reading Passages **UPDATE: Paperless Digital Version Included** In addition to all printable options previously featured, this resource now also features a digital version of all resources included (even student response sheets!) that you can share with students in or

Also included in: Social Studies MEGA BUNDLE: ALL Social Studies Differentiated Reading Passages

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World Religions Complete Unit
Examine the 5 Major World Religions in this Complete Unit for a World History or Social Studies class. UPDATED!!! This is a unit designed for use in any Social Studies or ELA classroom course on the 5 major world religions. It emphasizes the similarities between the major world religions and ad

Also included in: World History Complete 1st Semester Package Plans, Activities CCSS Bundle

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World Religions Unit - PPTs, Worksheets, Lesson Plans+Test
World Religions Unit Bundled covers the development, traditions and practices of the world’s most influential religions. (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam) Unit also includes, warm up PowerPoints, informational text documents with questions, primary source lessons, exit tickets, c
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World Religions Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle
This interactive notebook bundle includes everything you need to teach about world religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism). The organizers in this resource can be used on their own, or as a supplement to student notes. Interactive notebooks are a great tool to keep students
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Compare World Religions Chart --Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism
This is a chart I use with my students to compare five major world religions-- Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. It is meant to have the students learn the basics and be able to know the major aspects of all the religions. I included a blank copy and a completed version. In m
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World Religions Graphic Organizers, Activities
This resource is a perfect way to help students organize basic facts about the world's religions that have the highest number of adherents. The organizers are arranged in alphabetical order. They are: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Native Religions, Shinto

Also included in: World Religions BUNDLE of 6 Resources

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World History MEGA Bundle #6: World War 2 - Modern World & Religions
This World History "MEGA bundle" combines 4 complete units into one massive, money and time-saving download! Over 150 total resources are included in all! Each of the following complete unit plans are included: ★ World War 2 Complete Unit Plan Bundle ★ Cold War Complete Unit Bundle ★ America
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World Religions - Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism - Endless Bundle
World Religions is an endless bundle, so when I add new This Kid's Life World Religions unit to this bundle, you will receive the update without any additional costs. You can also request a religion and I'll see if I can add it, if possible. World Religions included: Islam Judaism Hinduism Christ
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World Religions Interactive Notebook!  Judaism, Christianity, & Islam!
World Religions Interactive Notebook! Judaism, Christianity, & Islam! The World Religions Interactive Notebook is included in the much larger World History Interactive Notebook Bundle, located here: World History Interactive Notebook Bundle! 10 Fun & Engaging World History Notebooks! ---

Also included in: World History Interactive Notebook Bundle! 10 Notebooks for World History!

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World Religions Research Project
This download contains all of the resources you need for your students to complete amazing research project presentations on the major religions of the world! The directions are worded so that the final presentations can be completed as PowerPoints or posters depending on student preference or your
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World Religions Unit *Unit Bundle* (World History / Comparative Religions)
World Religions Unit Bundle. This bundle includes Technology Based Activities, Simulations, Group Work Activities, a Unit Exam Assessment, PowerPoints, detailed Cornell Style Lecture Notes, and more. Unit Plan / Overview Included. ***Please click on the links below to explore each product. Each it
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Hinduism & Buddhism: Compare and Contrast these two major world religions!
Hinduism & Buddhism: Comparing how they are different and how they are similar! This lesson is included in the large Ancient India Unit, located here: Ancient India Unit! Buy the bundle and save a bundle! ------------------- In this lesson, students will complete "guided notes" that cover al
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World Religions BUNDLE of 6 Resources
World Religions Bundle of 6 Resources is priced at a discount and includes: History of Christianity Introducing Buddhism Introducing Islam Introducing Hinduism Introducing Judaism World Religions Graphic Organizers and Activities World Religions Student Survey Free Resource (Please note that the pr
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World Religions Card Sort Activity with Graphic Organizer
Major World Religions Card Sort Activity with Graphic Organizer by Miss Middle School Teacher This is a great introductory activity to the 5 major world religions. Students complete an anticipatory set card sort (trying to correctly place different characteristics of each of the 5 religions under t
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World Religions Matching Card Game Review Activity
World Religions Card Game Included are 36 terms or concepts on the 5 Major World Religions. I cut each in a strip, laminate the cards, and pass them out to my students as a review game. The students must take their card and match with their classmates to complete the characteristics of the religi
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Geography: World Religions Scavenger Hunt Game
Need A Fun and Effective Lesson on World Religions to Use For: • Introductory activity • Assessment preparation • End-of-unit review • Before-a-holiday activity • A Fun Way to Take Class Notes This lesson encourages students to work in cooperative teams to complete the World Religion Scavenger Hunt
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World Religions Readings - Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism
Religions of the World. This Religions of the World packet will help you help your students to understand the birth, marriage, and death ceremonies/rituals of the five major religions in the word - Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. Much of the hatred in the world comes from a
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World Religions Vocabulary Worksheet
This simple but effective worksheet is a review of key terms related to each of the 5 major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. On one side is a 20 question matching with a word bank including the Eightfold Path, Four Noble Truths, Karma, the Koran and more. On the othe
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World Religions Visual Study Guide Bundle
These well-researched graphic study guides walk students through coming to a basic understanding of 5 of the major world religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Working through these as part of your introduction to each religion will help students get the big pictu
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Islam World Religions Introduction History Informational Texts Activities
This resource includes: -- a pre-reading survey to assess how much students already know about Islam: this would be a great group/class activity but could be done individually as well. It could also be completed as a webquest but one advantage to doing it as a survey (without other sources to con

Also included in: World Religions BUNDLE of 6 Resources

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