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world war i powerpoint

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This World War 1 Soldiers and Life in the Trenches product will help students understand what life was like for World War I soldiers. Students will learn about the equipment World War 1 soldiers carried, the parts of a World War I trench, the World War 1 trench cycle, and the hardships of living in
This stunning and comprehensive World War 1 PowerPoint covers every aspect of WW1 based on state and Common Core Standards. Each slide features stunning graphics, pictures, primary source newspapers, cartoons, and more. Topics covered in the PowerPoint include:Causes of the war (with the acronym MAI
World War 1 PowerPoint with video clips and presenter notes covers the atmosphere in Europe leading up the the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, World War I, and finishes with the Treaty of Versailles and how it led to WWII.This 25 slide WWI PowerPoint is packed with beautiful graphics, eng
This World War 1 PowerPoint Lesson is the perfect addition to your social studies classroom! It includes 74 slides of information that are visually engaging and include many pictures, website links, thought-provoking questions, and even a song! I use it to teach my fifth graders about this concept,
World War One (WWI) Complete Unit - A complete unit for World War One (WWI) that covers all the major events, battles and themes of World War One (WWI). This World War One (WWI) Unit contains 17 unique resources that total over 230 pages of content! The resources offer an interesting and engaging
This PowerPoint and Notes set is everything you need to teach your students about World War I! It covers Allied Powers, Central Powers, Archduke Ferdinand, trench warfare, chemical warfare, Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram, women during World War I, League of Nations, Armistice Day. Includes: - 19 sl
Big Idea: The United States Enter WWI - Although the United States tried to remain neutral, events soon pushed the nation into World War IObjective: To better understand the reasons why America finally joins World War One along with the conditions of trench warfare students will engage in a teacher
Big News! The activity packages can now be completed paperlessly with Adobe Reader (free)! Detailed instructions included. Virtual museum activity also included! As well, a local soldier research project that was featured in the news! The most comprehensive, creative and interactive available. Thi
This PowerPoint and Notes set is everything you need to teach your students about the causes of World War I! It covers imperialism, militarism, nationalism, alliances, politics, Allied Powers, Central Powers, Archduke Ferdinand, and the beginning of World War I. Includes: - 9 slide PowerPoint - 3
This engaging 103 slide PowerPoint presentation covers the United States in World War I. 12 pages of visually appealing guided notes help students follow along with the presentation. Digital versions for distance learning are also included to make your life easier!This resource covers:Peace organiza
This World War One (WWI) Bundle works well for both World or US History although it does lean more to the United States History side. I used it for both my World and US classes. Bundle Includes: 3 PowerPoints (160 Slides) 1. WWI Causes (MAINA) & US Enters the War (77 Slides) 2. WWI American Hom
This download includes a 46 slide PowerPoint presentation that explains the different types of weapons used during the Great War and shows examples of World War I tanks, airplanes, u-boats, battleships, artillery field guns, machine guns, poison gas, and more. Guided notes that correspond to the pre
This presentation discusses the experience of African American soldiers in World War I. It ties together their wartime experience and valor with their struggles on the home front. Topics include the Silent March, the St. Louis Massacre (Riots), the heroism of the Harlem Hellfighters and Anthony John
This is a complete two-week unit, but could be extended to three, on World War I covering the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs), which includes an overview, the MAIN causes, alliances, trench warfare, United States' entry into the war, changed political boundaries after the war, and Woodrow Wils
In this complete World War I unit guided notes and PowerPoint bundle, you receive a jam-packed 45-page PowerPoint presentation and 6 pages of guided notes for instruction on World War I, the theories of nationalism, militarism, the Web of Alliances, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the
This amazing 3D PowerPoint on World War 1 will be a huge hit and truly captivate your students! This is based on my World War I PowerPoint Presentation Lesson Plan, but now with 25 amazing 3D images! The presentation covers from the causes of the war through to the Treaty of Versailles that ended it
Engaging way to get students reading and exploring the content! This lesson is a hyperdoc style reading. Share the google slide deck with students and let them explore the different military technologies of WWI at their own pace with the guiding questions worksheet. When students are done researchin
This is for a WHOLE unit on World War 1. I sell the items individually (see my store to see examples of the assignment and Power Point that you would be purchasing), however, this is a highly discounted price since it is a large bundle. This has everything you will need to teach WW1 from the start
This is an excellent PowerPoint that thoroughly covers the the four main causes of the Great War. The militarism, nationalism, and imperialism that caused so much tension in early 1900s Europe is examined, as are the entangling alliances of the time. It is wonderfully illustrated and very organize
9th - 11th
This has a World War 1 Power Point (going over the whole war including the war at home in the US), the corresponding notes, corresponding guided notes that students can follow along and fill in, worksheets over materials with pictures and questions that go along with the PowerPoint as well as a end
This is a dynamic interactive multi-media powerpoint on World War I. It is extremely comprehensive and will energize any unit on the Great War. It is best for a High School classroom on European History. The powerpoint comes with notes denoted in green boxes throughout the powerpoint and a compan
World War I Guided Notes and PowerPoints, American History, Digital Distance Learning & Print➤American History Guided Notes, Interactive Notebook, Note Taking, PowerPoints, Anticipatory GuidesThese interactive guided notes and PowerPoints are great for the teacher input section of the lesson.
This lesson walks students through what Propaganda is and how it was used in WWI and then has them immediately analyze four posters from WWI using a graphic organizer and critical analysis questions. The Powerpoint offers definition of key terms and concepts presented in the posters and detailed s
This PowerPoint and Notes set is everything you need to teach your students about the United States in World War I! It covers Allied Powers, Central Powers, Archduke Ferdinand,Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram, women during World War I, Fourteen Points, Selective Service Act, League of Nations, Armistic

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