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world war i powerpoint

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world war i powerpoint

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This PowerPoint and Notes set is everything you need to teach your students about the United States in World War I! It covers Allied Powers, Central Powers, Archduke Ferdinand,Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram, women during World War I, Fourteen Points, Selective Service Act, League of Nations, Armistic
This purchase includes a power point presentation introducing the famous anti-war novel and film (1979), “All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque. Film clips are included to give the students an introduction to World War I and the book itself. A corresponding worksheet helps the stu
World War I POWERPOINT WITH INTERACTIVE NOTES PowerPoint Presentation (43 slides) Interactive Notes for PowerPoint with KEY (10 pages) Imperialism, alliances, nationalism, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Central Powers, Allied Powers, Woodrow Wilson, Lusitania, isolationist, Zimmerman Note, technolog
This PowerPoint includes the following major topics: M.A.I.N. Causes, Archduke Ferdinand, Schlieffen Plan, Trench Warfare, Unrestricted Submarine Warfare, Lusitania, Zimmerman Note, Great Migration, Homefront, War Industries Board, Committee on Public Information, Espionage & Sedition Act, Sche
The End of WWI Differentiated PowerPoint includes two versions, enriched and basic. It also has nice graphics and many links. It can be used in a parallel co-teaching environment if an extra room is available. If that is not an option, you can choose the version that works the best for each of your
Why did the US Enter WWI? Lesson Plan & PowerPoint BUNDLE has it all! It also SAVES you $2.01! It covers the following content: neutrality ethnic differences in the US Propaganda Economy and trade unrestricted submarine warfare Lusitania U-boats blockades Zimmerman Telegram Russia's change of g
Examine the concept, purpose, common tactics used and examine and rate examples of propoganda used during the World War 1 era. This short powerpoint presentation is a great resource in preparation for an extended writing assignment, research project or lecture. Completely redesigned! This product
This unit was designed for World History and European History courses at an AP and regular level as I teach all of those courses. These are plenty of materials here for a course to thoroughly cover the war.Items:5 PowerPoints4 projectsResearch Paper, Timeline, Creative Project, and an Academic Post
8th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
17 slide Power Point that comes with 2 pages of guided notes. This lessons will give your students a great idea about what life was like back in the U.S. during World War I. This lesson includes the following: New agencies created the help the war effort War industries board Food administration Fue
***This product requires the Pear Deck add-on to function correctly with Google Slides.***The 4 M.A.I.N. Causes of WWI is a Google Slides presentation that includes information about the 4 M.A.I.N. Causes of WWI.M - MilitarismA - AlliancesI - ImperialismN - NationalismThis Google Slides Presentation
This awesome PowerPoint is filled with HUNDREDS of great pictures, explanations and animations. It will bring history alive for you and your students! This is far beyond the normal PowerPoints you're used to. I have also included some ‘check for understanding’ type questions and review. Please check
This is one of the very best PowerPoints I've made, detailing the events leading up to and of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. After that is the resulting chain reaction that pulled Europe and then the world into one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. This presentation is ja
9th - 11th
This is a powerpoint that goes over some major events and terms associated with World War One. In this powerpoint you will find the following terms and/or topics: What was World War One? The cause of World War 1 Imperialism Militarism Alliances Nationalism Isolationism Gunshots and Sarajevo Gavrilo
CLICK ON THE GREEN PREVIEW LINK ABOVE FOR A SNEAK PEAK! World War I Gallery Walk for a high school US History class. This package has 56 slides. You can use this Gallery Walk by posting it on walls or you can use them as a regular powerpoint lecture. It takes about 2-45-minute class sessions to com
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Here is a wonderfully detailed and illustrated presentation that covers the major events of the Great War, including the various reasons the United States became involved in the conflict. There is also look at some vintage WWI propaganda and some of the new weapons of the era. If you like what y
This PowerPoint details the opening days of World War I and Germany's failure to carry out the Schlieffen Plan, which would lead to four long years of brutal trench warfare. There are numerous maps and pictures to show how it happened. If you like what you see here, keep in mind you can get ALL of
WWI Unit Bundle Includes:-Unit schedule daily lesson plan-Marching Toward War Powerpoint with checking for understanding questions and answers, along with fill in the blank cornell notes, with answer key-MANIA foldable directions and example-Europe Plunges into War Powerpoint with checking for unde
This product is a 15-page PowerPoint presentation including text, pictures, and maps. You will also receive a 2-page study guide! You will discuss the causes, obstacles, technological advances, and resolution of WWI.Update February 2021: This product can now be used digitally with Google Slides™! Yo
This awesome powerpoint is filled with HUNDREDS of great pictures, explanations, animations, detailed and captivating BATTLE ANIMATIONS and sound effects. It will bring history alive for you and your students! This is far beyond the normal powerpoints you're used to. Please check out the preview a
World War I, WWI Guided Notes and PowerPoints with Digital Graphic Organizers, American HistoryWorld History Guided Notes, Interactive Notebook, Note Taking, PowerPoints, Anticipatory Guides. These interactive guided notes and PowerPoints are great for the teacher input section of the lesson. Stud
Complete overview powerpoint on the Unification and Nationalism in Italy, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia prior to WWI. Includes detailed notes, images and maps for analysis. Also listed in my products is a Unification Puzzle activity I use in the same class period as providing these notes.
This World War I Powerpoint has a whopping 54 slides of interesting and engaging material that any social studies, world history, or U.S. history student will love. Your students will appreciate the colorful pictures, paintings, maps, and propaganda posters I include to initiate conversation with t
Here is another excellently illustrated and highly informative PowerPoint from my World War I unit. There is a wealth of pictures in this one, which covers the major battles and the conclusion of the Great War. If you like what you see here, keep in mind you can get ALL of the materials in Unit 11
Texas History students learn about World War 1 (WWI, WW1) with this power point or gallery walk. As students go through the information, there are 12 questions/tasks to respond to (academic, creative, opinion, short answer, matching, a timeline, and image analysis). The answers are included where

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