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world war i powerpoint

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47 Slides (editable) with graphic organizer note taking guide and summative assessment worksheet. This Google Slides reviews the causes of World War One, how America responded to the war in Europe 1914-1917, how American society, politics and government transformed while engaged in the war, and Wil
Yet another highly informative and visually stimulating PowerPoint, this lesson covers the state of the world prior to the breakout of the Great War. The causes of World War I are examined. A major part of the lesson deals with the role of the United States in world affairs before entering the Gre

Also included in:Ā U.S. HISTORY UNIT 9 (BUNDLED)

World War I (WWI) Great War 6 PowerPoints + Guided Notes Bundle (Editable)Thank you for considering this product bundle. This awesome bundle contains 6 epic EDITABLE PowerPoints (total of 263 slides) that are filled with HUNDREDS of great pictures, explanations, animations, detailed and captivating
IGNITE your students enthusiasm for World War I and KEY VOCABULARY with this Digital ASSIGNMENT to assist your teaching! INTERACTIVE and ENGAGING! Develop deep understanding for students using their own device and this online activity for distance learning!VOCABULARY INCLUDED:Allied PowersArmistic
This awesome powerpoint is filled with HUNDREDS of great pictures, explanations, animations, detailed and captivating BATTLE ANIMATIONS and sound effects. It will bring history alive for you and your students! This is far beyond the normal powerpoints you're used to. Please check out the preview and
WWI: The US at Home PowerPoint is differentiated by ability level. There are two versions included: basic and enriched. The enriched version goes into more detail and has more links for primary sources. This can be used in a parallel co-teaching classroom if there is extra room available. If not, yo
The following is a 7 slide PPT which serves both as a base to lecture from and allow for students to complete activities between discussion by the teacher. This PPT first asks students to ponder a question about issues being faced in the post-war era in America. After a brief class discussion the
Keywords include:ā­ Propagandaā­ Revolutionā­ Lusitaniaā­ Sussex Pledgeā­ Czar Nicholas IIā­ Selective Service Actā­ Henry JohnsonThis Google Slides presentation examines:ā–ŗ Where immigrant Americans stood on going to war in Europe ā–ŗ The use of propaganda to persuade Americans to join the war cause ā–ŗ A look
An inquiry-based WebQuest which can lead your students in multiple directions as they learn about Australia's involvement in WW1 and the impact it had on Australians both on the frontline and the home front.This PowerPoint includes high-quality images links to appropriate, relevant and high-quality
This Powerpoint presentation highlights Canada's role and major battles of WW1. It includes facts and videos. Topics include: Why Canada went to war, the home front, Ypres, Somme, Beaumont - Hamel, Vimy, Passchendaele, and Amiens.
World War One | The Slide To WarDownload The Slide To War Activity Pack in PDF format to accompany our original History Bombs video to deliver captivating history lessons.To watch original video click here.Activity Pack PDF contains:Teacher guidance3 x Activity sheetsVideo transcriptQuizAnswer bankT
This Slides activity focuses on important events in first World War (WWI). The post actually contains two assignments all-in-one. Slide #1 is a drag-and-drop, slide #2 is labeling with clickable text boxes. Please feel free to use either of the assignments or pick and choose what best serves your st
Enjoy the benefits of our 20th Century History resources at a reduced price by purchasing the bundle!These assignments are designed to support student learning for Canadian History classes such as CHC2D/P in Ontario but are quite appropriate for any course studying 20th Century History.You'll walk i
Nationalism Post WWI Guided Notes and PowerPoints with Digital Graphic Organizers, American HistoryWorld History Guided Notes, Interactive Notebook, Note Taking, PowerPoints, Anticipatory Guides. These interactive guided notes and PowerPoints are great for the teacher input section of the lesson.
Objective: To examine the U.S. homefront during World War I.Key Terms and People:DraftSelective Service ActConservationVictory GardensWar Industries BoardWar Labor BoardLiberty BondsFour-Minute Men
This digital Social Studies resource is a 26-slide interactive Google Slides presentation for World War I, perfect for distance learning! This resource includes important information about the first World War, including causes, effects, and U.S. entry into the conflict. Topics addressed in this pres
This is a highly visual and informative PowerPoint that covers all of World War I! - Includes 90 slides with animations and video content. - Also includes Review and Summary Questions Topics Cover: - The Causes of World War I (Long and Immediate) - Causes of U.S. entry into World War I - Trench
6th - 12th
This was created for an International Baccalaureate class on World War I. It can be scaled down if needed. The power point is color coded to alert students to the text to be written. These are editable WORD and POWER POINT documents The Power Point Covers: - The differing schools on causes of war i
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
The 4 M.A.I.N. Causes of WW1 - PowerPoint BUNDLE consists of 5 separate PowerPoint Lesson with Speaker Notes covering MILITARISM, ALLIANCES, IMPERIALISM and NATIONALISM, as well as an OVERVIEW of both the main long-term causes and the immediate causes of World War One.The 4 M.A.I.N. Causes of WW1 -
A detailed powerpoint presentation to inform students of the major battles fought during WWI. ā˜ŸThis WWI Presentation Includes:ā˜ŸĀ 1. A review of the M.A.I.N causes of WWI.2. The "Spark" that started the war.3. A timeline of events.4. The two major alliances of WWI.5. Theaters of war including the West
In this document-based lesson, students will investigate the opposing peace plans presented at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 and understand the key components of the Treaty of the Versailles. As with all of my lessons, this lesson is document-based. Here is a run-down of what you can expect:1.
Students will gain a solid overview of WWI (WW1, World War 1) with this power point. Topics include but are not limited to: the causes of the war, the Battle of the Somme, the Lusitania, the Schlieffen Plan, Zimmerman Note, the Treaty of Versailles, Wilson's 14 Points, the League of Nations, the Ch
This awesome powerpoint is filled with HUNDREDS of great pictures, explanations, animations, detailed and captivating BATTLE ANIMATIONS and sound effects. It will bring history alive for you and your students! This is far beyond the normal powerpoints you're used to. Please check out the preview and
This is a brief PowerPoint that shows the pre-war alliances in early 1900s Europe and the alliances AFTER the war began. Coupled with the notes/charts handout of the same name, this lesson makes the complicated system of alliances during the Great War very clear for your students. If you like what
9th - 11th

Also included in:Ā WORLD HISTORY UNIT 11 (BUNDLED)

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