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WR KN GN (Silent Letters) Worksheets & Activities {NO PREP!}
WR KN GN (silent letters) worksheets & activities! Over 70 fun NO PREP printables to practice silent letters with WR, KN, and GN! This pack practices WR as in write, KN as in knock, and GN as in gnat. Worksheets, cut and pastes, literacy stations, creative writing - everything you need to just p

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WR KN GN (Silent Letters) Pocket Chart Centers and Materials
WR KN GN (Silent Letters) pocket chart centers and materials for lots of great center opportunities to practice the silent sounds WR as in wreath, KN as in knob, and GN as in gnat.Want these for ALL the phonics sounds?? Get this in thePhonics Pocket Chart Centers BUNDLE to save a ton and be set all

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WR, KN, GN Silent Letters Race to the Finish
Do your kiddos find silent letters boring? Are they having trouble practicing and remembering? If so, this engaging board game will change that! Practice silent letters and have fun! Can be used as great practice material or a finished with my work game!

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Trigraphs, Silent Letters WR KN GN, & Soft C & G Phonics by Design Unit BUNDLE
This unit includes everything you need for four weeks of phonics instruction! Clear images, readable fonts, and easily decodable words make these materials accessible to all students, including ELLs and students with IEPs. This unit is ideal for small group instruction, RTI, or a special education s


Silent Letters Decodable Reading Passages  Level 3 Unit 13 (wr, kn, gn, mb)
Aligned to Fundations® Level 3 Unit 13If your students need more fun stories to practice with Greek /ch/ saying /k/ and /ph/ saying /f/ and silent letters wr, gn, mn, gh, rh, kn, mb these decodable stories will help. This is an advanced set if you need a level down use Level 2 Stories. Suitable fo

Also included in: Third Grade Phonics Units 1-14 Decodable Stories and Comprehension Questions


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Orton Gillingham Silent Letters Decodable Reading Passages  (wr, kn, gn, mb)
If your students need more fun stories to practice with Greek /ch/ saying /k/ and /ph/ saying /f/ and silent letters wr, gn, mn, gh, rh, kn, mb these decodable stories will help. This is an advanced set if you need a level down use Level 2 Stories. Suitable for extra practice an Orton Gillingham p

Also included in: Orton Gillingham Decodable Texts Dyslexia Intervention Level 3


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Blends, Digraphs, Trigraphs, Silent Letters Worksheets
Digraphs, b and d reversals, blends, silent letters, 3 letter blends Worksheets | Filling in Missing Letters No Prep PrintablesAre you looking for a fun way of practicing blends, digraphs, 3 letter blends, silent letters...? Try these fill in the missing letters worksheets. They can be used in stati

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Soft c, Soft g, and Silent Letters Worksheets Distance Learning
Just print and go! These no prep worksheets, focusing on Soft c, Soft g, and Silent Letters (wr, kn, gn) are perfect for independent work, morning work, and center work. Phonics skills included are identifying sounds, differentiating between soft c/g and hard c/g, reading, spelling, and fluency. The

Also included in: First Grade Phonics Worksheets Bundle


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Phonics Charts (Writing Charts Center for the Entire Year)
Phonics Charts (Writing Charts Center for the Entire Year) - 68 cute and colorful phonics writing charts to put in your writing center to help encourage creative writing for your students and help hesitant writers get started all while using the weekly phonics skill.All 68 (yes, 68!) charts come in

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Silent Letters kn, wr, gn, mb Activities and Worksheets
Improve reading skills with practice for silent letter patterns kn, wr, mb, and gn. Help kids remember what they have learned with engaging activities, posters, a mini book, and an assessment.Easy differentiation with challenge activities.What Others are Saying:“So many activities for one sound. I l

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Silent Letters- gn, kn, wr - Word Cards/Sort
Use these word cards and sort with your students to practice silent letters in words with gn, kn, and wr. There are 30 word cards to print and cut out. I have my students draw a quick sketch and write their word in a sentence. Then, we do a mix/match activity where students read their words and sent

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Silent Letters Packet {wr, gn, kn}
This packet is perfect for introducing silent consonants. It has enough activities to use all week! Includes in this packet: 3 read the word, draw a picture worksheets 1 read the room with recording sheets 1 word sort 1 crossword puzzle 1 board game 1 spin and write

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Silent Letters KN WR GN
KN WR and GN silent letters practice - This packet includes 3 anchor charts, 16 pages of practice, sorting activity, matching game, and puzzles for practice reading and writing words with silent consonants KN, WR, and GN. Page 3-5 Anchor Charts for Teaching and Display Pages 6-23 KN, WR, an

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Wonders Unit 6 Week 3: silent letters (gn, kn, wr)
This Silent Letter Packet (gn, kn, wr) packet is filled with activities that can be used to practice and reinforce phonics skill, comprehension skills and independent writing. The activities can be used for guided or independent practice or at a literacy center. This packet follows the new First Gra

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Silent Letters kn, gn, and wr
Go on a word hunt with this fun worksheet! Your kids highlight words with the given sound and then write the words that they find. Plus a reading comprehension page to go with the story. All Highlighter Hunts come with a comprehension page for each story.

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Balancing Act Game/Center Silent Letters (2011 Reading Street aligned 3rd grade)
This game is a fun way for students to practice identifying and spelling the silent letter patterns wr, gn, kn, mb, and st. They will use these letter patterns to place the correct ball on a circus seal's nose in order to collect carnival tickets. The graphics are adorable and your kids will have

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Word Sorts Galore: Diphthongs, 2 Sounds of Y, Silent Letters, Hard & Soft G/C
Word sorts are effective ways for children to really focus their attention on words and their sounds and spelling patterns. They help students to compare and contrast words and to analyze word parts. The more time students spend working with various spelling patterns, the faster and easier decoding

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Silent Letter kn, wr, gn SMART Board Lesson
This silent letter lesson uses a sunshine theme to sort and learn word meanings. It contains 13 slides with answer slides. It also contains a two page attached student activity worksheet to help reinforce word spelling and meaning. Revised 7/13

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Silent Letters Sorts | Cut and Paste Worksheets
kn, mb, gn, wr sorting worksheetsAre you looking for a fun way of practicing silent letters with mb, kn, wr, gn? Try these cut and paste worksheets. They can be used in stations or for homework.There are 4 worksheets in this set.Word List:mb and kn sortsmb: bomb, climb, comb, plumber, lamb, thumbkn:

Also included in: Phonics Sorts (blends, digraphs, trigraphs..) BUNDLE | Cut and Paste Worksheets


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WR, GN, MB, and KN Silent Letters!
WR, GN, MB, and KN Silent Letter worksheets to help readers match, read, write, and identify the silent letters in words. Many activities for each silent letter sounds. Check out my other worksheets to help readers with tricky sounds:R-Controlled Sounds-ER, IR, UR, AR, and OR

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Silent Knight Game + Activity Sheets {Silent Letter Blends}
Included in this download: * a game - Silent Knight * 2 activity sheets to complete after the game or to assist in the consolidation of silent letter blend knowledge. The silent letter blends covered in these activities are * kn * wr * mb * gn

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Silent Letter Centers: kn, wr, gn, -gn,  -mn, -mb, & -tch
Are you looking for some practice activities for the silent letter sounds? This resource is for you! Practice the silent letters of kn, wr, gn, tch, mb, mn with these center games & worksheets! You have a variety of games to choose that include silent letter picture and word cards, word sorting,

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Silent Letters Under the Sea  (Digraphs Wr, Kn)
Contents: 1. Splash Game: Includes 4 Splash cards and 20 word cards (gn, kn, wr) 2. Sorting Activity: (Words With Silent Letter and Words Without Silent Letters) 12 cards and recording sheet 3. I Have, Who Has? game: 24 cards 4. Silent Letter Puzzle Center: 8 puzzles (kn, wr) Recording shee

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Silent Letters: wr-, gn-, kn-, b
Four worksheets that cover silent letters in common words, appropriate for grades 1, 2, 3. Each sheet has a word box with seven words. Each word will be used in the seven sentences below. Students read the sentence and decide which word from the box best completes it. They write that word on the li

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