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Write and Solve One-Step Equations Digital Activities {Google Classroom}:Write and Solve One-Step Equations Digital Activities is a Digital Interactive Resource to be used with Google Slides. Students can complete the digital activities in Google slides or in a Google Classroom assignment. Answer k
7 Stations with recording sheet. Students have a choice of four stations from station activities 1-5. Stations 6 and 7 are required. The recording sheet has prompts provided. Ideal for an observation, can use various approaches. I used bar modeling represent these situations, but depending on wher
Here's a great review activity for writing and solving two-step equations and using formulas (distance formula and Fahrenheit to Celsius formula). There are four stations each containing 3 or 4 review problems where students decode a puzzle using the answers to the problems. Real world problems in
This is an activity that can be completed once students have learned how to solve the following equations: one-step equations two-step equations multi-step equations equations with variables on both sides The activity requires students to spend time working on one word problem. After they have com
Google Slides or PDF activity. Grab your students' attention with this 2-activity math, growth mindset, and writing all in one resource! Your students will practice 10 problems writing and solving equations. They will then find the growth mindset quotes using their answers and write about the quote
Writing and Solving Two-Step Equations After this lesson, students will be able to write and solve two step equations using inverse operations that model real life situations according to the Common Core Math Standards. This is one of the units in the Expressions, Equations and Inequalities Bundle
This lesson unit is intended to help you assess how well students are able to solve multi-step real-life and mathematical problems posed with positive and negative rational numbers in any form (whole numbers, fractions, and decimals), using tools strategically. Apply properties of operations to calc
Writing and Solving One-Step Equations After this lesson, students will be able to write and solve one step equations to solve problems using inverse operations according to the Common Core Math Standards. This is one of the units in the Expressions, Equations and Inequalities Bundle. This lesson
Are you looking for Math Workshop Activities to use in your classroom for Write, Model & Solve Two Step Equations that will not only allow you to make the best use of you planning time but also allow you to easily implement Math Workshop because the planning is already done for you?**Want to kno
The students will practice matching variable equations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to word problems and solving for the variable. Gallery WalkPost the word problems on the wall or on tables around the room. Give each individual or pair the worksheet containing varia
This product contains four (4) sets of task cards on multi-step equation word problems that include variables on one side of the equal sign (Set A) and variables on both sides of the equal sign (Set B). Each task card requires students to set up the multi-step equation and then use the equation to a
This activity allows students to review equations. Students will have to determine who stole the ice cream through solving equations and inequalities, writing expressions and equations using word phrases, writing and solving equations from story problems, determining slope and interpreting slope, a
Bundle Includes: 1) Write & Solve Two-Step Equations Task Cards & QR Codes - Given real-world problems, students write & solve two-step equations. Because students naturally gravitate towards writing equations that reflect how to go about solving the problem rather than a direct transl
Divide students into groups of four. Each group will receive a set of placements (1-5, depending on time). Each student will complete his/her problem that is closest to them on a whiteboard.After all members of the group have finished, the group will add all of their answers together. One students w
This no prep Spring themed coloring activity will get your students practicing Graphing and Writing Linear Equations in a fun and engaging way. There are 10 practice problems that vary in difficulty, and include word problems to help students connect to the real world. Once students find their answe
Summary: Your students will enjoy moving around your classroom to complete this 5 problem Passport Activity. Each student will be given their own travel itinerary prior to visiting 5 countries on the continent of Africa. This is similar to a stations activity except you do not have to make groups,
This product comes with:- Scenario Cards- Recording Sheet- Post Activity Questions- Reflection QuestionsYou can use this activity for writing and solving equations for practice or review.Print and cut out the different scenarios, I printed out on color stock and laminated, and place them around the
This HUGE (over 300 pages) Algebra bundle contains a full-year of guided (scaffolded notes), interactive notebook activities, and quick checks for understanding for 11 units of study and two mini-units, perfect for Algebra 1 students. There are over 150 focused note activities that contain sample t
This Thanksgiving NO PREP Math and Reading packet is the perfect resource for keeping skills sharp! Choose from 8 pages of reading review activities and 8 pages of math review activities - all fun, meaningful, and engaging! Reading/ELA Activities Include:Thanksgiving Roll & Write (Creative Than
Here's a set of autumn activities and games that will support your fall apples theme while reviewing and practicing early first grade math skills.This is what you'll get in this bundle:Autumn Apples Addition Craft ActivitiesTwo fall craftivities:* Apple Tree Addition Wheels to practice creating, wri
Google Paperless Practice - 4th Grade Multi-Step Word Problems {4.OA.3}Engage your students with this interactive DIGITAL resource that works with Google Slides™. No more copies to be made, no more printer ink, and no more lost papers! With this 31-slide digital resource, your students will practic
These supplemental digital math activities can be used to support solving one-step equations and inequalitites.  They are interactive (drag and match, using the typing tool, using the shape tool) and paperless through Google Slides™.Topics Included:One-Step Equations with Addition and Subtraction (4
This activity combines the skill of writing linear equations when given either two points or a point and a slope with the classic board game CLUE. Students will use the clues they gather from correctly solving equations to solve the mystery of The Stolen Jewelry.Please note: While students will us

Also included in: 3-Activity Slope Bundle

This is a real life activity/project where students must make decisions about purchases now that they're "on their own." Students write and solve 2 step equations to see what the monthly payments would be for certain TVs, refrigerators, laptop computers and cars. Based on the budgeted amount, stud

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