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Creative Writing Poetry 911: First Aid for Writing Poetry * Now over 50 Formulas for Helping Students Write Original Poems This IS included in my mega bundle: ALL of my POETRY RESOURCES GROWING BUNDLE. This student aid and handouts bundle features OVER 50 formulas for writing poetry. If you have s
Formula writing, Naming compounds, Ionic, Molecular, Acids, DISTANCE LEARNINGThis lesson plan bundle includes everything you need to teach (and assess!) your chemistry students on the very important skill of naming and formula writing. With step-by-step examples and helpful animations your students
7th - 12th, Higher Education
Writing Linear Equations (Point Slope and Two Points) Relay RacesPractice writing linear equations given a point and slope or two points on the line with these relay races. There are two versions included:Version 1- Point-Slope Relay Race: I put the students in groups of 4 and assigned them each a
7th - 10th
This product, by It’s Not Rocket Science, contains everything you need to teach writing chemical formulas and naming chemical compounds – both ionic compounds and covalent compounds. Students will take notes, complete daily practice questions, and participate in two supplemental activities in orde
8th - 11th
★Digital Interactive Resource★Go paperless with this interactive resource for Google Slides™ that will help your chemistry students learn and master Naming & Writing Chemical Formulas. Students will drag movable objects and type to enter information as they solve over 70 Ionic & Covalent Co
Everything you need for a successful Nomenclature Unit! Four complete lessons, graphic organizers, homework, polyatomic and monatomic ion lists, teacher and student notes, check for understanding exit tickets, a lab, task cards, color-by-number, puzzle, The Great Nomenclature Race, extra practice,
Included in this poetry resource are 20 poetry formulas to help students write a wide variety of poems. I have used these pages in my own classroom, and I created this product so that students would be provided with a definition, examples, tips, brainstorming space, and a final writing section all
I created these practice sheets to help my students understand and practice writing formulas for ionic compounds. This concept is relatively simple, but the application of this skill and plenty of practice are what help it sink in. The first sheet contains a basic overview of the rules for writing
7th - 12th
Chemistry Doodle Notes! Research is now coming available that sites that doodling while learning forms a connection between left brain and right brain communication and enhances learning. “Cross-brain” learning has many benefits for the student—most importantly, the activity of doodling will give yo
***NOW DIGITAL*** Engage students through writing Chemical Formulas in a step by step way. Learning to write Chemical Formulas with this worksheet is easy since it is laid out and organized well.Use this worksheet to help students decide on the right symbol, the right charge, the difference in catio
9th - 12th, Higher Education

Also included in: All Chem

Nomenclature Color-By-Number! Add art and creativity to your review lesson! Students will match their answer to a color, and complete their color-by-number picture as they review nomenclature. For early finishers, I let students “make it their own” by adding a background.Note: Before you buy—this pr
Looking for an engaging self-checking activity, in both print & digital formats for your students to practice writing ionic compounds? Scaffold ionic compound writing with many examples in these 4-leveled engaging worksheet mazes for your students. These mazes are leveled by:Level 1: Given monat
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education

Also included in: Custom Bundle for Mellanie W

My creative writing poetry formulas pack is ready to share in Google Slides and perfect to integrate into your distance learning routine. I feature 30 different poetry prompts and all include directions and an example. These are based on my popular resource Creative Writing Poetry - 50 Formulas to H
Formula Writing and Naming - Properties of Ionic and Molecular CompoundsThis lesson plan will teach your students about the basic properties of ionic and molecular compounds. Students will also learn how to name monatomic and polyatomic ions. The bell ringer (warm up) serves to review their knowled
8th - 12th, Higher Education

Also included in: Custom Bundle - Chris L.

2 page flow chart to write names and formulas for ionic and covalent chemical compounds with examples. Includes PDF and word document for easy modification. Also includes a fill-in chart for completing with students.
10th - 12th
This one is for your reluctant writers/special education/English Language Learners who need a formula to follow for completing a five paragraph essay (no research). It is NOT for students who already write well. This is the "bare bones" format to help students get through state assessments and lea
Special Education IEP Goal Formula Template & Directions provides teachers with a formula for writing IEP goals that are measurable + + + PLUS directions for writing Special Education IEP goals and objectives!!!Check out my other SPECIAL EDUCATION tools!The BEST Special Education Teacher BinderP
Chemical Reactions - Writing formula equations and balancingThis lesson plan will teach your students how to write formula equations from word equations and balance them. I usually teach this lesson after my students have had one day of writing formula equations and one day of balancing chemical eq
9th - 12th, Higher Education

Also included in: Custom Bundle - Chris L.

Writing Formula Tab-Book and Mini-LessonsWant to take your students' writing from disorganized and boring to well written and awesome??!!Then the Awesome Writing Formula is a must for you! This writing formula is based on the formula I've been using for years to teach organized and interesting writi
Naming & Writing Ionic Formulas (Nomenclature) Part One Includes: Students will write formulas and name ions and binary & ternary (with polyatomic ions) ionic compounds.Part One Objectives:Naming and Writing Monatomic and Polyatomic IonsNaming and Writing Binary Ionic CompoundsNaming and Wri
Practice Problem Worksheet on Writing Chemical Formulas and Naming Chemical Compounds. When learning to write chemical formulas and name chemical compounds, chemistry students often need extra practice problems in order to become proficient. This 2-page worksheet will serve that purpose. There are
Looking for a fun review of ionic compound formula writing, ratios of cations and anions, and naming for your students? Utilize the natural force of attraction between cations and anions to get your students moving & mingling as they search for the complementary ion to form a neutral compound. T
Not Grade Specific

Also included in: Custom Bundle for Teraysa N

Nomenclature for Acids and Hydrates: Naming & Writing Formulas (Nomenclature) for Acids & Hydrates.In this lesson students are introduced to naming and writing formulas for acids and hydrates. Building on previous knowledge of ions and formulas from Part One & Two are included in the Exi
In this lesson students are introduced to naming and writing formulas for molecular formulas. Building on previous knowledge of ions and naming and writing ionic formulas, acids, and hydrates are included in the Homework. The Homework includes naming & writing formulas for all ionic compound pos

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