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Narrative Writing Revision Stations for grades 6-10 include six revision stations that help students to polish their narrative writing, making it powerful and as error free as possible. Stations include 8 different task cards and a narrative writing rubric to help students master the narrative writ
This is the ultimate revision stations bundle for the major types of writing students will complete in a school year. You will have everything you need to help students in grades 6-10 ELA master the art of revision for research, argument, informational, narrative, and essay writing. This bundle incl
When it comes to argument writing, there are a lot of bases to cover. Chances are, many of your students are making the same mistakes over and over and over. And you are trying to put out alllll the fires with your comments, conferences, and review lessons.What if it didn't have to be that way?Let s
9th - 12th
These six digital or print argument writing revision stations will get your kids moving, engaged, and making meaningful changes to their own writing independently. Includes six ten minute stations for writing stronger introductions, organizing an argument essay, analyzing quotes, evaluating evidence
Help students revise their informative and explanatory essay writing INDEPENDENTLY. This six station set of task cards, station labels, and PowerPoint with timers includes options to use digitally or in print. Digital stations can easily be shared through Google Classroom! Includes the following pri
Help students to successfully revise their research writing with Research Writing Revision Stations. These stations help students to physically move through the process of revising and editing their research writing to strengthen their introduction, their conclusion, the development of their ideas,
Revision Stations - Creative Writing Short Story Revision Station ActivitiesDo your students always try to skip revision and editing when they're writing? It changed the game when I switched to revising using stations. After writing a draft of their work (this works with any kind of creative writin
*These activities are both in station and task card format! They can be used either way! The stations and task cards are meant to be used AFTER students have written an essay, and they are looking to IMPROVE their writing. I give students anywhere from 10-15 minutes per station depending on their le
Written Expression Revision Packet - Writing Centers This packet will motivate your students to revise their drafts and give them strategies/techniques to revise effectively. Revision literally means to “see again,” to look at something from a fresh, critical view. It is an ongoing process of ret
How many times have you assigned revision only to re-read the same errors over and over again? Welcome to the Digital Revision Station, a unique tool that makes it easier for teachers who assign a writing to give feedback and prevent having to lug all those drafts home over the weekend to grade. T
6th - 10th
This fun essay revision learning stations activity, a.k.a. the "progressive dinner," can be used with any essay writing assignment, including expository, argumentative, literary analysis, and more! If you're looking for a structured way to practice critical writing and essay revision skills in a han
Instead of subjecting students to a silent day of self-reflection, consider putting a little pizzazz in their revision by hosting these narrative revision stations! These stations cover some of the crafts middle schoolers can always use extra support with, including *adding more show-don't-tell th
Version two of my revision stations activity but for narrative and/or creative writing pieces!Easy, no-prep way to get students thinking about how to revise their writing or prompt small group/partner discussions and workshops about student writing!Seven easy to follow revision stations that allow s
6th - 12th, Higher Education
Help students fix some of the most common mistakes made in academic writing There are some mistakes in academic writing that teachers CONSTANTLY encounter, year after year and essay after essay. Some of the mistakes that I see time and again are ♦ first person ♦ use of the word "you" ♦ using the ph
Teaching students the value of the writing process and not the final product of a single draft essay can be difficult. Teaching the revision process itself can also be overwhelming if you don't know where to start or how to go about giving students opportunities to practice their revision skills. Th
These stations are designed to be used after the students have written a rough draft. Each station has specific, concrete actions to take (highlighting, underlining, etc) and questions to ask. When I use these stations, I have the students mark on their own papers, then swap papers and answer the qu
9th - 12th
Do you struggle to get kids revising their writing? The writing process may be one of the most cumbersome concepts to get students to embrace. This task-based activity gets students thinking critically and intentionally about their writing decisions. By the end of the class period, you will be happy
It's hard to get middle schoolers to sit still and pay attention for long periods of time, especially if you are on a block schedule. This resource is created to get the kids up and moving, to make them take responsibility for their learning, and to encourage them to reflect on their own writing pra
6th - 9th
Easy, no-prep way to get students thinking about how to revise their writing or prompt small group/partner discussions about student writing!Five easy to follow revision stations that allow students to self-check or peer-review a written essay or paragraph. Explicit directions help students to stay
Stations for writing workshop.
7th - 12th
Get kids up and moving as they rotate through these revision stations.Students will use a laser beam focus on MLA format and citations, their introduction, each of their body paragraphs, incorporating conjunctions, and forming a solid conclusion as they venture through these 5 stations. Included in
ESSAY WRITING: The revision process is a key component of good writing, but many students like to rush through it. These learning stations will help your students slow down and focus on the all-important process of revision. Distance Learning Version added July 2020These stations are designed to ta
HALLOWEEN WRITING ACTIVITIES: Halloween is the perfect opportunity to engage your students in a creative writing assignment. This product takes students through a process-based approach that has them experiment with various elements of fiction. September 2020: the resource now has an online option i
NARRATIVE WRITING STATIONS: This package is designed to take your students through a process-based approach to creating a piece of narrative writing. In this zip file you will find:PHOTO PROMPT LEARNING STATIONS These can be used to help students find inspiration for telling a narrative. They can b

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