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Need some help with teaching quotation marks. Here's a lesson plan with some neat worksheets that will have your students writing dialogue in no time! This lesson plan teaches the use of quotation marks in conversation. It includes the following: • Lesson plan • Mini-posters of rules and example
Print and teach! Students will write dialogues using quotation marks with pictures as a prompt. Allows them to be very creative in their writings. Included: Example 1 (a written dialogue for first grade) Example 2 (a written dialogue for older grades) Example 3 (a short story using quotation marks
Need some help with teaching quotation marks. Here's a lesson plan with some worksheets that will help your students master quotation mark placement and usage within their writing! And they might just have a little fun as they complete the worksheets.This lesson plan teaches the use of quotation
Engage students in this entertaining dialogue activity by having them create a sentence as it is said aloud, and then recreating the sentence as a piece of dialogue.
A fun sentence writing activity introducing how to use “quotation marks”. Students create a snowman, name their snowman and fill in the speech bubble. Then they take what they created and write it in sentence form. This is a great activity to pair with any snowman craft or activity!
Quotes are provided in a table format side by side with alternatives for the overused verb "said." Example: shouted/I won the lottery. Students use the verb and quote to write complete sentences that correctly employ quotation marks. The last row is blank to encourage the student to create a quo
I created this pack after I noticed many of my first graders were trying to use dialogue in their narrative writing. This 80 page unit is packed with engaging, hands-on activities to help your students master quotation mark placement and usage within their writing! It also contains comprehension re
Works well for Distance Learning! Digital graphic organizers take students through the process of writing dialogue. Students learn to use correct capitalization and punctuation with several opportunities to apply the use of quotation marks during creative writing activities.My students loved creati
You will love this Quotation Marks Packet & Flip Book! You will find tools to assist you in teaching this skill. I have gathered components to get you started on elements learning this skill. My students struggle in learning how to use correctly and this has helped them in adding dialogue to the
This print and digital resource is BURSTING at the seams with ways to practice Punctuate Dialogue! You have a plethora of material to cover Punctuating Dialogue to MASTERY! Simply Print and Go!Why YOU Will Love This Resource:#1 Your Lesson Planning is DONE for an ENTIRE WEEK!!!! #2 All Materials are
This resource includes everything you need to teach the use of commas and quotation marks in dialogue.These materials will allow you to explicitly teach, reinforce, and assess the use of commas and quotation marks in dialogue in just a few minutes a day.Now Included: Google Forms for the Practice Pr
Teach your students to use quotation marks when writing dialogue in creative writing with these no prep Google Classroom activities! Explicit teaching slides and practice slides for writing and punctuating dialogue with commas and quotation marks are all included. This resource provides many differ
A FREE Punctuating Dialogue PowerPoint! Improve punctuation in writing by using quotation marks correctly. Correct punctuation is assessed on standardized tests. You can use this for distance learning or in a face to face classroom. Show students how to use quotation marks in dialogue to follow acce
Quotation Marks Task Cards Engage your students in practicing the rules of using quotation marks in dialogue with these 32 multiple choice quotation mark task cards! Each card has three choices. One is correct and the other two have one or more errors in punctuation and quotation mark rules.*Now
Punctuating Dialogue can be difficult for students to understand. This print and digital Punctuating Dialogue Activity Bundle provides a ton of exposure to the standard! Students will identify and practice writing dialogue using speech tags in the front, speech tags in the middle, and speech tags at
This product contains a practice worksheet related to writing sentences with quotation marks. Students are given the opportunity to focus on the punctuation rules required to form written dialogue correctly.Check out my blog post (CLICK HERE!), and I will show you my matching anchor chart and tell y
Do your students need practice learning how to add quotation marks in sentences? This download includes two practice papers. The first is for practice adding quotation marks at the at the beginning of the sentence. The second is to help them add quotation marks later in the sentence. I hope both
A fun, simple activity to help students practice using quotation marks by using macaroni noodles! Just simply print and go! 5 separate pages are included in the resource - each page focusing on a different type of quotation mark (quotes in front, quotes in back and quotes being separated). The la
This 27 slide interactive powerpoint covers the many parts of using quotation marks in writing including where to put the comma, what to do when using a question mark or exclamation point, and putting quotations around poems or songs. This is part of a 9 Powerpoint Fairytales Themed Grammar series i
Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to help reinforce quotation mark rules and to practice proofreading. These cards are meant to be used as practice after students have been taught basic quotation rules. The multiple choice format makes these cards ideal for test prep. A student answer sheet an
This 22 page pack is so fun and colorful, your little monsters will love learning about quotation marks and commas in dialogue! This pack includes: *an 8.5x11 "poster" with quote and comma info *two fun games- Sort It! where students sort out correct and incorrect dialogue and Name that Monster wh
Study common punctuation marks with older students! This bundle will answer your students' questions regarding semicolons, colons, commas, quotation marks, apostrophes, hyphens, ellipses, and dashes.This punctuation bundle is printer-friendly and digital. You will receive Powerpoints, PDFs, editable
Want an engaging activity that provides a ton of exposure to Punctuating Dialogue? This Task Card Activity Bundle has it all! Your students will MASTER Punctuating Dialogue while having fun!!! This Punctuating Dialogue Task Card Bundle is an OUT OF THIS WORLD resource!Why YOU will LOVE this Task Car
This Quotation Marks Bargain Bundle includes the following three products:Quotation Marks Task CardsQuotation Marks in ContextQuotation Marks Boom Cards(Save 30% with this bundle!) Included in your download:•52 Task Cards•10 Reading Passages•14 No Prep Printables•24 Boom Cards (Read more about Boom

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