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Words at Work {Word Work Activities for Y as a Vowel}
Young readers need lots of practice with phonemic awareness, phonics, and decoding. Words at Work {Word Work Activities for Y as a Vowel} provides students with a variety of ways to practice these skills independently and is a wonderful addition to word work time, great for review, and perfect as a

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Mr. Y the Robber Guy (A Mini-Unit to Teach "Y" as a Vowel)
Your kiddos are sure to remember this phonics skill with an adorable story about Mr. Y the Robber Guy. There are over 50 pages of activities in this packet! Included are: The Story of Mr. Y (a projectable story introducing Mr. Y) Mr. Y Phonics Poster (can be placed in the room as an anchor chart)

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Level 2, Unit 7 Open Syllables, Y as a vowel, & Suffixes
Are you looking for some extra practice and review of the concepts you are teaching in Level 2 Fundations® Unit 7?!! This practice pack supports the learning of open syllables, y as a vowel, and suffixes -y, -ty, -ly.Here is what is included:Mark up words & sentences (2 pages)Open Syllable Words

Also included in: Level 2 Phonics Practice Bundle Units 1 - 17


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Y as a Vowel-Sorting and Matching Literacy Center Game
Gone Fishin' for Y as a vowel words! Reinforce the concept of Y acting as a vowel with this great literacy center! Students will love sorting 'word-fish' cards and matching them to 'long i' and 'long e' fisher-kids! This game also features student recording sheets along with editable word-fish ca

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Y as a vowel unit { Sly Y and French Fries }
Y as a vowel is a fun concept to teach. Introducing sly y and french fries. I have sly y and an original poem to go with it and french fries to help your kiddos learn this skill. ***UPDATE*** This unit was revised12/2014There are 47 pages included in this fun unit:* worksheets ( including a 2 pa

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Meet the "Y" Twins! (Y as a vowel)
Introduce your students to the "Y" twins. I and E are twin brothers with different sounds. Use these cute y as a vowel activities to familiarize your students with the sound that each one makes.

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"y" as a Vowel-Word Sorting Activities
Letter Y! Is it a consonant, is it a vowel? Teaching students about the sounds that "Y" can make can be a challenge. This sorting packet gives students practice deciding what sound the letter "Y" makes at the end of certain words. Students will have such fun learning about the letter "Y" when it so

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Y Vowel Clip Art Bundle
Y Vowel clip art that demonstrates Y as a vowel sound. This Y Vowel sound bundle contains everything found in the Y - Long E and Y-Long I clip art sets. This Y Vowel clipart set contains 24 image files, which includes 12 color images and 12 black & white images in png. All y vowel clipart images

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The Power of Y (y as a vowel- a phonics game)
My students often struggle when reading words that end with a vowel y. I created this pack to supplement my instruction and help them differentiate between the long e and long i sounds that a y can make. Included in this pack is: 1 power of y poster 2 posters (y for the long i sound and y for the l

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Orton Gillingham aligned-y as a vowel-Cry Baby Rule multisensory activities
Pacify your students with this multisensory activity for y a as a vowel! Use the cry baby rule to help your students master reading and spelling y as a vowel. Includes: * y as a vowel anchor chart * a word match activity-students match a pacifier with long i words (ex. sky) or long e sounds (ex. na

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Y Vowel Sounds Sort-Long I vs Long E--Sorting Activity
l created this sorting activity for my students to practice reading words with Y used as a vowel, such as the Y in CRY or the Y in BABY. Students read, cut, sort and glue the word into the correct category. Also check out all of my other vowel sounds, vowel teams, digraphs, r-controlled vowels, un

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Y Vowel Sound Literacy Station Pack (Long /i/ and Long /e/ sound)
This unit pack focuses on the ending sound "y" when it says the long /e/ or the long /i/. Included in this pack is: Included: - Anchor Charts - Circle it/Write it (Long E, Long I) - Word Sort Cards and Record Sheet (Pocket Chart, Word Work Station) - Write the Room Cards a

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Y as a Vowel Phonics PowerPoint Presentation
Y as a Vowel Phonics PowerPoint Presentation Price: 39 pages X .5 = $1.95 This 39 page PowerPoint is meant to enhance your phonics lesson and introduces the Y as a Vowel rule. This could be a whole group activity or used with smaller groups for review and repeated practice. Both y at the end of a

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Y as a Vowel {Guy Butterfly and Benny Bunny}
Have your students learn about Benny Bunny and Guy Butterfly for the phonics skills of y as a vowel. These engaging activities will allow your students to practice reading words and sorting words according to their sound. Here’s what’s included: Page 1 Cover Page 2-7 Pictures of Benny Bunny and Gu

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Working with Y as a Vowel Center Activities Common Core RF Standards
*UPDATED June 15, 2015* Engage your students in learning long vowel sounds for y with these great activities! Included in this pack is 4 center/small group games, center instructions and center management board mini-cards. All activity cards are in full color. Coordinating activity sheets are bla

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Y as a Vowel: Phonics Sort
Y as a Vowel: Phonics Sort Students will sort 24 Picture/Word cards into the two categories “Y Sounds Like I” and “Y Sounds Like E”. Set includes 2 sorting headers and a recording sheet for accountability. Black/White version included! Please see preview for a closer look at the words included.

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Dollar Deal! Y As a Vowel {Long e and Long i sounds} Scoot, Scavenger Hunt
This dollar deal allows for an enjoyable practice of the skill "y as a vowel". It can be used as a Scoot, Write the Room (Scavenger Hunt), literacy center, task cards, or a Quiz-Quiz-Trade. You are only limited by your imagination. This packet is included in the Reading Street Resource Pack An Eg

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Long E Spelled 'y' Vowel Sound Clip Art - poppy, holly, puppy, happy, bunny
This is a set of 6 unique clipart designs for the long 'e' vowel sound spelled 'y'. The designs are: poppy, bunny, sunny, puppy, happy and holly.This set can also be purchased as part of my Long Vowel Sounds Clip Art Mega Value Pack.This product is a .zip file. The individual designs are saved in PN

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Shoo Fly Shoo!  Y as a Vowel Game
Shoo Fly Shoo! Y as a Vowel Game This a game focusing on 'y' as a vowel. It is a station or small group activity. The children will take turns drawing a card and reading it. If a fly spray card is drawn, the child loses all his cards. If a fly swatter card is drawn, the child has to give 1 card t

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and sometimes y (vowel sounds for y)
This cut and paste activity is a fun way to sort between the long i and long e sound when spelled with y at the end of words. It can be used as a whole group activity, literacy center or for word work with Daily 5.

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I Have, Who Has Y as a Vowel
“I Have, Who Has?” is a phonics game for your kindergarten, first grade or second grade classroom. Use this phonics game to review sounds and have students practice reading the target phonics skill of the week. This is a whole group activity where students will practice decoding the words and listen

Also included in: I Have Who Has Long Vowels BUNDLE


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Y Vowel Sounds Multisensory Reading and Spelling Activities Orton-Gillingham
Use a multisensory reading and spelling techniques to teach long vowel sounds of Y and you will ensure reading success for your students. This phonics pack is suitable for reading intervention, your Orton-Gillingham lesson plan or other structured literacy programs. What is included in this resourc

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Ending Y Vowel Sound Word Sort (long i and long e)
This word sort can be made into a file folder game or a simple literacy station! Students sort the final y sound into the "long i" or "long e" category! A record sheet is also included if you want to use it as a literacy station or game! Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, comments,

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Printable Phonics 2nd Gr Unit 7 Open Syllable, Y as a Vowel, y, ly, ty Suffixes!
Do you need to "spice" up your based phonics and spelling units? If so this Fundations ® Compatible Printable Phonics pack is for you! This NO PREP, SAVE MY INK pack is Compatible with Fundations ® Level 2 (Second Edition) for unit 7, where student learning will focus on the Open Syllable Type and

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