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Every year in my high school yearbook class my very first assignment is to create a mock spread, layout template. The students are asked to pair up, interview each other, compile information, and design a spread from scratch to reflect their partner.This not only helps them get to know each other, but it also gives them a chance to experiment with the yearbook website and introduces them to layout basics. It also gives you an idea of who has a natural eye for layout and design. The students are
This yearbook journalism pack teaches students how to write captions that don't simply describe the picture, but take a deeper look into what story can be told through it. This lesson pack provides examples through handouts for your yearbook staff members to reference while writing captions for their deadline assignments. In addition to the handouts on caption writing, grammar, and spelling, there is also a lesson plan for how to introduce and grade a caption assignment in class.Along with the a
This yearbook activity pack teaches students how to design balanced, creative, and easy-to-read layouts. This assignment includes worksheets with examples, tips, and activities perfect for middle or high school journalism and yearbook classes. Laying out your yearbook is one of the first steps to creating a successful and cohesive book. Help train your students how to develop layouts that align with the theme and best represent their topic through this lesson. The PowerPoint provides specific ex
This yearbook pack teaches students how to write creative and interesting headlines for stories in journalism classes. This lesson pack provides examples through handouts for your yearbook staff members to reference while writing headlines for their deadline assignments. Tips on different ways to brainstorm and develop headlines is included in one handout and the other handout can be used to encourage your staff to practice writing headlines for their deadlines. All in all this bundle includes:➢
This yearbook pack teaches students basic photography tips and photojournalism in order to improve their technique for one of the most important parts of the yearbook, the pictures. This pack has 3 photo-based activities and is perfect for middle and high school journalism and yearbook classes. This lesson pack includes three different projects that focus on teaching photography specific to journalism. The first one covers the rules of composition, the second lesson hones in on yearbook-specific
Journalism: Newspaper and/or Yearbook Assignment Specifications Handout for Students Makes your job as advisor easier AND puts the responsibility on the student: This is an assignment sheet I used for both yearbook and newspaper staff members. When an editor or staff member had an assignment for another student, they used this sheet to give the specifics of the assignment (for writers, photographers, and design/layout). For example, if a student editor assigned a news story, he/she would f
This yearbook bundle is everything you need to prepare for 4 major yearbook deadlines during the year. Taking on yearbook can be a daunting task, but when you are organizing and have a plan you can take this massive project on one bite at a time. This bundle pack breaks down how staff members are given assignments, when to set staff deadlines, how to collect information, how to edit before submitting, and how to celebrate after. All in all this bundle includes: ➢Deadline 1 lesson plan (each less
Get your yearbook staff to teacher each other with student led lessons! Included: - Assignment Page - Rubric - Self Evaluation -Student Lesson Plan Outline -Sign Up List (with instructions) Lesson Topics: - Interview Questions - Caption Writing - Data Collection - Design Basics - Color - Typography - Resources for Following a Story - Photo Editing This assignment is fully editable. Yearbook: ***************************************************************************************************
8th - 12th
I am the yearbook teacher for a Preschool-12th grade international school overseas. My first year, I had 14 secondary students and less than a semester to create the yearbook. The first week, I had all of the students sign up for a Gmail account if they didn't have one already. For almost every step of the process, I had students refer to documents on Google Drive, especially for their spread assignments. If they forget which one they had next or when it was due, I told them to look it up onli
This yearbook project pack has three assignments that focus on getting student coverage in your yearbook. After all, the yearbook is created for the entire school, not a select group of students. The goal through these assignments is to get every student covered in the book at least two to three times. With the assignments yearbook staff members are each given a list of students they are in charge of overseeing for the entire year. With each assignment check in, they should be checking their lis
This product contains three documents: 1. A timeline under which to complete the interview, including mini-deadlines for all parts of the interview process. 2. An interview agreement form. 3. A list of creative, unique interview questions. While designed for a yearbook staff, any journalsim staff or English class could use this as an assignment.
This 9-page document includes 5 pages of information, directions, and instructions for faculty, advisors, staff, and editors, followed by a 1-page assignment sheet, and a 3-page checklist to ensure that the best material is gathered and created for each yearbook assignment.Creating page assignments for yearbook students, staff, and editors can be fraught with problems. You have to give them enough information to complete the assignment, after all, it's very frustrating to send students out to c
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Staff
Here's a great activity for yearbook/journalism students to practice their newly acquired photography composition skills. Students work with a partner to capture a variety of photos using effective composition while comparing them to a poorly composed photo.
If you have a portable digital projector in your class, this project is for you!This is a really fun project for high school photography students because it really challenges them to look at the BACKDROP of the scene to create more meaning in their photographs. It asks them to photograph a subject with a creative backdrop behind them.They get super creative with it!The assignment sheet goes through:-what a backdrop is, and how it's normally very "neutral" in most photographs-suggestions for cre
This product will help a yearbook staff (for either MS or HS) plan for and prepare secondary coverage on the people pages of the yearbook. The people pages, where all of the headshots of the students are featured, provide additional space for coverage of the students and school year. This document helps a yearbook staff (as a whole) and a yearbook staff member organize the plan for adding extra stories to these pages.
7th - 12th
Students will work independently to demonstrate their knowledge of ancient gods in a creative yearbook assignment that serves to act as a fun and creative culminating task.
This is a slide show I show at the beginning of the semester about taking photos. I then print out the slides as posters and hang them in the classroom.
7th - 12th
Students create two pages for a country and western your butt looks as though it would go in a yearbook
8th - 12th
Teach your new yearbook staff the basics of creating a weekly spread. Requires Yearbook Avenue, Yeartech Online, or similar online system. You will need to pre-teach the parts of a spread and the terminology, plus interviewing and story-writing. Additionally will require adding your staff members to your system and assigning them to a two-page spread. This is the last culminating lesson I assign before I have my new staff members start on an actual spread for our book.If you are looking for more
This is a project that students can do about characterization from the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I have them use any type of medium they wish: i.e. Ipad apps, paper, posters, etc.
A great introductory activity when you're still in the brainstorming stage, this activity has students create Pinterest boards with yearbook-related pins and then has them evaluate this method of research and organization. This can be done as homework, in a computer lab, or using smart devices.
6th - 12th
Have students reflect on all they've learned this year by having them create a "survival guide" for someone on next year's staff.
6th - 12th
Journalism teaching bundle: This introduction to journalism bundle will give you everything you need to get your journalism students started on the right foot! From news writing to the inverted pyramid, this bundle has it all!This bundle includes:- Four editable PowerPoint Presentations (The Anatomy of a Newspaper, The News Lead, News Determinants, and How to Write a Personal Profile Story)- Two story assignments (a feature story and a personal profile story)- Multiple classroom activities that

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