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FREE Yoga Pose Cards for Kids - A Calming Brain Break Activity

These yoga cards for kids include 40 cards, and 20 yoga poses. They include sequences (sun salutation and moon salutation) to encourage independent use in a calm down corner or as brain break activity. Help your students improve their self regulation and coping skills with a practical tool to manage their stress, and anxiety.These cards help:Decrease student anxiety Decrease student stressIncrease focus and concentrationImprove mindfulnessEncourage social emotional learningBuild positive classr

Yoga Pose Cards

Created by
Tiny Trees Yoga
Yoga pose cards for 28 different poses in color and black and white! Here's a few ways to use yoga pose cards: *Use with my lesson plans to illustrate pose. *Pose of the day card on what are we learning board. *Laminate and use in Peace Area/Safe Spot to help students independently self-regulate. *Use a few to do a quick brain break. *Great for visual lesson plans. *Use with popular picture books.

Free Printable Yoga Pose Cards for Children: Introduction to Yogalore

Created by
If you are looking for a way to introduce yoga to your classroom but aren't sure how, this yoga pose deck is a great way to get you started! Designed to follow along with My Daddy Is a Pretzel by Baron Baptiste, these colorful printable yoga cards for children will keep your students focused and attentive while encouraging movement. Poses from the My Daddy Is a Pretzel are in the pose and movement deck, but also quite a few of the basic poses I use in my Yogalore classes are included. In his boo

Wake Up Yoga Sequence Yoga & Movement Pose Cards FREE

Created by
Need a wake up yoga sequence to energize your students in the morning or during a Zoom class? We've got you covered! This resource is one that I originally created for a virtual yoga class I did for our local public library. I wanted something to pair with the video that would be a short little sequence for waking up in the morning or increasing our energy when learning virtually. Most all of the cards in the wake up sequence are cards from numerous pose card decks I have completed previously. S

Yoga Pose Cards | Printable Yoga Cards for Calm Down Corner

These yoga cards and posters are perfect for circle time, quiet/calming corner, and end of the day cool down. A daily mental break is great for everyone including the teacher. These can be used for grades preschool to first grade, as well as, Homeschooled children. These cards promote physical activity and diversity. This products include:12 yoga poses with namesPlease see thumbnails for previews of each card!About seller:Hello Teacher! Nice to "Meet" you! My name is Dyamond Smiley. I am a Pre-k

Free Yoga Poses Nomenclature Cards

Created by
Get kiddos moving and into Yoga! We've included 12 of our favorite Yoga poses in these cute character nomenclature cards. They are set up in a Montessori 3-part format, but please use them as you see fit. We recommend printing on cardstock and/or laminating for durability. Have requests for poses you'd like to see included? Download and leave us a comment letting us know. See our Y is for Yoga post for more Yoga fun!

FREE Yoga Cards Sampler - Clip Cards with 4 Poses

Did you know that YOGA builds strength, improves coordination, and provides deep pressure input to students so they are calm, regulated, focused, and ready to learn?Designed by occupational therapist, Dr. Lisa Marnell, this FREE clip card yoga resource has 4 poses to provide strengthening yoga moves. This one-of-a-kind resource also addresses a child's FINE MOTOR SKILLS as kids use clothespins and Play-Doh to rate and rank yoga moves in addition to trying the different poses!The 4 STRENGTHENING

High Quality Child-Friendly Yoga Pose Cards

Created by
Michael Weeks
A range of awesome unique, children's yoga poses, selected and used by kids in school and at home. Very clear, easy to read with difficulty levels to aid progression.See these poses in action at

Yoga Pose Flash Cards - The Basics - Set A

Created by
Looking for yoga flashcards to use for yourself or with others? Here are some cute and simple cards just for you! Some of my favorite uses for these cards include: practice naming and doing the poses, learning the Sanskrit names of poses, lining them up to create your own sequence or class, or for quizzing your friends/students.Poses Included:- Mountain- Easy Seated- Corpse- Table- Cat- Cow- Standing Staff- Standing Half Lift- Seated Forward Fold- Down Dog- Child's- Legs Up the Wall

Family L Kids yoga cards, Yoga Pose, Yoga Flow, Yoga Lesson plan, Children Yoga.

I created “Family L” yoga stories/flows in 2015, when I noticed my favorite pose “Dandasana” looked like “L” shape. Then I realized numerous yoga poses which I can use as starting poses also resemble the “L” shape in different angles, this inspired me to start drawing “Family L” and starting to teach in class. We have nine characters for the time being, namely Daddy L , Mommy L, Brother L, Sister L, Baby L, Grandma L & Grandpa L. Also Family L's friends, family T, V & WKids love the yoga

Patriotic Yoga Cards and Printables

WITH PURCHASE AND/OR DOWNLOAD OF PINK OATMEAL LLC'S PRODUCTS YOU ARE AGREEING TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS Love the idea of yoga for holidays? Grab the entire holiday yoga bundle and save! Patriotic Yoga Cards and Printables Yoga can be calming, provide opportunities for strengthening and range of motion. Best of all, yoga provides opportunities for learning. Patriotic yoga is great to incorporate into the classroom everyday! (note they are everyday objects and not pictures of kids in the yoga p

Yoga Articulation - Articulation Carryover for Speech Therapy S & Z FREEBIE

Target articulation carryover and incorporate some movement into your speech therapy sessions with articulation task cards for carryover. Fun & unique cards to teach S & Z at the sentence level and work on carry over of speech sounds! Print, laminate for stability, and use with students! Directions for each yoga pose are written to target specific speech sounds. Students can take turns being the yoga instructor and read the instructions for poses with their speech sounds. For younger st

12 Days of Holiday Kids Yoga - Card Deck

This printable deck is perfect for teachers, families, or ANY child-focused professional to introduce or add yoga to the day! Perfect for the Christmas Holiday season. Each card includes a image of a holiday themed object on the front and directions on how to do the pose (along with talking points to discuss while holding the pose) on the back. The deck can be done in a sequence (1st day - 12th day) to take youth through many yoga poses - a full practice. This deck is great for all ages 3-100. E

Ocean Yoga Poses for Kids FREE POSTER

Please enjoy this FREE poster, featuring 5 of the ocean yoga poses from my Ocean Yoga Card Set. Just print and you will have 5 ocean-themed yoga poses that your preschoolers will LOVE! I hope this poster makes it easy to integrate healthy movement and mindfulness that children enjoy.You might also like:⭐ Ocean Movement Activities⭐ Yoga Cards for Kids | Ocean Themed Yoga for Preschoolers⭐ Ocean Theme Preschool | FREE UNIT PLAN⭐ Brain Breaks Preschool Ocean ThemeLet's connect:✏️ TPT The  Home Aide

Yoga Pose Activity

Yoga poses are a wonderful way to encourage peace, confidence, emotional regulation, and healthy physical activity. Use this resource to model and bond with your children, students, or athletes, while you're at home, on the go, in the classroom, or outside!

Super Hero Yoga Card for Children

GIVE YOUR STUDENTS THE OPPORTUNITY TO WORK ON SUPER HERO YOGA!!!The PERFECT set for HOME-BASED YOGA Movement during the Corona-virus Outbreak and Social Distance Situation!The super hero yoga Series- 20 YOGA Poses for teaching packet is a ENGAGE AND ACTIVE set of task cards that students can use at home to stay active during times they are not at school or involved in an organized movement program. The cards make it EASY for students to perform a variety of engaging YOGA movements in small s

Yoga Sequence Cards

I enjoy using these Yoga sequences for body breaks as a whole class - sometimes with calming music. Once students are familiar with the poses I leave them in an accessible place for students to use during free time. These cards includes 8 yoga sequence cards with watercolour visual examples of each pose. Yoga poses include:Butterfly PoseFlower PoseDownward DogAirplane PoseBridge PoseBee PoseMountain PoseTree PoseFrog PoseSalute to the SunResting PoseHappy BabyEach card comes with a back to be pr

Kid Yoga Poses

Have a sensory seeking kid?Looking for ways to increase regulatory input?Here is a variety of yoga poses that focus on providing proprioceptive input to increase overall sensory processing skills!

Boom Cards™ ● The Easy Peasy Letter Companion ● Alphabet Activities ● Letter Aa

Boom Cards™ ● The Easy Peasy Letter Companion ● Alphabet Activities ● Letter AaA COMPLETE INTERACTIVE SET OF ACTIVITIES TO COINCIDE WITH YOUR ALPHABET INSTRUCTION!Kid-friendly audio that engages students.All of the activities reinforce letter names and sounds in a fun, game-based way.High-quality audio directions included for each activity.Movement breaks and yoga poses included to help all little ones achieve their best learning.Motivational stickers included to keep kiddos excited about their

Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses for toddlers and Pre-k up to early elementary. These are the most used item on our gross motor shelf with all of my kids, ages 10 months to 8 years. Print on card stock for durability and laminate.

ABC Yoga Cards

Created by
Sarah Jarvis
Learn your ABCs while doing Yoga Poses. Perfect for Inside Recess Activities or Warm-ups!

Yoga Position Cards Sample

Created by
Lydia Ciavarella
Create your own classroom of reflective yogis with these yoga position cards! These are yoga cards that you can use in your classroom to help regulate your students' behavior as well as helping them to learn how to self-regulate their behavior. I find it helps students to calm down and reflect on their actions when they can concentrate on their breathing and simple movements. There are 3 cards with a picture of an animal and directions how to achieve the position on one side, and then the name

Funny Yoga Pose Physical Education and Health Class Poster

Put a smile on your students' faces with this funny and cute yoga pose poster. This is a great to get students excited about yoga or connects yoga to something they know well - emojis! However you use it, wherever you display it, it will bring a smile to faces and put yoga in a positive light. Enjoy!

Calming Self-Regulation Skills- Bees Breath and Sitting Mountain Yoga Pose

A Simple step by step lesson plan to teach young children how to do Bee's Breath with Sitting Mountain Pose to help teach them the skills to calm their bodies and of self-regulation. Flash Cards included. This is an easy and effective calming exercise to teach children. This exercise was one of the students favorites!
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