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Create a motivational wall or affirmation station in your classroom to celebrate each student's unique traits they have on the inside! Place these posters in your classrooms to motivate your students to think about all of the great traits they possess and celebrate each child!
Do your students struggle with whether they should tell you about something that happened on the playground? Are they tattling nonstop? Use these mini posters to end the tattling! There are 3 Tattling vs. Telling and 3 Tattling vs. Reporting posters in 3 different chevron color schemes: rainbow,
PreK - 6th
Giant ASL Clipart - LOVED (clipart from Dancing Crayon Designs) 5 different posters with NC Fonts of both rainbow and black font with ASL clipart of the work LOVED 5 different large NC Fonts for bulletin board use
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
“You can't know where you're going until you know where you've been.” - Unknown The idea behind the above quote was the inspiration for the materials enclosed in this packet. I needed my students to reflect on their current reading behaviors in order for them to understand how to improve as reader
ATTENDING SCHOOL BRINGS OUT EMOTIONS! This colorful “How do you Feel Today?” lists and displays a variety of emotions that a student might “feel” during a typical school day, all in a one “DYNAMIC” and “EYE-CATCHING” poster. What is a more exciting way to display EMOTIONS in your classroom than wit
Feelings Posters - Happy, sad, curious, bored, proud, embarrassed, shocked, angry, shy, scared There are: ★ 4 single page posters with all “feelings” (4 different designs including color and b&w) ★ 20 full page posters (2 different designs, both in color) ★ 10 half page posters in color Great
PreK - 3rd
Dr. Seuss motivational quote for classroom decor. "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than YOU!" ***** See my DR. SEUSS POSTER PACKAGE by clicking link BELOW: ***** Dr. Seuss Classroom Poster Package - 5 Seusstastic Inspirational Quotes
How Are You Feeling? Year Round Posters PackColor AND Black & White!GREAT for a counseling room, therapy room, or a classroom! These posters are a great option for functional decor. I created them for the counseling office at my school and also for my speech room. I created a poster for each mon
K - 12th, Adult Education
These Christmas emoji posters are perfect for your school counseling office during the holiday season! Students will love identifying their feelings with these cute Santas and elves :) Print from your computer on 8.5x11 or have your posters printed at your favorite local printer in 12x18, or 18x24.
A perfect addition to your classroom that is both cute and inspiring for your students. I keep these posted in a visible spot in my classroom and refer to them daily. They are such a strong and important reminder in helping students recognize their worth and value! I have included 8 "You Are" poste
Do you want to be able to differentiate learning for your students? Have you taken classes that recommend that you get to know students' interests and learning styles? Are you in need of activities for the first week back at school? Do you need a colorful display for your wall? Look no further!
An A2 sized classroom poster for your door, wall or board. Print large scale for your display. Motivational, inspirational, encouraging and colourful print for all types of class rooms and educational facilities. When you enter this classroom, you are scientists, you are authors, you are important
2nd - 10th, Staff
Gather student data using this easy behaviour management poster. Each day, give your students a post it note. One the sticky side, they are asked to write their name and place it on the poster so that no one can see their name (as it is hiding on the other side). Here, you can get a snapshot of whic
This is a great sign to hang as students enter your classroom to let them know how special they are! Clip art from http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Phyllis-Harris and http://libby-bonjour.blogspot.com/
Not Grade Specific
These Winter "How are you feeling?" posters are perfect for your school counseling office during the winter months! Students will love identifying their emotions with these cute polar bears and snowmen. These are also great for feelings identification during individual counseling or small group coun
Our library doors are one of the first things you see when you walk in our school building, and I thought this would be a perfect quote to read when students, parents, or community members stop by. I am absolutely in love with this quote, and definitely think it will help set the tone for a wonderfu
PreK - 6th
Use these classroom posters to remind your students that they are individually special! Enjoy! The posters are in landscape orientation. Posters Include: You Are Kind. You Are Smart. You Are Important. You Are Loved. You Are Why We Are Here!
PreK - 4th
A poster showing a variety of masks that are worn in classrooms! The poster says, ¨What Mask are you Wearing?¨ This poster could be a conversation topic, a morning question or on a bulletin board! It will definitely get students thinking that there are endless options for masks and begin noticing wh
Calm Down Techniques will help you teach your students strategies to calm down when they are upset. It includes a class read aloud, calm down posters, calm down cards, yoga cards, deep breaths visual, book list, positive notes, and more! Teaching students how to manage their emotions is a life skil
Are you ready to raise the bar of your reading instruction? These reading strategy anchor charts and posters will help your students develop strong comprehension skills. These easy to read and ready to print reading anchor charts work as a great companion for your read aloud or small group lesson. T
Overview:This is a great way to start off your guided reading time or you can use the cards as an extra intervention! Strategies included are: stretchy snake, lips the fish, tryin' lion, eagle eye, skippy frog, chunky monkey, and flippy dolphin. If you want to see more, check out the preview and rea
Feelings and Emotions is loaded with fun activities to teach your students about all about feelings. It includes posters/cards, a graph, feeling wheels, write the room, and real feeling photographs. These exciting activities will help you build a caring classroom community of learners who will supp
Fire Drill book and routine posters! Fire drills can be scary for younger students. It’s loud and there are kids everywhere! I hope this helps make fire drills less scary and manageable for your students.At the beginning of the year, I will read this book a few times. This book tells them what to ex
Problem Solving Solutions posters and techniques support your students to solve their own problems! Problem solving is a skill we need to teach just like we need to teach letters and sounds. It takes lots of practice and visual supports. Included are 16 techniques problem solving solutions (aka c

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