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Project Based Learning (PBL) - Area & Perimeter - Zoo Design Project
Included in this project guide are multiple versions of steps/student handout sheets. Measurements are in centimetres (cm). There are sheets: - Focused on students showing their understanding of ONLY perimeter- Focused on students showing their understanding of BOTH perimeter and area***************
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Biome Zoo Exhibit Project
The Zoo Exhibit Project is a fun and creative way for students to practice research skills while learning about the six major land biomes of the world. The project begins with whole class instruction to introduce the six main land biomes and other vocabulary words students will need for the project
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Build A Zoo Habitat Project
The project is a fun way to teach your students about animal habitats using a project-based learning approach. During this project, your students become Habitat Creators for a local zoo. They will pretend that a local zoo has contacted them to design a habitat for one of their animals. They will nee
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Design-A-Zoo Math Project
This Design-A-Zoo Project is an ideal assignment for vacations or to do in a project-based classroom. This project inspires very creative responses from students. In this project, students must use their knowledge of area and perimeter to create a zoo. Students choose the size of each animal's e
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Dr. Seuss | If I Ran the Zoo | Book Project
If I Ran the Zoo is a children's book written by Dr. Seuss in 1950. The book is written in anapestic tetrameter, Seuss's usual verse type, and illustrated in Seuss's pen-and-ink style. It tells the story of a child named Gerald McGrew who, when visiting a zoo, finds that the exotic animals are "not
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PBL Math Enrichment Project | Build a Zoo Project Based Learning
This math PBL is a perfect end of the year math review project that will have your students practicing real-world math applications! This project based learning task is a great extension and enrichment activity for your early finishers. It allows them to act as a zookeeper building a brand new zoo i

Also included in: PBL Math Enrichment Projects - Bundle #1

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Create a jungle safari, or zoo themed classroom with this popular decor bundle containing 35 printable decorations, classroom organization, and classroom management tools. Many of the items also include editable PowerPoint files so that you can customize them to meet your needs. THIS 200+ PAGE JU
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Design a Zoo -- Area & Perimeter - 21st Century Math Project
If your Geometry class feels like a Zoo, then maybe you ought to join them! In this integrated 21st Century Math Project, students will put their area and perimeter skills to the test! Focusing on unique shapes, regular polygons & apothems and irregular figures, students determine which exhibits

Also included in: 21st Century Geometry Math Project Starter Bundle -- Common Core Aligned

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21st Century Math Projects - All OF THE PROJECTS! -- Middle & High School
The project is the core of what I have built my classroom around. Scaffolding learners to real world projects. This bundle includes the 105+ math projects I have written. This is over 2,700 pages of content. 21st Century Math Projects each scaffold through an authentic context and math skill buildi
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Construct a Zoo - Area and Perimeter - Project-Based Learning
This project-based learning activity lets students put their knowledge of area and perimeter to the test as they construct their very own zoo! This project contains two leveled-assignment tasks, as well as differentiated extension activities, combining mathematics and ELA skills into one project!
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Design an Animal Habitat: Project-Based Learning Activity
Learn about and discover Animals and their Habitats with science, writing, drawing, problem solving, research with technology and create a small scale, dream habitat for a choice of animal.Description: Prompt for Inquiry You are have been hired to design a dream habitat for an animal of your choice

Also included in: Animals and their Habitats Bundles: Project Based Learning

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Fact-Based Opinion Writing - Should Animals be in Zoos?
Engage your writers like never before! Should animals be in zoos? Let them decide! This 3 week long research and fact based argumentative writing unit contains everything you need to have your students begging to write each day, including research materials! Students love being knowledgeable on the

Also included in: Fact-Based Opinion Writing Unit Bundle

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Zoo Animals Research And Writing Project!
ZOO ANIMALS in your classroom! This standards aligned, differentiated research project is perfect for studying zoo animals. Students can document their learning with writing and pictures as they study, research and observe animals.. Included in this research creation are graphic organizers and anc

Also included in: Research Project Bundle: Spring Research And Writing Curriculum

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Animal Research Project {Easy Research Booklet}
Make animal research easy with this simple, student driven unit! This product includes: - Full unit plan for 3 weeks of instruction - Student animal selection cards - "Everything I know about..." page to document what students know before starting the research - "Everything I learned about..." pa
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All About Zoo Animals-Bundled! (informative text, crafts, vocab, & much more)
THIS IS A HUGE SAVINGS!!! EACH ANIMAL WILL BE SOLD SEPERATELY FOR $3.00 EACH. Plus you get lots of extras with this bundle!!!! Over 250 pages that are ready to be printed and used in your classroom! This awesome pack includes lots of activities to help your kiddos learn about 13 different zoo anima
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6th Grade Math Projects, Weekly Math Enrichment Projects For the Entire Year!
6th Grade Math Enrichment Research Projects for the Entire Year! From calculating zoo ticket prices with different packages and different percentage discounts, to creating ratios to record famous historical flights, to calculating the circumference and area of record breaking items; your students wi
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The One and Only Ivan Novel Study and Enrichment Project Menu
Everything you need to use Katherine Applegate's award winning novel, "The One and Only Ivan" effectively in your classroom! A no-prep standards based interactive notebook literature guide with follow-up reading response questions for every chapter as well as vocabulary, writing projects, activities
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Ecosystems Project Based Learning Design Your Own Ecosystem Zoo
This ecosystem project is perfect for integrating area, perimeter, geometry, and STEM learning in your science classroom! Students work through a series of steps, including research, to design and build a model of their own ecosystem zoo!This project focuses not only on ecosystems, but allows for r
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Solar System and Planets Research Organizer Project/ Foldable (Astronomy Unit)
Solar System: This solar system booklet is a fun hands on activity for students to use in their interactive notebooks. The students will need to research each planet to discover fun facts about each planet in the Solar System. A completed Solar System/ Planets accordion booklet is also included as

Also included in: Astronomy Bundle: Stars, Moon Phases, Eclipses, Solar System and Planets, etc.

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Project Based Learning with STEM: Animal Habitats and Enclosures
The zoo needs help! Students work cooperatively to design an animal habitat and enclosure for the zoo! In this STEM project, students use their imagination and creativity to build an animal habitat and enclosure designed to meet their animal's needs.A fabulous way to integrate science standards for

Also included in: Zoo Animal Habitat Bundle: PBL, STEM, Writing, Literacy

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PBL and Jelly: Animals In The School, Project Based Learning Activities
How will your students react when they find our that their principal wants to turn the school into a zoo? This PBL includes four separate activities with that premise of wild animals being part of the everyday routine. School would still be a school, but there would definitely be some new resident
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Zoo Crafts Bundle
Zoo Cut and Paste SetThis is a Zoo Cut and Paste Set that includes patterns and directions to make 7 crafts. They include a lion, giraffe, elephant, monkey, zebra, hippo, and zoo keepers. It includes all the necessary templates for xeroxing. Just copy onto construction paper!Each download PDF inclu
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Area and Perimeter Project: Build a Park Project Based Learning
Are you needing to check your student's mastery of area and perimeter? Students will, plan, calculate, and create a park of their choice while you facilitate the process! (6 to choose from!) Then, students will present their park to the group of "investors" in the classroom! Student-led learning at
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End of Year Design a Zoo Math Activity
Here is an end of year Design a Zoo Math Challenge. This is the opening scenario for this 41 page Design a Zoo activity... "Congratulations! You and your team of engineers and zoologists have convinced the WZA (World Zoological Association) that your team is the right one to design the next world zo

Also included in: End of Year Math Activities Bundle

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