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Fossils Lab
Experiencing Fossils Experiencing Fossils is a fun activity to do with your students so they can dig up fossils, measure and observe them, determine what the environment they came from was like, then compare fossils with another group. Pairs do the following: -dig up their fossil -determine the ma

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Fossils Activity Poster
Fossils: Poster Activity Let your students show what they know about fossils using this 8.5 x 11 "All About Fossils" poster. This poster will look great hanging outside your classroom, and parents will enjoy reading them when they are sent home. The fossils poster activity has plenty of places f

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Types of Fossils Activity
Different types of fossils. True form, cast, mold, and trace fossils. Students will replicate each type of fossil and glue it to the handout.

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Organic Compounds Exhibition Station Task Cards- Macromolecules
A visual journey for your students to learn all about macromolecules from these stations. 27 Stations (34 task cards total). Laminate these (or use sheet protectors) and enjoy for many years! These organic compounds task cards are my "exhibition style" task cards- students go to each station or "

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Sedimentary Rock Formation Activity
Experiencing Sedimentary Rock is a fun activity to do with your students to help them understand the processes that lead to the formation of sedimentary rock. This file includes: • Lesson Suggestions • Directions to create a sediment bottle • Sediment Bottle Recording Booklet • Sedimentary Rock For

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Fossil Hunter (4 Types of Fossils)
Students become paleontologists, searching for fossils (cut out and placed) around the classroom. There are 20 fossils, including: true-form (body), trace, mold and cast. Children walk around with a clipboard and investigate each fossil (labeled A-T). They circle whether it is a body or trace, as we

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Understanding Paleontology
This 185 page unit is filled with paleontology themed content. Included are themed vocabulary words (paleontologist, prehistoric, dinosaur, fossil, mineral, earthquake, sedimentary, excavate, extinct, brush, pickaxe and goggles). You'll have access to various ways to respond to vocabulary. I

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Geologic Time Scale Activity | Printable and Digital Distance Learning
This activity provides excellent instruction on the geologic time scale and the evolution of life on Earth for your Biology or Life Science students in grades 8 - 12. This activity can be used as a classroom activity or a homework activity during your "History of Life on Earth" or "Evolution" units

Also included in: Earth's History and the Origin of Life Bundle


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Dinosaur Craft Activity
Dinosaur Craft ActivityYour students will love making this fun dinosaur puppet craft activity! Hands on learning fun to supplement your studies on dinosaurs!❤ CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW GREEN APPLE LESSONS!

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Dinosaur Coloring Pages
This pack is a great addition to your dinosaur unit! These fun coloring pages are great to put at a station. I had my students water color them and they came out amazing! This coloring pack includes:** = TWO versions- ** Dinosaurs (all in one)- ** Stegosaurus- ** Pterodactyl & Triceratops- **

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MS-ESS1-4 Index Fossils Lab Stations Activity
About SNAPs Lab Stations ActivitiesSNAPs Lab Stations Activities require students to use science, math, literacy, problem-solving and engineering skills. They are designed to enhance students' understanding of scientific concepts and help students apply scientific ideas to the real world. Each stati

Also included in: Earth's History Lab Stations Bundle


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Jell-O Amber Fossils
This Jell-O amber fossils science activity is a great addition to a fossils or paleontology unit! This product includes: - Materials list - Preparation directions - Activity directions - Activity page I hope you and your kiddos enjoy!

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Dinosaur Fossil Matching: for Montessori or Science Centers
These cards are a fun way to familiarize children with different dinosaurs. This is a unique activity that shows children what different dinosaur bones look like! You can use them to create many different kinds of activities. You can use these cards for your science centers, dinosaur unit study, or

Also included in: Dinosaur Bundle for Hands-on Activities


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STEM: Let's Build A... Dinorsaur
Need a quick STEM pack that is theme based and can help you tie in NGSS engineering standards, provide hands on activities and connect to your Rock and Fossil Unit? This new series can do that for you with Let's Build a...Dinosaur! This pack includes: -3 STEM connections -engineering design poster

Also included in: Let's Build STEM Bundle


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Fossils Scavenger Hunt
A fun student centered activity where students go on a scavenger hunt to answer a questionnaire. They will have to locate clue cards hidden around the room, read the clue cards and decide what information can be used to answer questions. Not only will they have to decide what information to use, but

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Cell Phone Cladograms
Introduce cladograms with something that almost every student has, cell phones! Trace the evolution of cell phones with the 10 cell phone picture/information cards. Also included... 3 differentiated versions of the data table: - Completed data table - Data table with only the categories and ce

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Dinosaur Interactive Coloring Sheets
Dinosaur Coloring sheets - interactive and pattern-filled Pop Art coloring sheets including writing prompts--NO PREP! This unique set of Pop Art Dinosaur coloring sheets features 5 interactive coloring sheets, 5 pattern filled coloring sheets, 2 writing prompts plus a blank writing prompt page to cr

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Classifying Rocks Experiment
***No Materials Needed*** This experiment is a great way for you to introduce the three types of rocks to your students. I usually teach characteristics first, and use this activity is an excellent way to transition into the three types. It first allows students to observe two groups of rocks. I

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Bill Nye the Science Guy - Fossils
Includes 3 different handouts with answer keys to accompany the Bill Nye the Science Guy video for Fossils. The handouts include 2 fill-in-the-blanks (same questions, but 1 includes a word bank) and a fill-in-the-blank for the song at the end! You can use any of the handouts to fit your needs inclu

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FOSSILS Flip Flap Book ®
Fossils: This Fossils Flip Flap Book® resource is Interactive and Engaging! Learning about Fossils will be fun and informative using this Fossils Flip Flap Book® Included in this unit is: * 1 F-O-S-S-I-L-S Flip-Flap Book®- The students will have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learn

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Jurassic Dinosaurs, Coloring Pages, Zen Doodles
"Quiet, all of you! They're approaching the Tyrannosaur paddock!" - Dinosaurs are cool! Surprise your students with 10 zen tangle, dinosaur coloring pages to allow for educational, mindful coloring in your classroom. This is the safest way to show your students dinosaurs, I promise! All coloring pag

Also included in: Zen Doodle Coloring Pages, Year Long Bundle


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Weathering, Erosion, Deposition - Hands-on STATIONS
I use this after students have learned the basics about weathering, erosion, and deposition. My on-level or special needs students use their notes about WED to help them with the follow-up questions to the activity at each station. Students travel in groups around the room to complete each activit

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Dinosaur Addition Center
Dinosaur Addition Center Print off the dinosaur eggs on construction paper. Before laminating, write the set number on the back of the egg to make it easier for you to keep them organize. Place one set in a center with the appropriate recording sheet. Students have to read color words to find the c

Also included in: Dinosaurs Bundle


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Geologic Time WebQuest
Berkeley has a really nice interactive website about Geologic Time. This WebQuest walks students through the interactive in Part I, and in Part II, they get to research a dinosaur of their choice. This usually takes my students one class period (40ish minutes). I use it in my 7th grade Earth Science

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