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Describing & Inferring Details with Picture of the Day: Reading Photos "Closely"
*************************************** Picture of the Day now available in Volume 2. *************************************** #supportaussiefarmers This Picture of the Day product is a great way for students to practice three very important reading skills - observing details by being able to desc
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Project Based Learning: GEOMETROCITY!  Build a City of Math with Geometry (PBL)
Project Based Learning: GEOMETROCITY! Build a City Made of Math with Geometry. Imagine, Design, and Build a City with this 2D and 3D Adventure! -Project Based Learning -Real World Application -Geometry, Maps, & More -Extension Activities -Differentiated Levels Geometrocity is a project bas

Also included in: The Project Based Learning Bundle! 14 PBL Activities

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Growth Mindset
Do your students have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? These engaging activities are designed as a way to foster a Growth Mindset culture in your classroom with your students. Your students will learn attributes of someone who demonstrates growth mindset vs fixed mindset, write about their goa

Also included in: Growth Mindset Mega Bundle

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Growth Mindset
GROWTH MINDSET BEST SELLER AND ON SALE! This growth mindset resource includes EVERYTHING you need to teach about growth mindset in a meaningful way!Imagine if your class was full of students who would:* Be willing to try new things* Stick with hard tasks and not give up* Push themselves to do their
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Project Based Learning: Zoo Design with Area and Perimeter (PBL)
Project Based Learning: Zoo Design with Area and Perimeter, Map Skills, and More! This also includes differentiated activities, math skills, problem solving, aligned with Common Core, and extension activities. This project is based around the idea of students creating a zoo using their knowledge

Also included in: The Project Based Learning Bundle! 14 PBL Activities

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HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) Reading Response Sheets
#1 seller!! Check out what teachers are saying about this product! This download includes the first edition of my no-prep H.O.T.S reading response sheets. The activities are designed to encourage your students to understand, create, evaluate, and analyze text on a deeper level. They are aligned to
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Fact or Opinion Task Cards: 32 cards for practicing fact and opinion
Use these 32 task cards to help students learn the difference between fact and opinion. Each card features three related sentences. Students must select which one is either a fact or opinion. The multiple choice format makes these cards ideal for test prep. If you want your students to go a little
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Creative Thinking A-Z Task Cards { Early Finishers , Enrichment , Centers}
Are you ready for your students to stretch their brains? Use these fun creative thinking A-Z task cards to do just that! These cards are perfect for early finishers, morning work, brain breaks, enrichment, or centers. You can even give your students a card for homework (which my students love, be
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Math Logic Puzzles Shapes - levels A,B,C BUNDLE
This set of interactive pattern block logic puzzles will have kids begging for more! Easy to use, these brain teasers are a great math center that will keep kids engaged while improving your students’ skills needed to solve logic tasks as well as developing their visual discrimination skills.These p
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15 Working Memory Brain Games: Improve executive function in 5 minutes a day!
WORKING MEMORY BEST SELLER! These 15 research-based brain games are designed to improve kids' working memory in five minutes of partner game play daily for just 9 weeks! If you've ever complained that students lack the following skills, an executive function of the brain called working memory might
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See Think Wonder WRITE Morning Work
What is See Think Wonder Write?Are you ready to ignite learning and engagement within your classroom? In this BIG versatile and integrated pack, photographs are used to spark thinking, questioning, analyzing, evaluating, describing, inferring, and meaningful writing! Students will also learn through

Also included in: See Think Wonder Write BUNDLE PACK Morning Work

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Shades of Meaning: A Cooperative Vocabulary & Language Center {Common Core}
Attn: Click here to get Shades of Meaning Volume 2 - NOW AVAILABLE. I created this 21st century vocabulary center to give my students a meaningful opportunity to work independently with others in a cooperative, collaborative and critical thinking setting, without me to work on and increase vocabula
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Kindergarten & 1st Grade Homework Choice Boards (EDITABLE): Play/Experience HW
As teachers, we know how hard our students work each day. We also know that fine-motor, gross-motor, and social-emotional skills are just as important as academic skills…especially with our young learners. These critically important skills are often pushed to the side at school and at home. I crea
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HOTS Reading Response Sheets {THE COMPLETE PACKAGE}
This download includes the first and second editions of my no-prep H.O.T.S reading response sheets. The activities are designed to encourage your students to understand, create, evaluate, and analyze text on a deeper level. They are aligned to the Common Core Standards and can be used over & ove
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Back to School Growth Mindset Activities-Beginning of the Year Activities
Are you looking for something unique for beginning of the year activities? Do you want to foster a growth mindset with your students right from the start? If so, try these banners and activities for a growth mindset! These banners are designed as a way to foster a Growth Mindset culture in your cl
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Dictionary Dig Task Cards: 30 Challenges to Practice Dictionary Skills
Each of these 30 Dictionary Dig cards requires students to find a word in the dictionary that fits the given clue. The clues are open-ended, so there will be several possible answers for each one. In fact, one way to offer an extra challenge is to require students to find two different words for eac
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Making Inferences with Short Animated Films
UPDATED FORMATTING! (6/27/2015) If you own this, please download again! :) I used this activity to reinforce my students’ inferencing skills and they LOVED it! I have included inferencing questions that correspond to several short films which are easily accessible online. The films range anywhere
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Scavenger Hunts: 18 for Dictionary, Library, Math, Nature, Internet +
This is a collection of 18 fun and educational scavenger hunts. Scavenger hunts are a motivating way for kids to explore a subject or medium. They can be done individually or in small groups. This product includes the following scavenger hunts (please see the free preview for more details): -Li
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Early Finishers Task Cards
Each of these 150 "Thinkable" cards has a different creative and/or critical thinking activity. They will help your students to grow their lateral and higher level thinking skills and are great for fast finishers as well as GAT students. Thinkables can be used in a variety of ways in your classroo

Also included in: Writing Prompts Task Card Bundle: 764 Cards in Five Sets!

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This Escape the School breakout activity is perfect as a back to school escape room or can be used ANY time you need a fantastic learning adventure for your students!The back story of Escape the School has your kids trapped in school by a giant who thinks they are way too clever. They will be there


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List It! Task Cards
Use these 60 cards as a fun creative thinking enrichment activity. Students can work on cards individually using notebook paper for their answers, or use as a game with groups. When using as a game, students can set a timer for one to three minutes depending on the age of your students. Students us

Also included in: Creative and Critical Thinking Task Cards : 6 Set Bundle (368 cards!)

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Goal Setting Lessons for SMART Goals
Teach students to set goals with these classroom goal setting lessons. By the end of the unit, students will understand what it means to set SMART goals. These five goal-setting lessons have a whole group lesson plan as well as small group and individual activities to help students see and underst

Also included in: Goal Setting & Data Portfolio {BUNDLE} - INDIVIDUAL LICENSE

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New Years 2019 Goal Setting Flap Book
Ring in the New Year by having students reflect on their best moment in 2018 and set personal and academic goals for 2019. It includes pages up through 2023.Purchase the BUNDLE of Seasonal Craftivieis and save!This flap book gives students an opportunity to set meaningful SMART goals during the f

Also included in: Thanksgiving - Monthly Themed Craftivity & Flap Book Bundle

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Fairy Tales STEM Challenges Goldilocks, Rapunzel, and Robin Hood Activity Bundle
STEM activities / challenges with STEM tales! STEM tales are a series of STEM challenges that are accessible for your youngest budding engineers; they use a fairy tale that your students are likely already familiar with. By adding in a story element, those students that might typically shy away from
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