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Author's Purpose Task Cards using PIE
Here are 24 cards to help your students practice determining the author's purpose. Each card features a short reading passage and the three multiple choice PIE options. Students are also asked to justify their answers. This activity is meant to be supplemental and should be used after your students

Also included in: Reading Strategies Task Card Mini Bundle: Author's Purpose, Connections, Summary


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Drawing Conclusions Task Cards Making Inference Reading Skills Practice
These 32 short story drawing conclusions task cards are a great way to practice inference, which can be one of the trickier reading strategies. The multiple-choice format makes them ideal for test prep. Students can use these cards individually at a center or they could also test each other in pairs

Also included in: Drawing Conclusions Task Cards Boom Cards Bundle Distance Learning


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Nonfiction Text Features Task Cards for Informational Text
Use these 23 Nonfiction Text Feature Task Cards as a supplemental activity to increase your students' understanding and to help them to use nonfiction (informational text) resources more effectively. Each of these 23 cards includes a nonfiction text feature term, a short definition, and a writing ta

Also included in: Informational Text Task Card Bundle


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Context Clues Task Cards  32 Sentence Cards for Grades 3 and 4
These 32 context clue task cards will help your students to better understand what they read and to improve their vocabularies. Great for test prep too! Students can use these cards individually at a center or they could also test each other in pairs. Another option is to use the cards with the whol

Also included in: Context Clues Task Cards & Boom Cards Bundle Set 1 Grades 3/4 Distance Learning


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Sequencing Task Cards  Sequence of Events with short passages
Here are 32 sequencing cards to help your students master this important reading strategy. Each card features a paragraph (with signal words) and a sequencing question about the order of events. Each paragraph is used on two consecutive cards to encourage car

Also included in: Reading Strategies Task Card Bundle 648 reading skills cards


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Reading Skill of the Day Weekly Journal | Distance Learning
Engage your students in a daily review of 17 key reading skills with this *HUGE* Reading Skill of the Day Weekly Journal. HAVE YOUR STUDENTS COMPLETED THE FIRST 20 WEEKS? SET TWO HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED!I also have a *NEW* Language/Grammar version of this journal, too! Click here for more info.Each w

Also included in: Reading Skill of the Day Weekly Journal FULL SET BUNDLE | Distance Learning


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Summarizing Paraphrasing Quoting | Distance Learning
16 half-page informational text task cards with three prompts on each card to help your students practice summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting nonfiction texts! Have you students complete all three prompts to learn and easily see the difference between the three concepts, or have them complete on

Also included in: ADVANCED Reading Skills Task Card Bundle | Distance Learning | Google Classroom


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Main Idea Craftivity
Here's a hands-on, creative way to practice identifying the main idea and detail sentences! This is an engaging activity where your students match 3 details to the main idea. It also makes a creative bulletin board or school hallway display! It can also be used as a novel entry in an interactive no

Also included in: Main Idea Bundle (4th, 5th, and 6th grade)


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Nonfiction Text Features Foldable Craftivity | PDF & Digital | Distance Learning
This engaging study guide activity pack includes two foldable activity options related to nonfiction text features. ACTIVITY 1: Introduction to Text Features Study Guide- I use this as an introduction activity. I give each student a packet, and I place my own copy under the doc camera. We go thro

Also included in: Nonfiction Text Feature BUNDLE


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Text Detectives- Find the Text Evidence Through the Year BUNDLE! (August- May)
The ORIGINAL Text Detectives for Color-Coded Comprehension and Text Evidence! :) This bundle includes over 160 Text Detectives passages for August through May- for 25% OFF! Do your students have trouble finding text evidence to support their answers to basic comprehension questions? After reading s

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Reading Response Sheets - Collaborative Activity
This resource is a high engagement collaborative reader response activity for comprehension checks to be used with small groups in your classroom, while still holding each individual accountable. Each page contains a reading response question (that will work with a variety of texts), information ab

Also included in: 4th to 6th Grade Essential Bundle


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Nonfiction Text Features: Posters & Scavenger Hunt
With the Common Core's increased emphasis on nonfiction, this packet with be very helpful in keeping your students engaged and involved in a wide variety of activities to understand nonfiction text features. NF Text Features included are: - Table of Contents - Index - Glossary - Map - Caption - Ch

Also included in: Nonfiction Text Features {BUNDLE}: Posters & Scavenger Hunt


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Grammar Third Grade Activities: Unit 1
This bundle includes eight weeks of grammar activities with a different skill each week! The resources will help you to teach, practice and assess parts of speech and plural nouns. This is a money saving bundle! If you purchased all eight of these units individually, it would cost $24. This is a hug

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Author's Purpose Bundle
This author's purpose bundle is designed to teach upper elementary and middle school students about an author's purpose for writing a literary piece in a way that will keep them engaged. This bundled product takes the PIE approach to teaching author's purpose to the next level. Students are taught t


Figurative Language: A Bundle of Activities with Lesson Plans!
This bundle of figurative language resources features many engaging activities, including a PowerPoint, a flipbook, partner plays, games, worksheets, and more!The following literary devices are featured in this bundle: →Simile→Metaphor→Onomatopoeia→Personification→Alliteration→Hyperbole→IdiomThis bu


AUTHOR'S PURPOSE Task Cards (PLUS - Cooperative Learning Activities)
Don't let those TASK CARDS sit in a box not knowing how to have students use/practice them!!! These task cards are the perfect, engaging activity for students to master the Comprehension Reading Strategy--AUTHOR'S PURPOSE--PLUS ENGAGE students by incorporating one of the NINE (& Growing) COOPER

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Multiple Meaning Words Task Cards Set 1
Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to reinforce common multiple meaning words (homographs). Each of the featured words appears on two cards. For example, the word "duck" appears on card #1 as the waterfowl and again on card #17 as the verb, to bend down. Not only will this help to solidify the

Also included in: Vocabulary Task Cards: 16 Set Bundle


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Reading Test Prep 101 (Lessons and Activities)
Reading Test Prep 101! Hands-on, interactive reading test prep without "drill and kill." In this engaging mini-unit students analyze the test as a genre, identify different types of questions, and plan their test day strategies. Works with any passage and in any grade-level!Who is This For? Third,

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Nonfiction Text Feature BUNDLE
This Nonfiction Text Feature bundle is designed to teach students the various text features included in informational text in a way that will keep them engaged. 23 text features are included. This Common Core bundle contains a wide variety of activities, including: 1. a 120-slide PowerPoint 2. a 6


Making Inferences Task Card Bundle   Inferencing Reading Strategy
Your kids will be inference masters with this discounted bundle! Includes 5 sets (144 cards) of fun and challenging cards. Each card features a short passage and text-dependent questions. All sets come with answer keys and either a student answer sheet or recording sheet. There are also challenge ca


Nonfiction Text Structure Flipbook | Printable & Digital | Distance Learning
Text structure activities in a fun flipbook to review or practice! Covers the following nonfiction text structures with example passages: cause & effect, compare & contrast, sequence/chronological order, problem & solution, and description. This flipbook will help students understand inf

Also included in: ELA Flipbook Bundle (Text Structure, Figurative Language, and Prefix/Suffix)


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Making Inferences Using Informational Text: Print and Digital Distance Learning
This Inferences Using Informational Text unit comes in a print and a digital version (for Google Classroom and other top educational platforms) and has 7 passages (historical, scientific, and technical), 3 sets of task cards, posters, games, and fun activities, that will help your students master ma

Also included in: Making Inferences Bundle Fiction and Nonfiction: Print and Digital


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Plot Elements Bundle
This bundle is designed to help you introduce your students to how authors develop PLOT in a story. Start by introducing the 43-slide PowerPoint in which the elements of plot are presented in a step-by-step manner and includes multiple practice opportunities you can use to guide your students throug


Context Clues Activities for Reading Centers
Motivate your students with these NO-PREP reading games! Included are 12 engaging context clues 'BUMP' games, which are perfect for practicing how to determine the meaning of words in context! These context clues games are differentiated into 4 levels so that all of your students can access the gam

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