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Elementary Multiple Intelligences Survey
If you are interested in finding out your student's learning styles based on Gardner's 8 Multiple Intelligences then this survey is appropriate for your class. There are 40 questions aligned with each of the multiple intelligences (musical, spatial, logical/mathematical, inter-personal, linguistic,

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Back to School Activities - Fun, Fast Personality Test
Fun, fast activities that can be used in every classroom! This personality test is a fun, silly activity perfect for a beginning of the year ice-breaker or when you end up with 5-10 minutes at the end of a lesson and need an activity to take up some time. What is included in this resource: -------

Also included in: Back to School Activities BUNDLE - Awesome, Fun Ways to Start the School Year


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WONDER Mr. Browne's Precepts (10 Class Posters) - Palacio R.J. Novel
Enjoy these cool-looking 10 8.5x11" posters of Mr. Browne's precepts. These will look great hanging around your classroom while reading the novel or to hang up periodically for discussion over their meanings.SUGGESTED ACTIVITY IMPLEMENTATIONEnjoy these cool-looking 10 8.5x11" posters of Mr. Browne's

Also included in: WONDER Unit Plan - Anti-Bullying Novel Study Bundle (Palacio) - Literature Guide


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Fantastic Elastic Brain - Parts of the Brain
This includes a 7 page booklet that provides images of each part of the brain and ends with neurons. It also has a text box for students to add definitions for each aspect of the brain. This booklet follows the order of the book Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by Dr. JoAnn Deak

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This Growth Mindset: Themes of My Life project includes over 240 diverse prompts based on 50+ topics of your students' individual life values. Your students can mold this project to fit their (or your) preferred delivery method - journals, interactive notebooks, Google slides, YouTube vlogs, blogs,

Also included in: ENGLISH BUNDLE | Projects and Posters for ELA Grades 8 - 12 | Lesson Plans


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Psychology or Anatomy - Fun Activity - Coloring the Regions of the Brain
Coloring the Brain! This is a relaxing but effective activity for any psychology or anatomy students attempting to commit to memory the major organs of the human brain. High school classes seem to enjoy opportunities to sit back and color while learning high-level material. All you need is a box

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Self Regulating in the Classroom
Help your students reach even greater by success by equipping them with the tools they need to understand, embrace, and manage their emotions. By opening up discussions and digging into the work of navigating emotions, students will be able to meet goals and feel confident as learners!These tools w

Also included in: Bundle: Creating a Positive Classroom Culture


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Abnormal Psychology Social Psychology Inquiry Activity: Why do people kill?
Abnormal Psychology Serial Killer Mass Killer Spree Killer This is a group activity where students will analyze the similarities and differences between serial, mass and spree killers. Students will first be introduced to the various motivations behind killing and then specifically look at one of t

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Psychology: An Adaptation of the Myers Briggs Personality Test
Psychology: Adaptation of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI) / Personality Test - This is a PowerPoint of the test to be proctored in class. It begins with a one slide introduction and continues with four slides of questions. Each slide represents one of the four dichotomies of the original test

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Psychology Memory and Forgetting Activities
This package contains a lesson over memory and forgetting for a psychology class. You will find: -Memory and Forgetting Questionnaire -Memory and Forgetting Activity with URL & QR Codes -TED Talk Film Guide and Link to The Fiction of Memory -Improving Your Memory PowerPoint Presentation -PowerPo

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Salem Witch Trials (23) - poem, worksheets and puzzle
Worksheets for a history lesson on the Salem Witch Trials. Includes a short piece of verse, a fact sheet, a 10 question short-answer worksheet, and a puzzle. My worksheets make good homework assignments or handout work. I found them effective at the start of class. Have students read the poem al

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Psychology: Consciousness - Sleep and Dreams Project
Psychology: Consciousness - Sleep and Dreams Project Sleep is an altered state of consciousness that we experience every day. This Sleep and Dreams project gives students an opportunity to research sleep and all of its aspects. Students then present and teach their research to the class. Included i

Also included in: Psychology: Consciousness Worksheet Bundle


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Psychology Sensation and Perception Activities
These activities and handouts will engage students and illustrate important concepts during a lesson on Sensation and Perception in a psychology class. Here’s what you get: Lesson Plans Perception Sensory Walk Chart Perception Sensory Walk Debrief Sensory Mini Book Instructions and Rubric Sensory M

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Psychology - Nature vs. Nurture activity
Students will determine whether certain characteristics are a result of genetics or environment. Using the chart of character traits, students will categorize them as Nature or Nurture. On the back, students will describe ten traits about themselves and then explain why they would be considered gen

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Improve Mental Processing Speed | Therapeutic Activity for processing speed
Mental processing speed is very important. Helping your student increase processing speed is worth the effort. Processing influences auditory comprehension, perceptual organization, planning and learning ability. Following auditory directions, completing assignments, reading fluency, writing speed,

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Mental Health Awareness Interactive Bulletin Board
Mental Health Awareness Interactive Bulletin Board:This resource is appropriate for Health, Psychology, and Social Studies classrooms. Counselors, school nurses, school librarians, or other staff may also find this resource useful as part of a mental health awareness display. The purpose of this res

Also included in: Awareness Month Bulletin Board and Poster Bundle


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Social Psychology Group Activity Why do People Join Cults?
Cults This group activity works in a regular psychology class and AP. It will allow students to take a more in depth look at the motivations behind why people join cults to enhance their understanding of conformity, obedience, and group dynamics. The teacher will do a conformity activity with the

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Positive Discipline, Classroom Management - Empower Introverts - Accountability
This subtle, yet game-changing, positive classroom discipline resource is available as part of my Classroom Management & Self-Discipline Bundle. Check it out!This ELA CCSS aligned 2-3 day lesson is designed to increase self and group awareness and to enhance students' understanding of one anothe

Also included in: Classroom Management Plan | Bundle for Middle and High School Back to School


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Playing with Piaget Activity: Piaget’s Four Stages of Cognitive Development Psyc
Playing with Piaget Activity for Developmental Psychology, reviews Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development (Sensorimotor development, Pre-operational development, Concrete operational, and Formal operational). This is a great addition to any developmental psychology unit. Students are given fo

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Psychology Shark Tank Piaget Cognitive Development Project
Psychology Shark Tank Piaget Cognitive Development Project Students enter the Shark Tank to pitch their original creations developed using Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory. Includes: -Task Sheet with Directions -Rubric -Piaget's Development Chart -Audience Presentation Form -Group Feedback Fo

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Psychopaths ... do you know any? ESL adult conversation
The lesson starts with a riddle, it was rumored that this riddle was used by psychiatrists to determine if an individual had some psychopathic traits (it’s not true of course), the discussion will lead you to the subject of the lesson (hopefully, not too many students will get the right answer…).Thi

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Psychology - Fun Activity - Freud's 3-Part Psyche - Id, Ego & Superego
What is your id telling you? How about your superego? How does your ego manage these conflicting forces? Make these abstract concepts real and vivid for your students with a 3-Part Psyche Activity based on Sigmund Freud's famous theory of the id, ego & superego. This package has everything yo

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Freedom Writers: Group Work
This activity should be implemented after students view the video “Freedom Writers.” Many topics such as identity and practicality of school are discussed which are central to the video. The students work together in a group before presenting their answers to the class. Be mindful of violence in

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Worry Warriors Bundle: 5 Resources to Help Kids Manage Worries
Worry Warriors Bundle: Looking for ways to help your students manage worries? You'll love this worry small group counseling program, worry lap book, counseling game, and worry workbook! These worry activities are perfect for classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseli


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