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Growth Mindset
GROWTH MINDSET BEST SELLER AND ON SALE! This growth mindset resource includes EVERYTHING you need to teach about growth mindset in a meaningful way!Imagine if your class was full of students who would:* Be willing to try new things* Stick with hard tasks and not give up* Push themselves to do their

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Third Grade Vocabulary FULL YEAR Bundle
“WOW!!!  This bundle has EVERYTHING you need to teach vocabulary throughout the entire year.  Very detailed lessons and great graphic organizers.” - Casey K.A robust vocabulary is fundamental! Without it, students will struggle with reading comprehension, writing, and even understanding the instruct


Reading Test Prep 101 (Lessons and Activities)
Reading Test Prep 101! Hands-on, interactive reading test prep without "drill and kill." In this engaging mini-unit students analyze the test as a genre, identify different types of questions, and plan their test day strategies. Works with any passage and in any grade-level!Who is This For? Third,

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Figurative Language Stories SET 2! Close Reading for Common Core Grades 4-8+
I created these stories and activities to further challenge my students in comprehending, identifying, analyzing, and revising figurative language. The stories in this set are meant to be longer and slightly more complex than the stories in my original Figurative Language Stories set, shown on the r

Also included in: Close Reading Bundle for Grades 4-8: Bundle Palooza @ Lovin' Lit!


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Map Skills Worksheets & Performance Task | Distance Learning
Help your students practice using a map key, a compass rose, and a scale to read, interpret, and create basic maps. Perfect for teaching geography or quick assessments in for grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3!---The following print-and-go map skills activities are included:Map Vocabulary Foldable: Stude

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Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions [v1] incl. Spring Themes
12 Differentiated NONFICTION Reading Comprehension Passages with Coloring Pages For the ENTIRE YEAR (Volume 1)! Start using this resource in August for your back to school activities with the schoolhouse September use the Johnny Appleseed October, the spiders passage... and

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Geometry Task Cards: Lines, Angles, Polygons, Area, Perimeter
Includes 32 task cards that cover the following concepts:Cards 1-8: Identify the polygon (parallelogram, right triangle, octagon, rectangle, hexagon, trapezoid, square, pentagon).Cards 9-12: Identify the type of angle (acute, obtuse, right, straight).Cards 13-18: Identify the type of line (line, lin

Also included in: Math Task Card Mega Bundle {ALL of My 3rd and 4th Grade CC Aligned Sets}


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Reading Puzzles Bundle | 4th and 5th Grade Reading Centers
Reading centers are the perfect way to have your students practice reading skills in isolation of novels and independent reading.This bundle of my reading puzzles for 4th and 5th grade is perfect for reading centers, small group reading practice, or even re-teaching. The students will love the new a


Continents and Oceans Geography Research Book, Study Cards, & Quizzes
This seven continents and major oceans geography resource includes: Continent Student Book - A cover page, label by number student maps, and pages picturing an outline of each of the 7 continents with space for students to write three facts about the continent are included.Continent and Ocean Quizz

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Writing Prompts and Scoring Rubrics | Distance Learning Packet
Get your students ready for state testing with these 15 different ‪writing prompts - 5 Narrative, 5 Argumentative/Opinion, and 5 Informative/Explanatory. Perfect for grades 3-6! Scoring rubrics for each writing genre are included to make grading and giving feedback easy!⭐Looking for a Digital Versio

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Test Prep Vocabulary
Directional vocabulary is an essential component to test prep! Teach 25 directional vocabulary terms through these test prep booklets.As upper elementary teachers, we’re all required to prepare our students for their upcoming high stakes test(s). Even though I feel confident that my students are wel

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Test Taking Tips
Updated: March 2014This product makes creating this test taking project with your students so much easier. You will receive pre-made templates to copy onto regular paper, manila paper, or card stock for your students. The templates include lines to assist with cutting and folding.There are two vers

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Vocabulary Activity with Editable Word Templates
Mystery Vocabulary Detectives is a cooperative learning and critical thinking activity for reviewing vocabulary. You can play this vocabulary game as a whole class, or students can play it within cooperative learning teams. Included are two sets of game directions, playing materials, and a variety o

Also included in: Math Vocabulary Activities Bundle


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Spoons Games Bundle {40+ Games: Language Games | Math Games}
Need new engaging review games for math and language? Then this is for you! This is a growing bundle of all my Spoons Games. These games are designed for grades 4-5. Make sure that you check out the skills and games included (listed below) to ensure that this resource will work for you and your stud


MAP NWEA Reading Practice distance learning
Does your school use the NWEA MAP Test? This is a NWEA MAPS test practice set with 300+ full-size question slide pages aligned with RIT Bands 121-200 for NWEA Primary Reading! This is a great option for e-learning focused on test prep. Click here for the BIGGEST savings! NWEA MAP Test Prep BUNDLENWE

Also included in: NWEA MAPS Test Practice Bundle distance learning


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Cause and Effect Task Cards - Use for Cause and Effect Scoot
Use this low prep resource to help your students practice cause and effect within shorter texts in a fun way. Students will read This product contains 24 cause and effect task cards. Students must read a short paragraph, and then determine the cause or effect of an event. Some of the cards ask st

Also included in: Reading Skills Task Card Bundle - Character Traits, Text Features, and More


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4th Grade Math Task Cards All Standards Bundle
Help your students master the 4th grade Common Core Math Standards with this bundled set of task cards. This 325+ page resource includes a set of fourth grade math task cards for each of the 4th Grade Common Core Math Standards. Each set of 4th grade math task cards includes:* 24 - 32 Self-checking

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Place Value QR Code Task Cards
Includes 32 task cards with self-checking QR codes that go through the hundred millions place. Rounding, comparing, ordering, and number forms are covered. A student response sheet and regular answer key are included, as well as a one-page (6 question) quick assessment. I recently upgraded all of my

Also included in: QR Codes Math Task Card Mega Bundle {ALL of my 3rd and 4th CC Aligned Sets}


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Factors and Multiples Task Cards
Includes 32 task cards that cover the following concepts:Cards 1-8: Find the first five multiples of a given numbers (2-9)Cards 9-12: Tell whether a given number is a multiple of another numberCards 13-24: Find all the factors of a given numberCards 25-32: Tell whether a given number is prime or com

Also included in: Math Task Card Mega Bundle {ALL of My 3rd and 4th Grade CC Aligned Sets}


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Transition Word Task Cards
Transitions words and phrases are like traffic signals; they are essential to keeping a smooth "flow!" Without appropriate transitions, the reader may get lost, lose interest, or simply CRASH into confusion! These 15 road trip-themed task cards will help your students identify the best transition wo

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Spelling Activities for Any List- NO PREP
Make spelling exciting with these no prep practice pages. They have been designed to be used with any list of spelling words. They are exciting and easy to use. These worksheets can be used for morning work, homework, spelling centers, extra practice and much more! Activities included: - ABC Ord

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Fractions Task Cards
Fractions task cards provide a fun way for students to practice identifying, comparing, ordering, and equivalent fractions. The cards can be used in a center, for scavenger hunts, or to play Scoot.This set includes 32 task cards that cover the following fractions skills:Cards 1-4: Identify fraction

Also included in: Math Task Card Mega Bundle {ALL of My 3rd and 4th Grade CC Aligned Sets}


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3rd Grade Math Task Cards All Standards Bundle
Help your students master the 3rd grade Common Core Math Standards with this bundled set of task cards. This 375+ page resource includes a set of third grade math task cards for each of the 3rd Grade Common Core Math Standards. This set includes 25 sets of 3rd grade math task cards in all (one for e

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How to Study for a Test - Doodle Notes - Study Skills Sketchnotes
We tell our students to study for tests all the time, but often we forget to teach them HOW to actually study! That’s where this Study Skills resource comes in. It’s designed to give students practical tips and tricks for studying for tests in ELA or any class! With this resource students will co

Also included in: April Unit Plans and Lessons BUNDLE - 20 Days of Lesson Plans All April Long!


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