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After teaching students about the elements of art, make the elements come alive by creating some Op Art! Students will use color theory and lines to create 5 fun illusions. The step-by-step instructions will help students work independently. Just print and go…What you get:• Table of Contents (1 p
This 29 page PDF filled with resource worksheets for students to understand the unique style and content of graffiti. It is also filled with facts and information about the street artist BANKSY in addition to great images to discuss graffiti in your classroom. Essential questions are included and i
This lesson plan is based on Japanese artist Hokusai's most famous masterpiece, " The Great Wave off Kanagawa". This plan has objectives aligned with national art standards and includes student work samples, large artwork with discussion points included, step by step instructions with photos, and a
This is a PDF file that includes a large range of essential questions for art education and a lesson plan layout that can be printed for grades K-12. The format can be used for lessons that is quick and simplified for teaching large classes of students. There are a list of essential questions for
This is one of my favourite lessons to do and one I am most proud of. I received an award for this lesson at the state level in a teaching lesson contest. Students work in small groups to replicate, research and interpret a mural by Diego Rivera. I never cease to marvel at how well their work turn
For elementary school art students understanding and applying value in artwork can be difficult. However, value is a key element of art when developing their skills. Shades and shadows are key to making those basic geometric shapes appear 3-D. This PowerPoint lesson is designed to introduce key conc
This is an assessment created for first graders after a unit on Vincent Van Gogh and his Sunflowers painting. We talked about: • What is a landscape? • What is a portrait (self-portrait)? • What is a still life? While coloring in our sunflowers, we used warm colors and left the cool colors for the
This is a menu-style reference sheet for teachers that has six quick formative assessment ideas that are general enough to be easily implemented into many elementary art lessons. This menu is great for having formative assessment options readily available to gain a quick understanding of student un
Use this powerpoint to discuss the work of Henri Matisse and then to also assess whether students can identify his work when among other famous artists. I used this after having shown students prints and photos of Matisse's work. I went through the slides and showed them each and discussed what made
This primary Art Lesson is all about shapes! Students will use simple shapes to build a rocket ship that looks like it is blasting off! This visual arts lesson is aligned to National Core Art Standards and Core Content Math standards for K and 1st grade. Step by step instructions, photos, and asse
A two page test which includes both multiple choice questions and drawing evaluations. The test provides excellent feedback on students understanding of the topic. It can also great as a formative evaluation tool. This assessment covers one-point and two-point perspective. A teacher key and prin
Spanish Culture Project, Spanish research project, La cultura, La Música, Spanish project, Spanish culture, Studying Spanish culture, Music research project with rubric, Spanish DanceSpanish Music Research Project: El Arte y La MúsicaA visual project that aligns with Exprésate Level 3, Chapter 5.Thi
Use this powerpoint to discuss the work of Claude Monet and then to also assess whether students can identify his work when among other famous artists. I used this after having shown students prints and photos of Monet's work. I went through the slides and showed them each and discussed what made it
Today I learned... A wonderful exit slip in the style of a twitter board. Have students fill out what they learned today and post on the wall before they leave or collect as they walk out. Great exit slip strategy! -three exit slips to one sheet of paper
This texts can be used as a separate informational text about the artist Georges Seurat. My students are reading Rebecca Stead's Liar and Spy and I am finding and writing close read informational texts to compliment the story. I wrote this one and included my sources. This is the second one and we
Are you looking for a quick and easy formative assessment tool to check for understanding? Have a scheduled observation and need a way to polish off the end of your art lesson? Check out this comprehensive pack of 100 unique exit tickets that are aligned to the Studio Habits of Mind framework. These
A comprehensive powerpoint presentaion ppt which includes elements and purposes of propaganda with samples and an assignment and rubric
Students will identify which pieces of art were created by Vincent Van Gogh and which were created by Andy Warhol. The last slide asks them to campare and contrast the self-portraits of each artist.
Here's an Artwork Rubric- a generic rubric for grading every art project for the full year. This rubric works well for Middle School and High School aged students. Criteria are as follows: Efficiency, Effort, Medium, Originality, Quality, Spatial, Completion 4 point scale. Each level has specifi
This is a full three day lesson plan unit with all materials included! Students will learn about different cultures of the world, diversity of human cultures, and the importance of loyalty of one's country. It includes making passports for the students to use and track their visas around the world (
The Elements of Art Test Bundle includes:-70 Multiple Choice Questions-10 on each Element of Art-In the file, you can choose an Exam Format (70 questions altogether) OR choose a test on an individual Element of Art (10 questions each)I've included an Answer Sheet for the students to fill out- two di
My first nine weeks of Theater I alternates between basic performance technique and the history of Greek and Roman Theater. I specifically ask students to compare and contrast the styles of theater and draw connections to the values of the Ancient Greek and Roman people. We read Antigone along with
Elements of Art - Line Exercises. Students can practice drawing different types of lines in the graphic organizer. Students will review blind contour, contour, hatching, think, thin, vertical, horizontal, gesture, implied and emotion lines. This graphic organizer will act as an assessment after a
Here is a quick Elementary Art Rubric for all the art teachers out there with 600+ students and not enough time to formally assess certain projects quickly. This is a PDF File. Rubric criteria cards that can be hung as posters are included for more in-depth descriptions of each assessment area. T

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