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Life Skills Menu Math, Reading, and Money Practice - Ultimate Bundle Pack!Interested in using menus in your class to teach functional math and reading skills? You have come to the right place!I have decided to bundle my popular Menu Math Series! By buying all 4, you get to save 20%!!Purchase Include
| Life Skills | Recipe | Comprehension | Cooking | Special Education | Reading | Real World |Are you looking to integrate more real world reading instruction into your classroom? What better way to motivate students than to help them practice their reading skills with recipes! With this purchase, yo
| Life Skills | Real World Math | Measuring Cups | Measuring Spoons | Recipes | Cooking | BUNDLE |**Recently Updated To Include Even MORE Practice and Task Cards!**I decided to go ahead and create a bundle for my popular measuring cups units! I created these lessons out of a necessity to find more f
**Updated 10/15/17 - This activity includes an additional 20 food pictures, and two more sorting sheets. ** Here is an activity for students to cut and sort good and bad / healthy and unhealthy food choices. There are 20 food pictures to sort into two columns. Great for assessing your students! The
Have fun using an engaging picture book to teach your students all the features of procedural text with this COMPREHENSIVE unit! You will need a copy of Cook-a-Doodle-Doo by Susan Stevens Crummel to use as a read-aloud. Students will also be interviewing their family's "chef" on a family recipe to
| Life Skills | Real World Math | Measuring Cups | Recipes | Cooking | Special Education | I created this out of a necessity to find more functional real world math practice my students could learn from. Using measuring cups was the perfect fit! With this product, you will get a total of EIGHTEEN di
| Life Skills | Real World Math | Measuring Cups | Recipes | Cooking | Special Education | I created this out of a necessity to find more functional real world math practice my students could learn from. Using measuring cups was the perfect fit! This packet is differentiated to support all kinds of
This worksheet will help students practice reading a recipe. It can also be used as a pre-assessment at the start of a unit, or as a post-assessment to gauge understanding. Students will be able to read a recipe, extract important information from the ingredient lists and procedural steps, as well a
In this product I have included a recipe to make "Dirt and Worms". This recipe is used to make pudding cups with Oreo cookie crumbles and gummy worms. You can use it for teaching procedural text, sequencing, or text and graphic features.You can use it as a reading passage, or have your students act
Would you prefer your students to self evaluate themselves during a Foods Lab? This sheet provides all the criteria necessary with check boxes. Categories for self evaluation are: - coming prepared - food preparation - safety and sanitation - cooperation and time management - clean up This evalu
Introduction to food and kitchen safety Powerpoint. Vocab and definitions throughout, as well as the 4 steps to "Fight BAC": Clean, Chill, Cook, Separate. Also an article, "School Dance Disasater" about a student who makes many food/kitchen safety mistakes when making food for the school dance and g
This breakaway lesson is designed to test your students' knowledge of accurate kitchen measurement. The lesson includes all necessary printables to set up a breakaway lesson for up to 6 groups. Toolboxes, 4 digit resettable locks, keyed lock, notecard boxes, and mini envelopes are not included. Some
Fruit and vegetable sorting activity that can be used to teach sorting but also during a cooking theme. You can also use this to review or teach cutting and gluing techniques.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
This is another template to collect data / assess and evaluate students' performance in the foods lab. This template is in an Excel format so you can have a master copy for your students' names and change and edit as you go. The categories for assessment are: Prepared Organization Product C
A MUST for all FACS teachers! This breakaway lesson covers basic kitchen lab safety. The best part about this breakaway...it can be used as an introduction to safety (you run the lesson before instruction and allow students to use classroom resources), or it can be used as a formative assessment af
Use this activity as a fun way to assess students' understanding of the food groups, and healthy eating. Students are owners of a restaurant and are instructed to create a healthy meal to be featured as the special of the day. Students must crete a poster to advertise their meal (completed on lega
| Life Skills | Real World Math | Measuring Cups | Recipes | Cooking | Unit Three |So many students struggle with understanding how to correctly use measuring cups in functional day to day cooking. If your students are anything like mine, numbers like "1/4" mean very little to them, and when present
Food Sciences RubricThis is a bundle of a Food Sciences Expectation Description, a Food Sciences Rubric, and a Food Sciences Expectation Rubric. Set the standards in your class by making it very clear what you anticipate and expect from your students with this simple and clear bundle of expectation
I start off my Culinary class with Kitchen & Food Safety. Since this topic isn't the most fascinating to students and they would rather be cooking, I like to mix it up and have them learn by teaching others about Kitchen Safety.
Nutrient Superheroes is designed to give students a fun and creative way to explore the essential role that nutrients play in our bodies. This activity is intended for the junior level, or grades 5-7. An introductory activity, activity brainstorm and handout, as well as a sample appropriate to sh
"Fraction Feast" is a math project that encourages students to think critically about fractions in a real world context. This project has students select a recipe, double the ingredients, and halve the ingredients. The final challenge is to determine how to adjust the ingredients to serve the exact
Encourage your students to do their best on the test by giving them a snack with a special message. Snack labels for bananas, smarties candy, nuts, cookies, crunch candy, bubblegum, and blow pops!These is a black and white text set and a color text set.
Before learning of the importance of fruits and vegetables to the human body, students must first be able to identify fruits and vegetables by their pictures. Most students should know by the pictures which are fruits and which are vegetables. Along with this the basic names of each may be known, bu
This set includes a 30 question test (20 photos of equipment to identify, and 10 short answer), and an answer key. ***I would love to hear from you! Please consider rating my resources. Thank you!***

showing 1-24 of 990 results

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