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***************************************Picture of the Day now available in Volume 2.Picture of the Day now available in Volume 3 (Google Slides compatible) posted 8/24/2020.***************************************#supportaussiefarmersThis Picture of the Day product is a great way for students to prac
BEST SELLER!! This product has 14 printable cards with question stems and prompts TEACHERS can ask during problem solving activities to promote critical thinking skills. By integrating these open-ended questions into your daily math instruction and routines, you can help students:• Make sense of mat
Teach students to set goals with these classroom goal setting lessons. By the end of the unit, students will understand what it means to set SMART goals. These five goal-setting lessons have a whole group lesson plan as well as small group and individual activities to help students see and underst
This is Picture of the Day, Volume 2. Picture of the Day, Volume 1 is my #1 Bestseller due to the high level of interest, engagement, language and higher order thinking. See Picture of the Day Volume 1 to read over 1,700 comments left by buyers. In my opinion, this set of 190 pictures is even bette
***************************************************************************** With the new assessments coming into play, students will be expected to answer more complex questions. Are your students answering higher-order questions properly and regularly? If not, use these questioning stems to get k
Need a fast and easy way to create a differentiated lesson for your students? This handy one page "cheat sheet" or reference guide is all you need to create a lesson to meet the needs of your GATE students. This idea was developed by Sandra Kaplan who has worked in the field of Gifted Education fo
Force and Motion Science Reading Comprehension Passages with a force and motion activity for kids. These passages focus on nonfiction reading that integrates the content area of science into your reading block! Also, additional writing about reading formative assessment is included. Students will ha
UPDATED!! NEW LOOK...SAME CONTENT!!! This product was intended to help students to meet the Common Core “Standards for Mathematical Practice”. I wanted to expose my own students to problems that went beyond basic word problems. I wanted to challenge them and get them to think about how they solve m
Are you an Ohio teacher? Does the new OTES system have you stressed? Don't know where to begin? Let this evidence binder tool help you get started! This product was created to help you organize your thoughts and put things down on paper. It will get you thinking in the direction of the new OT
These question card FREEBIES are based upon the original Bloom's Taxonomy. Use them to promote higher-level thinking during lessons and after read-alouds. Color code them by copying them on different colors so they are easily differentiated. Adorable covers for each question type are included.Lookin
Tired of creating comprehension assessments each week? These Comprehension Questions may be used with ANY TEXT and are perfect for assessing guided reading! Thinking Questions is a tool designed for teachers to measure and assess their students’ reading progress. A built-in rubric is embedded on ea
“Emoji” Levels of Understanding Scales Adapted from Marzano's Levels of Understanding I came up with this student friendly "EMOJI" scale based on Marzano's Levels of Understanding to use in your classroom to help your children establish a “GROWTH MINDSET” when it comes their understanding of what
Here's a FREE resource that supports higher order thinking skills (HOTS) in your classroom! There are six pages of question stems aligned with the Bloom's Taxonomy (revised), plus storage labels. This is a colorful way to make sure you're using a variety of questions during classroom discussions.Loo
Arm your students with the skills they need to find/tackle any main idea or supporting detail question with these 34 ELA reading drills! Each worksheet includes tips that reinforce effective reading strategies, and can be used to drive home the fundamentals or prep for test day! THIS PRODUCT INCLU
15 Exit Slips and Formative Assessments for your 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classroom! Inside, you will find: Student Self-Assessments Think and Write Think and Draw Spotlight on New Learning I am Growing Reflection Vocabulary Word Exit Slip A Question I Still Have...Response What I'm Thinkin' Response
These Bloom’s Taxonomy exit slips help facilitate higher order thinking and thoughtful written response after students have reflected on a lesson or topic. Using these slips will help you collect formative assessments on your students throughout the school year and provide insight on how your stude
Close Reading; Character Traits - Analyzing Characters is a GREAT LESSON for getting OBSERVED!!! Each student gets a lesson guide, a story at their level (or teacher’s choice of story) and a coordinating response sheet/template. Bundle up these items and have them ready to go at a moment’s notice!
Provide students with ongoing assessment opportunities to help you differentiate instruction and improve student achievement. These 18 formative assessment strategy cards will provide quick checks for understanding and reveal evidence of learning. Individual and cooperative assessment tools are incl
Students who struggle with text have difficulty getting a complete “picture” of what’s going on. One way to simplify instruction is to teach inferences using only picture clues. Pictures can be decoded more quickly and are accessible to all readers. Once students understand how to find evidence,
I read the folktale "Stone Soup" aloud to my students, focusing on the fact that the soup made the entire town happy at the end. I asked questions to make sure that the students have understood the book and its message. This was my absolute favorite folktale when I was younger, and that is why I wa
These Costa's House of Questions Critical Thinking Stems are the perfect way to get your students to think more critically. This works great with AVID strategies and works in all content and subject areas. The house is a great and simple visual for students. Have you heard of Costa's House of Quest
This is a survey project that is aligned to the 6th and 7th Grade Common Core (6.SP.1 to 6.SP.5 and 7.SP.1 to 7.SP.4). Students survey a random sample and then calculate the mean, median, range, and mode of the data. They also must create different data displays such as histograms and box and whiske
This bundled kit includes all of my plant and animal cell resources, including the best seller, "CSI Cell Identification". Activities Include: CSI Investigation - Examining Plant and Animal Cells"Super Cell" Project & MORE - Structures/Functions of Plant & Animal CellsOrganelle Vocabulary R

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